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Spoiler alert: ‘That’s a moment when the camera needs to be locked on me’

A glimpse into Justin Trudeau’s impressive instinct for the camera

Ryan Remiorz/CP

Ryan Remiorz/CP

Justin Trudeau’s knack for selling his message is his undisputed strong suit as a politician, and this evening in Montréal, where Liberals are gathering for a three-day policy convention, a technical mix-up while he was practicing a big speech he’ll be delivering later this evening offered a unique, unfiltered glimpse of his expert attention to every detail of a moment in the spotlight.

Liberal operatives cleared journalists out of the main hall at the Palais des congrés convention centre here to give Trudeau and his team a chance to run through the speech he is slated to give at 7 p.m. But an audio feed, and sometimes video, of his practice session was mistakenly piped into the room set aside for media just down the hall.

So a handful of rapt reporters listened in as Trudeau not only read the main speech, but also rehearsed a planned phone call from the podium to his wife, Sophie, who isn’t attending the event because she’s expecting to give birth to their third child any day. Other than the unsurprising, but still fascinating, look at how that sort of pretend-spontaneous moment is, in fact, meticulously staged, nothing Trudeau said seems likely to be embarrassing.

Still, one telling moment as he read his text stood out. After a passage where he took aim first at Quebec’s Parti Québécois government, and then at the federal Conservatives and New Democrats—remarking that he had no interest in stirring up “anger” like Stephen Harper and Thomas Mulcair—Trudeau paused to give clear and precise directions to the Liberal production crew running the cameras.

Like a seasoned director, he specified that he needed a camera aimed straight at his face at that precise moment, since he planned to stare straight into the lens for full effect. Here is tape of that moment. Listen and you’ll hear as Trudeau’s familiar, rhetorical, public cadence breaks off, and the matter-of-fact, more private voice of a practiced on-camera personality clicks in, as he explains when he needs the camera “locked” on him.


Spoiler alert: ‘That’s a moment when the camera needs to be locked on me’

  1. He’s good at his job…what a pleasant change from the last 8 years.

    • Fake Spontaneity
      Wow – what a surprise
      His job was drama teacher correct?
      Then public speaking where he took the opportunity to DOUBLE HIS SPEAKING FEES once he threw his hat in the political ring.

      Is this the same guy who criticized the senators for taking financial advantage of their political positions.

      Difference is Junior’s Personal Gain was HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS. – Not some trivial amount.

      Public record – check average fees before and after Feb 16 2007 when Junior threw his hat into politics.

      Fake and Drama pretty much describes Junior.

      • No, his job wasn’t drama teacher.

      • you must not be for real…..the boys with short pants who works for Harper does this every day with MPS. Trudeau is calling the shots on his own speech. Like…..to do otherwise would be stupid. You sound like another angry con who soooooooooo afraid of Justin.Chill out

        • in this global economy, to aspire to be the leader of one of the G8 countries is something to do for “heavy weights” and not a trial ramp for “learning-on-the-job leader”. Economy is not his thing and he will have to deliver a much more consistent program than just talking about the middle-class. Canadians will realize it during the debates.

          • Cons only wish Harper was half as media savvy. Had he been, they would have avoided such silly spectacles as Harper in the goofy safari jacket during one of his first foreign forays, Harper daubed in native face paint, Harper spilling from a comically overstuffed cowboy vest while wearing his stetson backwards, Harper singing Beatles tunes painfully out of tune, etc.

            Being adept in self-presentation doesn’t preclude competence in other areas. Your ilk continue to minimize leader skills in the area of media relations because your guy is, sadly, bereft of any.

          • I prefer substance to show business…for next PM… You have the right to disagree. The best combination of both (substance and style) is represented by President Obama. Justin is not Obama and never will be.

          • I doubt if he aspires to be Obama, so how’s that germane anyway? And “show business” (or more accurately, self-presentation skills) doesn’t preclude “substance”.

