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Special Name This Dog Challenge

Scott Feschuk wants to name his dog, D’Brickashaw. Can you come up with something better?


We have a dog. What we do not have is a name for the dog, owing to an inability to achieve unanimity or even a majority among family members. Traditional names have been proposed. Offbeat names have been proposed. Verbs, adverbs, dance steps and Star Wars characters have been proposed. Most frustrating of all, each and every one of my football-inspired monikers has been shot down (“Come on,” I persist, “what exactly don’t you people like about ‘D’Brickashaw?’”)

Pertinent details:

Sex: Male

Colour: Brown

Personality: Hungry

Behaviour: Hungry


First to propose the name we select gets something nice and boozy in the mail, like a good bottle of wine or Mel Gibson’s breath.

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Special Name This Dog Challenge

  1. I look at him, and I see Simba

  2. Perhaps too obvious, but he reminds of what Rolf would have looked like as a puppy.

  3. Perhaps to obvious, but he reminds of what Rolf would have looked like as a puppy.

  4. Corduroy

  5. Just call him Brown

    because Brown delivers

  6. Copenhagen

    • Something fishy about that name. ;)

      • I thought all Liberal supporters name their dogs after Global Warming Protocol cities. The future is a dog.

  7. Benjamin

  8. Hippo, as in Hungry Hungry Hippo.

  9. Count Chocula

    • That's totally what I was going to suggest!

  10. I think the current legal injunction secured by Duffy precludes the Feschuks from using that.

  11. Btw, your carpet reminds me of John Raulston Saul's socks.

  12. Name: Scout
    Good luck with your Chocolate Lab – crazy and the best dog ever all at the same time.

    • Of course they're crazy.. chocolate labs are the redheads of the Lab world. Or so my redheaded wife tells me…

  13. I was wondering when someone was going to joke about that.

  14. that's a dog mat. our taste in carpet is far more sophisticated (ie. paul wells's socks)

  15. Using the power of alliteration and rhyme, this hungry-hungry hippo should be named Humphrey! *takes a bow*

    • Bonus points: Tribute to "Yes, (Prime) Minister." i.e. Sir Humphrey Appleby, master of government machinery and manipulation.

  16. A few chocolate names:

    Rittersport (> Ritter)
    Godiva (> God)
    Mars (good manly name, too)
    Henry (< Oh Henry!)

  17. O Canada.

    He'll come (or not) whenever you say 'O'.

  18. That dog looks like a "Hunter" to me.

  19. "Killer Robot". Or, "Donut"

  20. One of my friends has steadfastly insisted that jazz musicians make the best animal names, and that he would name his first dog "Coltrane".

    Just to show how much nerdier I am, and being partial to beagles and the like, I thought the name used by Captain Archer for his dog on "Enterprise" was pretty good ("Porthos", after one of the Three Musketeers) and therefore have decided my first dog's name will be one of "Athos" or "Aramis" (or possibly "D'Artagnan").

  21. Jack mah dawg … h/t The Band.

  22. He kind of looks like a Jojo to me.

  23. Or Diggory

  24. How about Hershey.

    He's a cutie – you'll need the wine for yourself until he grows up.

  25. digger or Cooper

  26. Mr. Feschuk

  27. Winston

  28. Deeogee (or D.O.G.) :-)

  29. How about Bob

  30. Harper or Ignatief based on the outcome of the next election?

  31. A Feschuk dog, that's easy- Momus

    or maybe Diomedes

  32. Dithers

  33. Wells

  34. Jeeves! As in personal valet or butler. Someone who greets you at the door, carries your slippers around and gets you a beer out of the fridge… or the daily paper.


  35. Looks like a bert to me.

  36. Fergus

  37. Also, they say that dogs really only hear the vowel sounds so it's best to have 2 syllables with strong vowels. Also, it's more fun to call them. Calling, "Jaaaa–aack!!" sounds stupid.

