Spur of the moment bonus Caption Challenge: Flaherty. Shoe. - Macleans.ca

Spur of the moment bonus Caption Challenge: Flaherty. Shoe.

Winner declared on Friday morning



Runners-up: Blair (“So this is what taxpayers look like.”); Amateur Hour (“If I dial 99, does Barbara Feldon answer?”); Jonathan McKinnell (“These shoes have hardly any soul, reminds of me of some of the people I work with.”); CAPS (“Mr. Prime Minister, I finally managed to pull this out of my a**. Do you still want it back?”); and Jason G. (“This is the worst Blackberry ever.”)

Winner: Confirming my bias toward Lucky-Charms-themed humour as it pertains to our Finance Minister, I’m giving it to Patchouli (“Can I get these in green?”) Send your address and shoe size to me at scott.feschuk@macleans.rogers.com and your Dr. Scholls will find their way to you, Patchouli.


Because the only way I could like this photo any more was if it featured Gary Lunn and platform boots, I am declaring a bonus caption challenge:

No vote, but I’ll declare a victor on Friday morning. The winner will receive one (1) set of Dr. Scholl’s Massaging Gel Insoles.

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Spur of the moment bonus Caption Challenge: Flaherty. Shoe.

  1. So that is what taxpayers look like.

  2. If I dial 99, does Barbara Feldon answer?

  3. I dunno.. I look at this picture and for some reason the first thing that I think is that he's about to hit himself in the head with it.

    Sometimes I'm just optimistic.

    • I like the way you think

  4. Flaherty prepares to throw his shoe at the Prime Minister. Asked later why he did it, Flaherty responded "It's a show of respect and friendship. I mean, that's what it meant when the Iraqi threw his shoe at President Bush, right?"

  5. These shoes have hardly any soul, reminds of me of some of the people I work this.

    • If we were voting, I'd vote for this one.

  6. "Hey, I put some new shoes on, and suddenly everything is right,
    I said, hey, I put some new shoes on and everybody's smiling"
    – Jim Flaherty (badly) lip-syncing to this video:


  7. "Dammit, how can I present a budget with only four inches of lift?!"

  8. As he ruefully scraped off the mess from his shoe, Flaherty muttered that they'd have to get rid of Poilievre if the pages couldn't do a better job cleaning up after him.

  9. He squints. What's this? – – "Design" huh?
    Oh, it says "resign"
    S. Harper

  10. Flaherty flashes back to the PM's response a few weeks ago, when he suggested to Harper that cost cutting alone might not do the trick.

  11. 'Made in China'.

    • Darn, you beat me to it.

  12. "Darn. I guess the clerk was teasing me when he said there was a $50 billion note stuck to the bottom of my shoe."

  13. It says . . . "Time wounds all heels."

  14. how do I balance the budget without cutting transfer payments, corporate tax cuts, GST cuts, or raising taxes? wait, this isn't a magic eight ball….dammit.

  15. As he pondered what was left, the old adage never seemed more true: You don't have to outrun the bear, you just have to outrun Jason Kenney.

  16. Dammit! I stepped in it AGAIN!

  17. "Just wait until the other shoe drops!"

  18. “I cant believe I stepped in deficit again”

  19. Well lookie here, it comes with the bullsh*t already on the bottom!

      • second.

  20. Well Steve, uh, I mean Mr. Prime Minister, I finally manged to pull this out of my a**. Do you still want it back?

  21. "… Apply…to … face…"

  22. Let's see… it says, "… Apply…to … face…"

  23. "Where's my assistant? How do I get the dope out of the heel?"

  24. If Helena starts running at you with a crazed look in her eye, throw this to distract her and then run!

  25. There's no buttons. Can't be a cell shoe phone. Damn kid staffers in the PMO are messing with me again. Unless it's one of them new iPod Touch Shoe Phones Trudeau was yapping about. Wonder how you get the screen to light up…

  26. I think that the pair I had when I kicked the sh@t out of Ontario's social programs and ran up their deficit were a lot sturdier. I dunno if these are gonna cut for what's coming next… but they are shinny!

  27. Place on Ground – This Side Down
    Do Not Eat

  28. Composite of the finest Iggy and Dion hide. Nice!

  29. "So maybe this pair will be too big to fit in my mouth."

  30. Not a submission… but one can almost imagine a family connection.

    [youtube cJKXOdT1pnw&feature=PlayList&p=6D734EBDBBFEE664&index=0 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cJKXOdT1pnw&fe… youtube]

  31. But where's the Velcro?

  32. I got it Stevie! – I think we could take all the old shoes from the basement and sell them to disaffected Liberlas to throw at their assigned leader … who knows maybe they will at least try to practise what they preach and figure having a real leadership convention might just be a good idea after – unless of course the ol bay st. gang and the Igster are afraid of the result!