          • Yes of course….but we are still waiting for the second part “substance”….and smiles and generalities won’t be enough. He will have to be able to go further than just some memorized talking points.

          • He’s got his priorities straight, so far…by all accounts, he’s done a great job rebuilding party infrastructure, recruiting a team, attracting quality candidates, and replenishing party coffers.

            As for policy, lots of time before an election. And be careful what you wish for. It won’t take much to surpass this tired, spent, morally bankrupt collection of Con cronies, whose policy can be distilled down to “shrink the government and starve it of revenue, while being toadies for the oil industry”.

          • Well, “memorized talking points” seemed to work well enough for Mr. Harper and his gang; he got his majority, didn’t he? When you can see MPs in the House reading from cue cards, even the most loyal Conservative supporter couldn’t intelligently argue against the fact that it is a government founded on “memorized talking points”. Heaven forbid a minister should actually go off-script or do something to represent his constituents, rather than the official party ideals.

            Frankly, Harper couldn’t deliver a moving or impassioned speech if his son’s life depended upon it. Compared to Harper, Jean Chrétien was a skilled orator.

            You are right about “substance”, though. Mr. Trudeau and Mr. Harper both need to start showing that there is some substance — honesty, integrity, action to help the average Canadian — behind the talking points.

          • a hell of a lot closer to Omaba than Harper ever will be be.For starters they are not nasty and dictators. They take time to speak to people.Harper muzzles all in his way.

          • Harpo’s previous experience was a job in the mailroom at an oil company

          • Do the last 8 years as Prime Minster count as “experience” in your world?

          • So we’re supposed to pay for Harpo’s OJT?

          • Yet again, I have no idea what you’re trying to say. Maybe try using real words.

          • Before Harpo got in there….he’d worked in the mail room of an oil company, and taken one trip to a resort in Mexico.

            In your mind that qualified him to be PM

            Anything he’s learned since….which isn’t much….has been at our expense.

          • Right. Let’s ignore the fact that he was an MP for years before becoming the leader. Let’s ignore the fact that he was the head of the National Citizens Coalition for years, where he got into all kinds of policy debates. Let’s pretend he only worked in a mailroom.

            Oh, and also forget the fact that he’s been the PM for 8 years. That doesn’t count as “experience”.

          • Yup, mail room mentality as MP, and then a lobbyist

            Then we had to pay for his OJT….which he’s still lousy at.

            Face it Rick…..Harp is unqualified and incompetent.

          • Oh, comon. Just sit back and let the economy do it’s thing. It’ll all work out, probably.

          • What experience did SH have when he became PM ?….Studied economy,however never ever had a job at it,besides ,Canada has had several good PM….none were economists. If one knows anything about politics,then they ought to know that every PM surrounds themselves with professionals.By the way the economy has done very poor under Harper.When he came into power ,he had a surplus….to-day billions in debts.Speaking about G8….Harper gave orders that anyone in the way be arrested,beaten up and thrown in jail….And it happened.One Tor policeman was charged and convicted….others still pending.Canada needs a PM who can get along and respects views beside his own,allow his MP to represent their voters and answer question to the public.SH talks a lot….does nothing…All he cares about is power.That is why he is viewed as a dictator and a serial liar. CK the polls lately ??????

        • Susan – Who do you want bargaining for Canada when Quebec tries the old blackmail and “pay us to remain Canadian game” again.
          I for one certainly don’t want Junior Trudeau from Quebec representing me.

          • If Ms. Marois has her way, you may get your wish. With the possibility of another election in Quebec, she may start playing that “game” well before the 2015 election.

            Do explain it to me. How do you conclude that a PM who has been consistently shut out of Quebec is the most qualified to “bargain for Canada”? He seems to have as much of an understanding of Quebec as a gnat does of quantum physics. A smart, genuinely concerned PM would reach out to Trudeau, Mulcair or anyone else who could offer some insight to help keep the country together, but we all know how well Harper — the man who has taken partisanship to new heights — works with other parties. We should also remember that Harper is the same man whose mentor (Preston Manning) is known to have exclaimed, at least once, “let them go”. I would be astonished to learn that anyone really believes that Harper is the best man to deal with such a situation, except maybe for the separatists.