  38. Doggy McDoggerson. No, seriously. Think about it.

  39. Perhaps too obvious, but he reminds of what Rolf would have looked like as a puppy.

    "Kitty" would be a good name. Just to have everyone at the park think you're a crazy man as you keep calling "Come here, Kitty!" to a dog.

  40. "Chipit" . Apart from being chocolate, he looks pretty chipper and you can call him "chip" for short.

  41. I'll split the boozy prize with you if I end up winning. :-)

  42. Reid [Feschuk]
    Imagine the promotional opportunities for Feschuk.Reid…

  43. Finnegan. (Next dog can be Casey.)

  44. Two suggestions
    1. Callebaut (from the chocolatier)
    2. Yoho … then you can call out yo Yoho.

  45. Jack! Because he looks so hopeful that everyone will realize how brilliant he is.

  46. He's Mr. Adorable, from his looks. But that's more a description than a name.
    How about Mr. Peabody? If he's smart and has a Wayback machine, that fits.
    How about Lucky? (That was my dog's name.)
    How about Hunny-Bunny Lambie-Pie Everlovin' Ducky Downy Cuteums?
    How about Fenster? Farley? Jeeves? Wooster?
    Spotless? Brownie?
    Beethoven? Mozart?

    How about Matisse? (I know a girl named Matisse, but I call her Rembrandt just to irritate her.)
    Chomper? Smacker? Smuckers?
    Curly? Moe? Graf Zeppelin?
    Crumb-cruncher? Bongo? Puddles? Shagalicious?
    Raskolnikov? Badanoff? Boris? Vladimir?
    Rosenkrantz? Gildenstern? Falstaff? Pabst?
    Rex? Regis? Dudley? Hambone?
    Charlie? Gnarly? Sebastian? Dominick?

    If he's a French-Canadian dog, how about Frenchie? Or Froggie? Count Chocula?
    How about just plain GetOffTheRug?

    • Step away from the crack pipe!

  47. Here boy?

  48. It's a Lab – and he likes everything,

    Pause – or Paws. either works for a lab

  49. If you want something more fancy schmancy, consider "Brule" (with accents on the 'e' and 'u'', pronounced "Broo-lay")

    French for 'burnt' (so it works with the dark brown colour), it also evokes Etienne Brule, the famous, skilled, and controversial explorer who travelled with Champlain, lived with the Huron for a long time (and was eventually killed by them since he was an SOB). Finally, the Metis voyageurs (and all Metis too, I think, but that's where my memory gets fuzzy!) were sometimes referred to as 'bois brule', or burnt wood, which was something of a slur for their mixed heritage, but ultimately became more a label of honour for the tough adventurers.

  50. Your dog looks *exactly* like our dog did when he was a puppy.

    We named ours 'Robbie Burns'. So yours could be.. umm… Sir Walter Scott?

    • Haggis

  51. Name him "Coyne" and maybe the namesake will become more cheerful

  52. The best ones have been taken, of course. Steven Wright took,"Stay". Now he won't come when called. Kinsella took,"Guy Lafleur."…"Shu-up Guy Lafleur, you son of a bitch.".
    A long legged puppy with floppy ears mumbles "Shambles" to me.

  53. Kyotonot

  54. I win!

  55. Tony Danza – to be different, apart from all the usual pet names.

  56. Look, the obvious, deliciously ironic choice is "Conrad".

    Otherwise, I think you should pick a trendy-rosedale-yuppie-kid name. Like "Ethan".

  57. Look, the obvious, deliciously ironic choice is "Conrad".

    Otherwise, I think you should pick a trendy-rosedale-yuppie-kid name. Like Ethan.

  58. Savage, 'cause it's badass and respectable at the same time.

  59. I think you should call him Sal, I love it when people name thier pets old names. My cats name is Penelope

  60. LaPlaxico.

  61. Rampage (after Rampage Jackson, if you're an MMA fan) – perfect name for any puppy! :)

  62. McLovin'

  63. Strider. By the way, he's adorable.

  64. Sniffenlickenwaggin

    Congratulations, he's a beautiful pup.

