State Dept.: TransCanada can apply again -

State Dept.: TransCanada can apply again


Here is the full statement on Keystone XL decision from the State Dept. It says the 60 day deadline imposed by Congress did not allow for full vetting of an alternative pipeline route  but that TransCanada can apply again.


For Immediate Release and Posting


Office of the Spokesperson

For Immediate Release                                                                                                                                               January 18, 2012



Denial of the Keystone XL Pipeline Application

Today, the Department of State recommended to President Obama that the presidential permit for the proposed Keystone XL Pipeline be denied and, that at this time, the TransCanada Keystone XL Pipeline be determined not to serve the national interest.  The President concurred with the Department’s recommendation, which was predicated on the fact that the Department does not have sufficient time to obtain the information necessary to assess whether the project, in its current state, is in the national interest.


Since 2008, the Department has been conducting a transparent, thorough, and rigorous review of TransCanada’s permit application for the proposed Keystone XL Pipeline project.  As a result of this process, particularly given the concentration of concerns regarding the proposed route through the Sand Hills area of Nebraska, on November 10, 2011, the Department announced that it could not make a national interest determination regarding the permit application without additional information.  Specifically, the Department called for an assessment of alternative pipeline routes that avoided the uniquely sensitive terrain of the Sand Hills in Nebraska.  The Department estimated, based on prior projects of similar length and scope, that it could complete the necessary review to make a decision by the first quarter of 2013.  In consultations with the State of Nebraska and TransCanada, they agreed with the estimated timeline.


On December 23, 2011, the Congress passed the Temporary Payroll Tax Cut Continuation Act of 2011 (“the Act”).  The Act provides 60 days for the President to determine whether the Keystone XL pipeline is in the national interest – which is insufficient for such a determination.

The Department’s denial of the permit application does not preclude any subsequent permit application or applications for similar projects.

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State Dept.: TransCanada can apply again

  1. Maybe next time, TransCanada will try manners and concensus building instead of threatening ranchers, who’ve been on their land for generations, with expropriation.

    Nobody likes eminent domain threats….especially from a foreign country.

  2. This is all perfectly rational in terms of environmental practise and there is even put forth a due date.  I judge the news to be positive.    

  3. If the comments being posted at various U.S. media sites indicate anything, this isn’t very popular.
    “The Canadian greens have been tamed for the good of their country. On the other hand, US greens are more like radicalized Islamic militants on the Jihad.”    ……WSJ poster

    “”However many jobs might be generated by a Keystone pipeline,” he said, “they’re going to be a lot fewer than the jobs that are created by extending the payroll tax cut and extending unemployment insurance.”      ……Obama


    Hmmm……I don’t know, ever since Oboma scuttled the Yucca Mountain nuclear waste storage facility to get votes in Nevada in 2008, I have lost a lot of respect for him.