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Spot the Narration Changes


I think this trailer for The A-Team movie is pretty much what an A-Team movie trailer ought to be: they’ve got the narration, hints of the theme song, the van, machine guns, and all four characters doing what they do.

Since the narration isn’t likely to be heard in the movie, it was a good idea to use it in the trailer. It’s interesting (well, a little interesting) what lines were changed. “Crack commando unit” is now “elite commando unit,” I guess because “crack” will produce giggles in theatre audiences. And “Soldiers of fortune” is now “soldiers for hire.”


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Spot the Narration Changes

  1. Isn't breaking the laws of physics and logic pretty much what the whole A-Team franchise does, though? The best episode of the series had Hannibal and Murdock escaping from a tough prison in salon chairs lifted by helium-filled balloons — and those balloons were not enough to lift those guys. Especially Hannibal. Peppard wasn't skinny by then.

  2. Couldn't agree more. The whole point of the show was that it made no particular sense. Nobody ever died, or even got more than scratch in all the explosions and destruction, and the bad guys, confused and baffled at their defeat, would always get led off in cuffs by the local police.

    Mr T is unfortunately irreplaceable, since all kids knew straight off that he was at heart big cuddly guy that would only beat on the bad guys.

  3. Shooting down aircraft from a tank falling out of a cargo plane is standard military procedure.

  4. You never watched the original then, did you?

    Best one I saw was a helicopter hitting a cliff, exploding, falling to the ground in pieces, followed by a second explosion, followed by the bad guys stumbling out — dirty, dazed, but otherwise ready to be lead away in handcuffs by the local authorities.

  5. Actaully the weight of the tank has no bearing on how fast it falls, it would fall at the same rate as anything else, it would start falling and gain speed approaching terminal velocity. The parachutes would slow it down, they have been parachuting tanks out of plans since WW2.

    Accurate shooting would be another matter, but, hey, it's an A-Team movie, not a documentry.

  6. You know, the trailer did a pretty decent job or convincing me that it may not be that horrible of a movie……until they showed me a tank being parachuted out of an exploding B-52 then proceeding to shoot down a fighter jet.

    Do you have any idea how heavy a tank is and how fast it would be falling to the ground even if it had some parachutes attached? There would be no way in hell it would be able to hit a plane because a) The tank is moving down at an incredible speed b) The jet is moving horizontally at an equally incredible speed.

    I'm sorry there are some things I can suspend for the purpose of entertainment. But completely destroying the laws of physics pushes it.


    • Fair enough, good points across the board. I admit to not ever watching an episode of A-Team.

      @Guest My point about the tank was that it wouldn't be falling faster then any other object but that the parachutes wouldn't be doing as much to slow it down since it weighed so much. The way it was represented in the trailer it seemed to be falling a lot more slowly then it would be. I'm not saying you "can't" parachute a tank just that it was misrepresented.

      Of course you're all right, it's A-Team, it's a movie and I should get over it and enjoy the complete silliness of it.

  7. "Stockade" is now "facility." Right?

    I barely remember the show, but as a kid it was my favorite thing ever. I remember being disappointed when it was pre-empted by the Challenger disaster.

    That trailer, though, was pretty much perfect.