  33. This is sure gonna look fine coming out of my mouth on Friday.

  34. Made in China.

  35. "Ecco, short for ecconomical. Cool; now I'm gonna walk the talk. Heh."

  36. Left one says "Insert in mouth" Right one says "Insert up ass"

  37. Where is Kim Jong's shoemaker when you need him…?

  38. I'm borrowing from McKinnell (who should win hands down) but here goes.

    Flaherty's shoes were like his budget: They were covered in excrement and had no sole.

  39. This is the worst Blackberry ever.

  40. "The size 6 are still too big — and no, it's NOT true that tiny hands and teeny feet indicate ANYTHING more than tiny hands and teeny feet."

  41. Dude, I am totally going to chew the shiat out of this gum!

  42. This won't do. Not enough heel. Get me the kind Guergis wears!

  43. Can I get these in green?

  44. That's one small step for a man, one giant misstep for mankind

  45. Hmm….Buster Browns

    • Ha! Nice one.

  46. these shoes are shiny but they may not be shiny enough now that i can't write off botox injections, teeth whitening, liposuction, and hair replacement procedures!

  47. Who throws a shoe? Honestly!

  48. "Pie Jesu Domine. <smack> Dona Eis Requiem. <smack>"

  49. It says . . . "Help me! My sister is being held prisoner by Imelda Marcos!

    [I may do multiple entries, I really need a pair of those gel thingies.]

  50. Hey look! I found my credibility!

  51. Just like the caramilk bar, I can't figure out how these things are made.

  52. "TGIF: Toes go in first"

  53. I am disappointed you have not yet declared a photo caption contest for pic of Guergis, still in front benches, staring into camera over Harper's shoulder as he answered questions during QP. I would also expect Opposition to be smart enough to use this for press release, photo contests, etc. Ex, have picture of Harper, with correct quote and rebuttal below, and have cartoon bubble above Guergis, with pithy summary of PM position: "Frack You People! Frack Democracy! I Hate This Shithole Parliament!" I disagreed on Opp asking for resignation based on principle and logic. But not media and others. I did also say she should resign, and terrible politics not to, and Cons should and will pay price if so. And as Lib, was hopeful cons really would be so stupid as to leave her in, as they have. So I say, have at her and PM, and link them together, "disrespectin' parliament and canadians".

    re. your previous post, I too honestly wonder, often, if govt actually trying to lose power. MPCC would have buried detainee thing re. public consciousness, but too far gone now. Mad anthem suggestion, Guergis still minister, etc.. Maybe they don't want to be in govt when tax hikes and cuts come? I don't know, but hard to believe Opp being given gift after gift by mistake (tribute to Opp…"abilities" that nothing come of it yet). Maybe Opp doesn't want power either? What is real, unreal, bluff, doublebluff, triplebluff, etc.? I just stick to "reality" as best I can see it, but maybe I'm wrong. Who's to say?

  54. This borrows a little from Jonathan McKinnell, who should win hands down, but here goes:

    Flaherty's shoes were like his budget: Covered in shit with almost no sole.

  55. "Oh crap! Warranty runs out at 56 billion. Exceed at own risk"!

  56. I'm borrowing from McKinnell (who should win hands down) but here goes.

    Flaherty's shoes were like his budget: They were covered in excrement and had no sole.

  57. "Hmm. The bottom of Jim Flaherty's shoe … now I finally CAN relate to the unemployed!"

  58. Dude, I am going to chew the shit out of this gum!

  59. Aha! If he had reflexes like mine, George W. could have saved himself some cash!

  60. Instructions on how to pour out piss…

  61. "'Erase the height deficit'? Oh, VERY funny."

  62. "Nope…No money in this one either"

  63. "Taller than Gary Lunn, you say? I'll take them!"

  64. "Hey, wait a sec. Wasn't this the same type of shoe the captain of the Titanic wore?"

  65. Flahery ponders the magnitude of the challenge before him:

    "I dunno, maybe i oughta go with the wellies"?

  66. As I rise in this House today [in this shoe- Dot], our nation is at a crossroads. We have passed through some steep and rocky terrain. Much of the territory was uncharted. We were prepared, and we protected ourselves. We are making our way through, and our compass has not failed us. The way forward remains challenging.

    Some would urge us to turn at this crossroads. Experience tells us this would eventually lead us backward. We need to keep helping those who need a hand up. We need to stay on course. We can see our destination on the horizon. It is a high point, not only in our nation's history of increasing prosperity, but also a high point to which the world will look for inspiration. It is a Canada in which our children and grandchildren will surpass us. It is a Canada for which they will be grateful.

  67. Let's see. Price tag says $119.99 today, but in five years they'll be on sale for $4.99! Sounds credible to me, and vaguely familiar…