          • Sure, we should just pay up like Trudeau senior and every other Quebec leader. Let the corruption money flow into Quebec and turn a blind eye.
            Quebec is only one province.
            The only place Quebec is equal to the rest of the country is corruption. The corruption in Quebec is equal to the rest of the country.
            How about our military. Where are the loyalties? Canada or Quebec. And all that thanks to Trudeau senior.
            I want someone deeply rooted in Canada thank you.

          • It seems to me that you’re speaking as a Conservative supporter first, and a rational Canadian second, at best. How would Harper want to deal with such a situation, given the on-again-off-again separatist sentiment in Alberta?

            Beyond that, even if you are one of the “let them go” types, you are not so delusional as to believe that a “yes” vote would be the end of the matter, are you? The fall-out would be catastrophic to all Canadians, in all ten provinces and three territories. The subsequent debates, negotiations and blame game would be as long-lived and never-ending as the separatist movement itself. The separatists have always claimed that they intended to continue using the Canadian currency, and maintain some sort of have-your-cake-and-eat-it-too association with Canada. Harper could try to turn his back on Quebec altogether, but you have to ask yourself what would any of the available options do to both economies, the value of the dollar, credit-worthiness ratings, international perceptions, the business and investment environments, etc.?

            It is clear to me that this is really a can of worms that should never be opened, but the continued existence of the PQ demonstrates that some people refuse to let go of these antiquated ideologies. It is equally clear that of the candidates in 2015, Harper is the least qualified to deal with such a situation. What would he do, go crawling back to Mulroney for advice after trying to throw him under the bus with Schreiber?

          • Well his father stopped them

            Harpo otoh has no experience at all

          • Trudeau Senior???
            I think you mean to say “he paid up” with our money and rights.

            Myself and most of the rest of the taxpayers in Canada are tired of that.

          • Cons are against everything that might cost them a nickel. But you have to spend money to make money.

            Cons are great misers but lousy businessmen.

          • I, for one, certainly don’t want the person who gave Quebec statehood to be representing me.

            Just thank goodness that Quebec doesn’t seem to have caught on to some of the implications of that gift yet.

          • Huh? When did Quebec get “statehood”?

          • “A nation within a nation”.
            Think on what that means.

          • I do…certainly not Harper

      • You sound pretty scared of Justin, raising issues that have nothing to do with his competence. In fact, being a successful public speaker speaks volumes about his competence to be a successful Prime Minister.

        • The way he did it speaks volumes for using politics for personal enrichment.
          Would you trust Junior to negotiate for Canada when Quebec decides to get childish again and needs a time out?

        • Right. The only thing involved in being a successful leader is the ability to deliver scripted speeches.

      • Cons are soooo not looking forward to becoming extinct again after the next election, just like in ’93.

        I prefer the NDP platform myself, but Trudeau is going to win. Trudeau is a brand that makes Canadians feel good about themselves. Harper is a no-name brand you buy when the thing you really wanted at the store is sold out.

        • No, they won’t. Harper is a great strategist, not a junior. He has 18 months to turn things around. 18 months is an eternity in politics. For now, I did not make my choice yet…but will not support a junior aspiring PM…whose centralist views will create more separatists as his dad did.

          To invite Larry Summers at this convention was not a very good idea.
          Janet Yellin and not Summers has been selected as the new Chairwoman of the FED for a reason. Summers advised Bill Clinton not to go after Wall Street in the 90’s… Look what happened..

          This convention is in Montreal. Could not they select a renown economist who was bilingual ? The Liberals always disrespect Quebec or taking our nation for granted in the 60’s, 70’s. 80’s ….it continues….