  65. A Labrador? How about "Danny"?

  66. You could name him Tengo which comes from “Tengo hombre”, which literally translates to “I have hunger”??

    • Tener is "to have" in spanish. If you called him "tengo", you'd be calling him "I have". And, hombre is "man", hambre is "hunger".

  67. a bit obvious but a great name 'Coco'

  68. colt

  69. Simon. He's got a one track mind, so its simple.
    And congratulations on a beautiful puppy. I hope you have many happy years together.

  70. Callum.
    Or you could go formal with something like Mr. Cuddlebutt.

  71. How about Hoover

  72. Maclean – Mac for short.

  73. He looks puzzled like in "To be, or not to be: that's the question:…" His name should be HAMLET obviously. Failing that DAWG.

  74. name him Snout

  75. How about Beast? D'Brickashaw is a beast.

  76. Bluff. As in “Iggy, I’m calling your Bluff”

  77. Fudge Nut Brownie

  78. Donnchadh meaning "brown warrior" in gaelic… Donn for short?
    I have to say goodbye to my choc lab of 15 years… look at those eyes. He's beautiful.

  79. He looks like a Farley.

  80. Ho-Cho (short for Hot Chocolate)

  81. Sproket – like from the Fraggles

  82. elbow

  83. Morpheus – bringer of dreams

  84. you’re a fan of 70s tv judging from your writing.

    how about Bosley or kotter?

  85. Coco
    Mister "Now listen here Mister…."
    or….good 'ole "Pete"

  86. I'd go with Caleb.

  87. Phoenix…

  88. Otono, means autumn in Spanish.__He's beautiful and with the oranges of the flooring in the background, well, you see where it's going.

  89. I would name this adorable companion 'Chance'. Always hoping there's a chance you will give him a treat or a tidbit of that yummy thing in your hand.

  90. You!

    "Hey You! Roll over!" "You! Don't pee on the carpet!" "I love You." "You sit there!" "Stay here, You.", etc, etc, etc…

  91. Tobler (for Toblerone) – a high class bar!

  92. Iain G. Foulds. Dude's asking for it.

  93. Since finding a name for your dog is such a painful experience, how about calling him "Carbuncle" ? Ouch!!

  94. Wasabi.

  95. Kenny

  96. My daughter says he looks like a Hunter.

  97. I have always wanted to call a dog Yowza, but you can use it if you want! :)

  98. Perfect name for your dog is H.D. which stands for Hungry Dog

  99. He looks like a Lenny to me!

  100. i was thinking STEPHEN H. but that is a little to long

  101. NEWMAN would be a great name. He looks adorable. Good luck with your quest.

  102. Deeogee
    the absolutely best name for a dog.

  103. He should either be called Iggy or Harper.

  104. He is a dog – call him Dog!

  105. Looks like "Paddy" to me, or maybe "Jack" , a real dog doesn't need a fancy name!

  106. Guzzle. Now that's a name!

  107. It has been my experience that most dogs of large breeds (35 or more pounds) respond most easily to any name that has a eee sound to it like "puppy' or Poppy Blackie or Brownie. My current dog is a doberman at 145 pounds, badly abused when she was young and hating anybody who came near she was indeed a challange.

    I named her "Risky" and we have become inseperable, one of the best dogs I have ever had. I don't believe you should be too particular in looking for a fancy name but I would like to offer this as a sugesstion for an appropriate special name……."Blauwildebeastefountain Esquire" it comes from Africa, a village and was changed sometime around 1890 – 1905 during the Zulu wars I have no idea of it's current name.

  108. Java
    JB (Joe Bubba)

  109. Jack

  110. GRIZZLY

  111. Cadbury.

  112. Riggs

  113. Okay this guy's name is Salute!

  114. Harpie (after the PM)

  115. Looks like a Bosco!

  116. Elliot

  117. What about Webster?

  118. Hi! He is a sweetie. I will suggest the name Kramer as it has the attention-getting hard sound needed for training, fewer dogs will run you over at the doggie-park when you holler that name and no doubt you will see some pretty funny antics from this fellow well into the future. Enjoy this special little guy. Best regards, Barb

  119. Dubie
    what does dubie do, dubie does everything
    what does dubie chew, dubie chews everything
    Is dubie hungry?
    Aren't we all?
    Dubie is as Dubie does, Sir
    what a name,
    its cute, its fun
    Just like he is…..

