Standing behind your leader -

Standing behind your leader


From last night’s Mercer Report.


Standing behind your leader

  1. Navdeep Bains: more effective behind the leader than the Rona/Cheryl/Diane Bobblehead Collection.

  2. This is yet further evidence that Rick Mercer is one of the most perceptive political commentators in Canada.

    • I swear that one day, Rick will throw his hat into the political ring — he's just fascinated by it, and he's perceptive, as you say. His weekly rants tell us more than the daily QP about the state of the nation.

      • You can tell we have court government when we have to rely on court jesters to tell us the truth.

      • I just can't see Rick joining up with one side or another. He's having far too much fun poking them all with sharp sticks.

        Besides, who would want to give up a job where you get to drive the Bluenose?

  3. The wise fool plays an important role for us all.

  4. "Turned on a dime" LOL

  5. laughing out freaking loud