          • You may say that 18 months is an eternity in politics, but it is also more than enough time for Harper and his gang to alienate many more Canadians. I suspect the postal workers who will be losing their jobs, the Canadian oil workers in Alberta who have been replaced by temporary foreign workers, the veterans, First Nations peoples and others will have a hard time justifying a Conservative vote in 2015.

            He may be a good strategist, and is stacking election laws and electoral regions in his favour, but whatever other illegal tactics he finds for 2015 (so far, we know about in-and-out and robo-calls) may not be enough if Canadians have really had enough of him by then, and want change at any cost. Remember, Harper was “a junior aspiring PM” in 2006, but Canadians were so tired of the Liberal party by that time, that they gave the rookie a chance.

            Also, wouldn’t it be interesting if Mike Duffy has quietly been toiling away at the keyboard, writing a damning, tell-all book to be on shelves, Kindles, Kobos and iPads just in time for the campaign? Duffy and Wallin are media masters whose services Harper (allegedly) no longer enjoys; they are now skeletons in his closet, and there is no telling what they may do between now and then.

          • Oil workers losing their jobs to immigrants.
            Canada receives about 20% less for our land locked oil.
            A lot less revenue for our governments to spend on social programs. Thanks to Trudeau’s socialist buddy Barry Obama blocking the Keystone Pipeline.
            Better to move it by rail (we know how safe that is) and make the Democrat supporter Warren Buffet richer on his rail investments.
            Oil workers would probably not lose a job to Trudeau or Obama as the testing for ALL drugs is very intense in the Oil Industry. Drug testing is another reason the left wing loonies hate the oil industry.

          • Reality seems to disagree with you regarding the jobs in Alberta. See here and here.

            Also, why not refine the stuff here in Canada and sell the more profitable final product? There is reportedly excess capacity in Quebec refineries, and as Preston Manning suggested, such sharing in the energy industry could be good for national unity. Why wait for the Americans and let them have the profits, if we can do at least some of it here, and employ more Canadians in the process?

          • Some agreement here
            The idea of Quebec refining Alberta is one I can really support. Then they could really appreciate us in the West.

            Now to get the Nut job lefties on side.

          • no one is stopping people from building refineries in Canada right now.

            If you want to build refineries, what is stopping you

          • Well then why isn’t Mr. Harper working with Ms. Redford to build them near the actual sites, so we don’t have to have these interminable debates over pipelines? Refine it where it’s extracted and then transport it. It would be good for his support in Alberta, too.

          • Quote : Harper was “a junior aspiring PM” in 2006, but Canadians were so tired of the Liberal party by that time, that they gave the rookie a chance. (end of quote)

            Harper is an economist and intellectually much more stronger than JT. Innocence and naivety do not built prime ministers. You are born with it.

            It takes a sound management professional experience, a vision, communicator skills, and to be able to be a credible leader and once in a while a SOB…Ignatieff’ Dion and Martin did not have it. Trudeau and Chrétien did. Sorry to offend your prude ears…

            The Liberal Party of Canada has a history of corruption and bad management of our public finances as they governed this country for the majority of the last 147 years.

            Liberals are hyper centralizers and never understood the Quebec identity. JT will not be able to only “surf” on generalities and charm in Quebec. He will have to commit himself about his vision of the unity of the country as the reelection of the PQ government is a real possibility. Quebecers, federalists and sovereingtists do not appreciate to see federal leaders telling them what to do and what not to do. Quebec is a distinct society, one of the two founding nations of this country.

            And who tells you that Harper will still be the
            leader of CP in 2015 ?

          • Before you saddle him with so many labels, why not give Trudeau a chance? At least listen to what he has to say and see what his policies are. Without question, Trudeau has the advantages of being more sociable, a better speaker and more fluent in French than Harper.

            I’m not attached to a particular party, but in order to gain my interest, the Conservatives would have to ditch Harper, stop their dictatorial ways and almost completely re-invent the party and its platform. In short, it’s not going to happen for 2015, if ever. With Belinda Stronach, they may have been able to earn my vote. With Harper and his record since 2006, there’s no chance.

