Speaking of DVDs…


…It turns out that the Get Smart Season 1 DVDs released last week (the original series, not any of the crummy revivals) are actually not as bad a deal as the HBO press release suggested. The press release and the box suggested that this set would be without any of the extras from the spectacular Time-Life set, but in fact it does retain the audio commentaries on the pilot by creators Mel Brooks and Buck Henry — each one did a separate commentary — and a Barbara Feldon (Agent 99) commentary on another episode.

What it doesn’t have is the fifth additional disc of extras. But while the Time-Life set is worth the money, the retail set is clearly a good alternative, a low price for one of the show’s two best seasons (season 2 was probably the very best, then Buck Henry left the show and it never completely got back on track) with good A/V quality and some extras. Why HBO didn’t advertise this fact, I don’t know, but then again I don’t know why they waited to release this to stores until after the movie came out.

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Speaking of DVDs…

  1. The release date of this set has baffled me ever since I first heard about it a couple months ago. This wasn’t an all-new set they were making; they were simply taking the first season (well, minus that bonus disc) from an already-existing set. HBO had to have known the movie was going to be very heavily-promoted. Why not release the set when the movie first came out, to try to capitalize on the success of the film? Waiting nearly two months after the movie came out just made no sense. I mean, I’m glad the set’s in stores, and at a very affordable price too (I believe Target has it for like $16.99), but I don’t see why this wasn’t released in June.

    By the way, I own the Time-Life set, and you’re right. It is spectacular.

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