Stalking Barbie

TONIGHT: Colby Cosh blogs from Sarah Palin’s speech in Calgary


Barring some unnatural disaster of the sort I always regard as certain in the minutes before a trip, I’ll be in Calgary tonight providing live or very-nearly-live weblog coverage of Sarah Palin’s speech and Q&A session at the BMO Centre in Stampede Park. If you’re there, say hi (also, where the heck did you get that kind of money, and can I have some?). If you’re anywhere else in the world, check back here at Macleans.ca for the unfolding details.


Stalking Barbie

  1. Er, why? She's not a Canadian politician, she hasn't had anything worthwhile or innovative to say thus far, generally regurgitates Republican talking points with little or no understanding, and she's not currently running for any US office. There's dozens of Canadian backbench MPs who would have more of interest and relevance to say, and say it better, than she does.

    • "There's dozens of Canadian backbench MPs who would have more of interest and relevance to say, and say it better, than she does."

      Yeah, but they won't do anything for Colby's career (if you can call it that).

      It's shameful how the media is promoting this undeserving (and now quite wealthy) mediocrity while truly dedicated and hard-working women are ignored.

  2. Know thine enemy or something? She's big news, regardless of how useless she is.

  3. She's "news" in the sense that Brangelina or Tiger Woods is "news", in my opinion. Giving her media attention will only encourage her.

  4. Where are all the feminists? Forced to choose between Hillary and Sarah, who would Colby choose? btw who's the sponsor?

  5. Have a safe trip, Colby! Looking forward to the weblog.

  6. First, drill a hole in your head and suck out at least half your brains, then you may be able to sit through an evening of this brainless drivel.

    • Is that advice for reading this blog, or going to the Palin speech?

  7. Sigh. Calgary. Where else?

  8. Don't come back without a photo – not a smart phone one of her – you two together (no platforms allowed – for either).

  9. I think that is quite an insulting comparison – to Barbie. Not only is she far better looking than the Alaskan twit, but the multi-talented Mattel character has had several jobs that Palin couldn't get one year of education for.

  10. As soon as I read the headline, I knew what the responses would be and I was right. A lot of slurs against Sarah but no actual critic on any of her policies, actions or positions. Next you will be recycling Tina Fey's script from SNL as what Sarah actually said.

    The liberal left is scared to death of Sarah and so their response is to label her and try to make her out to be an idiot – but again none have ever actually debated any of her policies or positions.

    • Take some advice from your heroine, Maureen: Stop whining.

  11. Eh…Colby, you never should have tipped you hand like that. A minute ago you were that guy who used to write for the Western Standard. Now you're just another hack from the lamestream media. Prepare to be escorted from the venue.

  12. Ok here come the predictable palin-bashers

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