            Liberals are hyper centralizers and never understood the Quebec identity.

            Are you implying that Harper understands Quebec? Really, Quebecers seem more likely to bring the BQ back from near extinction than to vote Conservative in significant numbers. Furthermore, Quebec has far more serious problems to deal with than worrying about who does or doesn’t understand the “Quebec identity”. When even Jacques Parizeau starts ringing alarm bells, you know you are in trouble, and they can’t blame any of it on Trudeau Senior, Harper or anyone else.

    • If his job is feeding his ego, then yes he is very good at it.

      • Everyone has an ego…..Harpos has fed his so much he has a room full of his own photos.

  2. I think Justin Trudeau was on the front page of the Globe and Mail when he was five DAYS old. I hope he’s used to it by now!

  3. This comment was deleted.

    • I think you spend waaay too much time sitting in front of a TV. LOLOLOL…

      • I think you spend far too much time in front of your computer.

    • It’s certainly a different treatment than what the media got from the Cons in Calgary. Practically shutting them out of the convention wasn’t the smartest thing to do.

  4. Liberals. Liberals. Both Harper and Mulcair were Liberals at one
    time. There are a number of ways of thinking about that.

  5. His skills at being a drama teacher on full display. How “dramatic”. I seem to recall that in matters such a drama, breaking character, lifting the mask, and the like are a big no no as the artificiality lifts the mask of the fictional.
    While in theatre it makes for bad performance mood, in politics it reaches the level of pathetic. It is one thing for a politician to act a certain mood (leaving us all to speculate whether the outrage, sadness ect. is legitimate), it is quite another to publicize how one is going to act and stage those things.
    Does Justin know that “political theater” is just an expression, or is he so dull that he believes actual theater has a place in his running for PM?
    You can take Justin out of the drama class, but you can’t take the drama class out of Justin.

    • you sound like you have no idea what your talking about….sounds like you looked at those attack ads Harper and his boys had aired.First of all Trudeau was a math teacher and on occasions he filled in as drama teacher.Anyone with a brain always edits and practices speeches prior to events.This is his speech and only common sense. On the other hand if you want to talk political theater….Our dictorial PM has his boys in short pants dictate word for word to MP their answers to any question they may be asked…This was caught on tape and televised. Surprise u didn,t see it. Again you sound awfully angry like the rest of the cons.Relax Justin is a breath of fresh air.

      • He knows exactly what he is talking about, and exactly what he is doing.

        The mock outrage at the audacity of Trudeau to plan his speech, when he knows perfectly well that all politicians do that, and none of them are spontaneous.

        Charles/Biff is not the most honest person commenting on these boards.

      • You think Chrétien and PierreTrudeau were not dictatorial ? Loll

        • Do you have footage of either of Chrétien’s or Trudeau’s MPs reading from cue cards in the House to make sure they get their answers just right? They may have been dictatorial to an extent, but Harper has turned it into an art form.

          • I suggest you know your facts……Harper,s own MP now sits as an independent …. because he no longer wanted to a trained seals….his words…. not mine…have followed and voted for all parties over the years….have also studied all PM….If you truly care about your country and if you truly want to know if Harper is a dictator…..just google it…don,t take my words…Sounds to me you,re a cons regardless as to the degree they destroy our democracy..No gov,t in Canada has ever muzzled the media,scientists, and all Canadians as Harper. Try to ask him a question sometimes especially if you disagree with him. Probably end up in jail.Why don,t you post the footage on utube….Will be waiting.

          • I can only conclude that you didn’t mean to direct that post at me, or you misread my reply. I meant to say exactly that: her claim was that Trudeau and Chrétien were also dictatorial. I pointed out that it is only under Harper that it has been taken to this extreme. That was in support of your prior point.

