special caption challenge: joe the plumber edition


For me, Fridays during American football season are typically spent over at the Couch Boys blog, quite possibly the only NFL picks on the Internet to include references to Matthew McConaughey, Tony Randall, Dom DeLuise’s nudity, John Mayer’s crotch and Scott Reid’s incompetence.

But this photograph cannot go uncaptioned upon. Submit your entries below in the comments section. Winner gets something nice – promise. (And while we’re at it, let’s give some credit to John McCain: they say he’s old but the man is still able to simultaneously execute two different hand gestures: the “thumbs-up” and the “hey, look at him.” Your move, Obama).


special caption challenge: joe the plumber edition

  1. The McCains endorse ‘Palin-Plumber 2012’

  2. “Hey don’t look at me! It was HIS idea to pick Palin as my running mate!”

  3. “Thumbs up guys, I’ve somehow managed to convince him that the Republican Party has his best interests at heart….”

  4. It’ll flush his singing career AND my campaign at the same time.

  5. “Joe just told me he needs an apprentice starting November 5. I’m in!”

  6. America has always been a land of opportunity. Who here owns a business bringing in $250,000/yr and yet can’t properly define socialism – raise your hand!

  7. “My friends, the only palling around Joe does is with hockey moms and drano”

  8. Does this guy even work? He’s at all the rallies….I do hope a little old lady with an over-flowing toilet isn’t waiting for a house call from this guy.

    Let’s see now – is he being paid by the McCain camp and is he a total set up? hmmm……

  9. “Here’s Joe the Plumber. Wait a second. . .if he’s Joe the Plumber, who the hell are all you people?”

  10. “Anyone enjoying their 15 seconds of fame, please raise your hand.”

  11. In a stunning move, John McCain attempts to reverse the Republicans’ seemingly irreversible slide into total defeat by dropping out of the race and endorsing “Joe the Plumber” as Republican candidate for President.

    Joe was shocked at the news exclaiming “Wait, who told you I was a plumber?”.

  12. I imagine he is being paid handsomely for TV appearances on the networks, if not to campaign with McCain. He can probably afford to give up plumbing for a few weeks while the nation is transfixed on him. It’s quite bizarre, really.

  13. McCain: Oh yeah, the plumber really does have a nice behind!

  14. McCain demonstrates semaphore for “this douchebag is my only hope”


    Blondie the Plastic Grandma and the Umpire are overjoyed at their chemically grown son’s very first heil.


    “I really gotta take a leak. Do I still get paid for bathroom time?”

  15. “Me, me, here…shoot here. Please.”
    “Station F, that’s a go, thumbs on Station F”

  16. “Me, me, here…shoot here. Please.”
    “Station F, that’s a go, thumbs on Station F”

  17. photoshop a handgun on John “kill everyone in the village too and crash the plane” McCain

  18. “Let’s have a show of hands. All those who didn’t pay their taxes last year, raise your hands. Good job people!”

  19. And in breaking news, the McCain Campaign hopes to create a game-changing moment with the endorsement of Mr. Clean.

  20. Republican strategists can only look on in horror as they realize McCain is about to demonstrate his “I can pull my thumb off” magic trick to the waiting crowd.

  21. Hey Joe! Pull my finger!

  22. Republican presidential candidate John McCain and wife Cindy acknowledge publicly that Joe the Plumber is in fact their long lost love child.

  23. “Commandante Plumber, raise your right hand and promise to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth”.

  24. Hey, this guy really is a plumber, ‘cept he grows plums and turns them into prunes to look old like me and her!!!!

  25. “Standing outside the county clerks’ office, having just paid his back taxes, John McCain declares Joe the Plumber ‘a real American’.

    ‘I’m genuinely worried that Obama’s tax plan will force me to not pay taxes on income I’m not even close to earning yet’, said Joe.”

  26. If it wasn’t for Joe,we’d have lost badly!

  27. “Joe here just installed a La-Z-Boy reclining toilet on the Straight Talk Express so I can take some time off from my Depends.”

  28. “Hands up everybody who thinks our campaign is toast!”

  29. He’s now MY plumber – seven houses and 15 backed up toilets to go!

  30. We are just so darn proud of our little Joseph! Helping out his mommy and daddy like this in such a tough time.

  31. Friends, whether he’s talking about washers or Washington, Joe’s got it going on.

  32. Folks, All our Joe needs now is the cape and a mask. What an American hero!!

  33. See y’all next week on ‘Robbin’ the Cradle. Stay tuned for ‘Bangin’ the Babe’ and ‘State of the Neighbour’s Marriage’!

  34. High-five, more dead than alive.


    Good night, and thanks for all the fish.


    My name is Joe, and I’m a McCain-aholic.


    Who wears short shorts?

  35. Let’s take you shopping Joe. Palin is making you look like you jumped off a Walmart flyer for Pete’s sake.

  36. Joe the plumber models his new ensemble after completing a wardrobe makeover at Mark’s Work Warehouse.

  37. My name is Joey. I am a plumber. I can raise my arms above my head. You can’t. So play safe.

  38. Dumb and Dumber

  39. several good ones in there, but i’m going to give it to Alan on account of the heavy “funny cuz it’s true” factor.

    alan, email me with your address via the link at the top.

    thanks for playing, everyone.

  40. I know it’s too late, but just for fun…

    Joe the Plumber, flanked by the McCains, greets the crowds after a strategic meeting with his French colleague, Marcel, the guy with bread under his armpit.

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