  120. Gomer – lovabale but goofy like a lab

  121. maybe Hemingway?

    of if you want to get historical, how about Wolfe?

  122. The name of the dog must be: SNOOPY Look at him!!!!

  123. Looks like an Ernie to me.

  124. Peyton Favreng

  125. Moose… (Chocolate Mousse)
    Looks like he'll be a big one.

  126. He looks like Poncho to me. Adorable!

  127. Igby is the name of my imaginary dog, but you can use it too.

  128. His name is Pork Chop

  129. Mork
    Fed (K-Fed)
    Boner (Lipstick)

  130. Jughead
    Rolaid (Tums)
    Twist (Oliver, Ollie)
    Gob (Gobble)
    Kirstie (Alley)

  131. How about "Mr. Brown"? Calling his name will be a hoot and still leave the dog with dignity.

  132. Iggy …so you will have an Iggy to write about long after the original one has gone by the wayside (or back to the U.S.A.?)


  134. Would Damndog cover it? I've heard a man telling the story once of how this name is very practical:)! By the way,your dog has an adorable face!

  135. Pecan…because he probably is.

  136. Seller Door

  137. Last bit of reading I did on dog naming was that they'll respond best if you keep it short (one or two syllables) with hard consonants in the name.

    If he were mine, I'm thinking he'd be something simple, like Tim.

  138. Name him Jason. It's a simple and elegant name. It's a good name for everyday use, and it's a mythological classic. AND…for the football oficianado, it was Jason and the ARGONAUTS !! Who can complain about that ???

  139. Looks to me like a "Bailey," something simple but describes the look of the dog…I think!

  140. Timbit

    Sweet in small doses and ultra Canadian

  141. He looks like a cocopuff lol

  142. Enter text right here! I believe you should name him "Sherwood"-because that's what I'd name my dog-if I had one!

  143. iggy 'cause he's hungry

  144. Rex………fast, masculine yet cute,


    Seven names went onto the final ballot: five suggested here in the comments section, one put forth by me in my final attempt to get a football-themed name (Madden) and one insisted on by our two sons. After several ballots, some heated debate and a low-blow negative advertising campaign mounted by my eight-year-old (John Madden – "he's old and fat"), the verdict was in — and my kids, as always, won.

    The dog's name is Squib – named for their favourite beach in their favourite place.

    Thanks to all who suggested names for us to consider. We really appreciate it. For the purposes of the alcohol-themed reward, the bottle of fine wine goes to Alfred, who nominated the name that finished second, Bosley.

    Alfred, please email your co-ordinates to me at sfeschuk@sympatico.ca.

    Again, thanks to all. (Deke, you should know that although we did not put your suggested name "iggy" on the ballot, we did consider and almost suggest your user name "deke")

    • Things that make you say hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

  146. Romeo

  147. Stanley, as in what Leafs fans are wont to say…"Here Stanley".

  148. Famished

  149. We, as a family, experienced the same thing about a year ago. Unable to come to a consensus (not sure they actually exist but we keep trying) my husband opened the dog's vactination booklet and came up with Booster. Strangely enough it stuck and the dog actually likes it…

    Hungry you say. How about Ravi – short for Ravenous

  150. Looks like a Hooch to me.

  151. Big Steve

  152. OLIVER

  153. Wilson

  154. Django…name of dead musical superstars

  155. I'd suggest the dignified name of "Faux Pas"

  156. I have a friend in India, he he has similar looking dog, they call him "Mithu" why don't you call your Dog Mithu, it sounds cool!

  157. i think his name should be brooster

  158. call him walk….walk the dog