            If enough of Harper’s MPs had spines, they would leave the party and cause him to lose his precious majority. Being scripted as they are, they don’t have the chance to represent their constituents; it is a democracy in name only. My only hope is that he is not successful in weaselling his way to another mandate.

        • If you took time to study our PMS,you would know the answer to your question. Harper own MP now sits as indep. because he refused to be a trained seal for Harper…His words ,not mine. No Pm has ever muzzled media,scientist and Canadians as Harper has…This is a slippery slope as to how countries lose their democracy….SCARY… I actually voted for Harper…never again…

          • If you are aware of it, it must be because the scientists and the media revealed it ! Not really a dictatorship ! In China or Russia, these people would have been executed. So, calm down please and let’s be serious here.

          • in the event you missed by point….you don,t take away freedom all at once….it comes inch by inch….In Canada media were always allowed to ask question and scientists were always allowed to post their papers.HARPER has now muzzled them.Canadians are not allowed to ask him questions. U should try asking him a question…be prepared to be thrown in jail.I guess the difference between you and me is that I don,t vote for the party rather who is best to serve our country and show respect for Cdn…I have in fact voted for all parties…you appear to think CONS and every one else is bad. Wake up 21st century…..read up on SH,s past. YOU may not even vote for him.

    • What? You are saying that acting, in politics, “…reaches the level of pathetic”?
      Have you ever seen a successful politician who couldn’t act?
      A politician has to communicate effectively, and there’s no better way to do that than to learn (and then teach) how to act.

  6. This comment was deleted.

    • Don’t lie Cardair….if you have to lie you’ve already lost.

    • The must subjective and fantastical expression in all of Canadian politics: “balanced budget.”

      (Oh look! I balanced the budget on the backs of children and working class! Amazing!” -every LPC-CBC Minister of Finance for last 30 years)

    • Just raise the GDP.
      To quote our resident economics major.

  7. Let’s stick to the truth hmmm?

    Trudeau has a Bachelor of Arts degree in literature from McGill University and a Bachelor of Education degree from the University of British Columbia.
    After graduation, he worked as a social studies and French teacher at West Point Grey Academy and Sir Winston Churchill Secondary School in Vancouver, British
    From 2002 to 2004, he studied engineering at the Université de Montréal.[12]
    He also started a Master of Arts degree in Environmental Geography at McGill
    University before suspending his program to seek public office

    • Quits teaching, starts another degree, quits that, starts another degree. I’m sure he was quite the fixture at the student arts lounge. Full time student. Impressive. Most impressive.

      • sounds like you don,t understand his degrees….read again

      • He already has two degrees…..how many do you want?

        Both Dion and Ignatieff had PhDs and you didn’t like that either.

        • Dion had an executive experience under his belt and Ignatieff, an intellect not comparable to Justin’s. Justin Trudeau is a hyper centralizer just like his father and does not get the Quebec reality just like his father.

          • And will be a successful PM….just like his father.

          • The lefties have to pick one pony, splitting the Neo-Bolshevik vote between red & orange will weaken the Revolution.

        • Yes, Stephane Dion and Michael Ignatieff were both much smarter than Justin Trudeau.

          • The problem is that you and your buddies are not.

  8. Every politician does exactly this kind of thing. Speeches are rehearsed, gestures selected, camera angles chosen – it’s just part of the game. CEOs also do this when they are about to give a major presentation. All good public speakers do this – it’s what marks a professional.

    • Except the professionals don’t broadcast it accidentally to the media room.

      • But it’s still a large step up from an out of focus video, isn’t it?

  9. can you say embedded liberal news media?

    • Can you say conservative whiner?

      • His name is “Justin.” He may very well be that, but let’s stay civilized.

    • No, but I have no trouble with dick.

      • My inner Beavis noticed.

        • Heh-heh.

  10. Justin : You can’t make Canadians “angrier” because you don’t have the skills to be a formidable leader in the House of Commons….Thomas Mulcair has been a terrific leader and interrogator in the Senate scandal…. He did the job as a real opposition leader. You could not because you do not have the skills.

