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Speaking of The Daily Show…


Update 3: The Comedy Network’s live feed of the Rally To Restore Whatever can be found here.

Update 2: Sites that may have live-streaming of the Stewart/Colbert rally include CPAC and CBS News. The Comedy Central coverage might be on Thecomedynetwork.ca, but I can’t actually find, on the notoriously confusing site, where it’s actually supposed to be viewed. The main portion of the rally begins at 1 p.m. Eastern.

I don’t have a press release for this yet (I’ll link to it when one becomes available) but I’m told that starting Monday, The Comedy Network will move The Daily Show and The Colbert Report back to 11 p.m., and when Conan starts the week after, it will be on at midnight.

(Update: So that would make the Comedy Network’s schedule as follows: 11 pm ET/PT: The Daily Show; 11:30 ET/PT: The Colbert Report; 12:00 ET/PT: Conan.)

Which means that we won’t get Conan at the same time as they get it in the States, but at least we’ll be guaranteed of actually getting the new episodes, and not having to worry about whether The Daily Show or Colbert‘s new episode was ready in time for 10.


Speaking of The Daily Show…

  1. Oh good, I keep forgeting S &C are on at ten and then I have to stay up till midnight to catch them on CTV. So is Conan going to be on the Comedy Channel?

  2. great news great news

  3. If it really matters to anyone with a day job they can get a PVR with the money from their day job. Or, if they have a kinda crappy day job, a VCR.

    • I do have one (a PVR, not a crappy job). However I've found I don't like watching the daily show that way. If it works for you, that's great.

      I've enjoyed the 10pm slot because it lets me watch a hockey game, then Daily show, before bed. I suppose I could PVR it and watch last night's daily show but given the topical humour I still think it would feel a lot like reading yesterday's newspaper.

  4. Jamie, is there any word on whether any of the Canadian networks will be picking up the Comedy Central broadcast of the Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear? I'd like to PVR it but it doesn't seem to be in the channel listings anywhere yet.

    But yet CTV is broadcasting some telethon hosted by Ben Mulroney's chin. If that isn't a case for opening Canadian airwaves to U.S. networks, I don't know what is.

    • CPAC will be carrying a live feed from C-SPAN Saturday afternoon. I haven't checked their complete listings yet, but it's possible they may repeat later in the day or on Sunday.

    • Comedy Network's website announced they're streaming it exclusively, but said nothing about a broadcast. So that's what I'm doing tomorrow, Internet caps be damned.