    We’ll see the same reality during the next leaders televised debates in 2015…. You won’t be able to hide then.

    • Yeah, I don’t get the “angry” charge on Mulcair. You can disagree with the man’s policy positions, but Thomas Mulcair is intelligent, thoughtful, quick on his feet (that youtube clip of him doing the Chretien impression is very funny). Mulcair speaks Laytonese and I like him.

      Justin kind of reminds me of Robert Redford from “The Candidate”. He’s going to win it all in 2015 and I feel like it’s going to be a great big, “So what do I do now?” after he does, because I think Justin’s greatest talent is going to be for winning and maybe not so much in terms of governing.

      • If all it takes to win an election is to be “intelligent, thoughtful and quick on his feet”, either Dion or Ignatieff would be PM right now.

        • Both were great thinkers and had substance but they were not “quick on their feet”…..as we have to be in this news frenzy : the 30 seconds clip designed for the 24 hour news cable….they did not have it….

          Furthermore, the Liberal Party of Canada had lost all its credibility since the sponsorship scandal that happened under Chretien…..almost 20 years ago…

          • 20 years ago indeed. So give it a rest.

          • Sponsorship Scandal! 2 points for you!

            Anyway, thanks for making my point. Substance will only get you so far. If you don’t believe me, ask Thomas Mulcair, languishing away at 3rd in the polls…

      • I disagree with your pronostic. Substance matters…. Marketing alone will not be enough on the long run. The more he will have to speak about substance, the more the public will see his weaknesses namely in masterising economical topics and international affairs. He is a light weight, does not have any executive experience…Was just a heavyweight against ex-Senator Patrick Brazeau…

        The middle-class thing is a so obviously popular theme borrowed and recuperated from the Obama campaigns. I volunteered for the Obama campaign in 08. Justin Trudeau is not Barack Obama.

        • He’s better!

          • Are you on drugs….like your leader ?

          • You’re sounding a lot like a Conservative.

          • I just know things and my eyes and ears are widely open. To say that JT is better than Barack Obama is desilusional.

          • Who said that?

      • Mulcair is so far from Layton, I still wonder why NDP supporters chose him. Why get the best return of your existence, become official opposition, only to select someone as leader who is completely off the brand you’ve built since starting?

    • Really? The “real job” of an opposition leader is to cross examine the PM in QP? Cuz I know a lot of lawyers who could have done a better job on that, and I would not want any of them to be leading the country.

      • Yes it is…..Political science 101….

        • Who has won an election based on their QP performance – only a few of us even watch it?

        • Ya, I took PolySci 101, and 202 and so on. It really isn’t.

          Nice try though.

          • Must have been rough getting straight Ds from your community college. (Or As from the U of Calgary, as the case might be). Still, no need to hold a gudge. Your ignorance is hardly our fault.

          • Wow. You are hilarious! I suggest a career in stand up.

            Ha ha ha ha ha

          • Yes, well. That aside, you can learn about the role MPs have to hold government to account in an adult learning class. You can do it. Your mind is a terrible thing to waste.

          • I totally get that. Cross examination is for lawyers. Holding government to account is for opposition politicians.

            Thanks so much for proving my point.

      • Of course not. Mulcair should ignore QP and just go on a year long cross country fundraising drive like Trudeau has been. Holding the government to account is a mug’s game.

  11. Why is this news? He is rehearsing a speech. They all do it. This is all you have? Yet currently we have a Prime Minister who is destroying the very fabric of our country and what made this country great, and this is what you have on Trudeau? How about a story on Harper and how he is the worst Prime Minister that has ever ruled this country. How about a story on how Harper is a puppet for Big Oil and corporations who benefit from his stupidity? How about a story on the non enforcement of regulations in the Oil Sands so that the Chinese can get their oil cheaply. Speaking of the Chinese how about a story on how that God awful country owns our oil and other resources because Harper has decided to sell out. Not to mention how Harper believes in creationism over real science. But let’s all just read the above story on Trudeau practicing his lines and just be sickened by it. Give your heads a shake and WAKE UP!

    • All of this does not make Junior better prepared for the job ?

    • Justin’s father by succesfully destroying the Meech Lake accords in 1991, designed to bring back my province ( one of the 4 founding provinces of Canada ) in the Canadian Constitution, signed without Quebec consent in 1982, his father destroyed the only chance to put away the separatist movement for years….

      Justin does not want to talk about that…..in Quebec saying that these are old disputes… He is a member for a riding of a certain part of Montreal but he does not understand or represent the Quebec aspirations of Quebec within Canada.

      And I am a federalist, a proud French-Canadian and a proud Quebecer Justin does not understand as much Quebecers (in their vast majority) value the separation of religion from the state. For Quebecers, the principle of the perfect equality between women and men and the neutrality of the state in our society cannot be undermined. And so, this debate belongs to Quebecers only not for the federal politicians. His allusions in his tonight’s spech were made to satisfy is own electorate and his own constituency.

    • One Chinese firm took over one Canadian oil patch firm before Harper passed a law against any further sovereign wealth takeovers. Harper has never espoused creationism over science, that was stockwell day. The rest of you post is too nonsensical to bother refuting. See, this is why Trudeau practices his lines. So he can avoid making a fool of himself like you just did.

    • Why is this news? Because Trudeau’s “expert” team accidentally broadcast his practice speech to the media. I know in Liberal la-la-land the media’s supposed to ignore every Justin Trudeau gaffe, but sometimes they’re just so obvious that it’s unavoidable.

      • Well Harper accidentally locked himself in a bathroom.

        And that was even after he had a few years of experience under his belt.

        Not sure what that says to his qualifications. It wasn’t even his team, he did that all by himself.

  12. Is Harper a hypocrite or what? He purports to be a man of faith yet his fangs are right in with the Oil Sands industry and stands on the path of profit at all costs and full destruction of the earth.
    News Flash Harper, Jesus Christ is a socialist who loves nature and would squash all your selfish mean spirited plans.
    Enough of these right wing narrow minded bigots who worship money while hiding behind faith and Christ.
    I now fully support Justin now.

    • You are a lunatic. There’s no doubt.

    • Let’s see what will be Justin’s discourse to the Albertans during the next electoral campaign in 2015 ?

    • Did the lord not give man dominion over land, sea, animals & all contained?

  13. I am a 32 year old liberal and JT is weak. Listen to the softness of his rhetoric. He’s weak. Has weak eyes. I don’t like Harper, but he’s an evil genius. JT is a flop. His father was strong. JT ate off a silver spoon and it shows. I’m ashamed for our generation. We can do better.

    • No, on the contrary, you have to be proud of your generation…. for many reasons.

      All I am saying is that Justin Trudeau does not have the basic requirements to become the next PM of one of the G8 countries, Canada.

    • Then get your own arse out and run somewhere; I’m sure your very strong eyes and voice, and that cheap stainless steel spoon you were born with, will take you far in politics. If you believe you can do better for your generation, then what are you waiting for?

  14. I know these events are staged, but he rehearsed a “spontaneous” call to his wife? Unless his aim is to appear as a phoney, he’s probably gone one too far with that one.

    • And he joked about setting it up on stage – a phoney doesn’t usually do that.

  15. There’s also Justin’s impressive instinct for supporting the hand over of our natural resource profits to foreign interests while ignoring the environmental devastation being caused to local First Nations communities.

  16. Is there nothing more serious to write about?

  17. Do you want to win this election Justin? Move away from oil and pipelines and take Canada to it’s proper path of Renewable Energy super world power. The time for change has come.

  18. Wow. He can’t even practice a speech without screwing up. Wow.

  19. Macleans – PLEASE change your format so I don’t have to scroll down pages of jabbering to get to the next post!

    • Or you could learn to navigate.