Still believe in a negotiated peace in Afghanistan?


Arsala Rahmani, tasked with reconciling with the Taliban, is shot dead in Kabul.


Still believe in a negotiated peace in Afghanistan?

  1. After 10 years bumbling around the desert on this lost cause, it’s time to give up.

  2. Still believe in military success in Afghanistan?

  3. Politicians are the only ones who ever believed in it, mostly to save face…everyone else is aware that the Taliban have no need to negotiate anything.

    Just get out….and more importantly….never do this again.

  4. This murder might lead one to conclude that our military is wasting it’s time in Afghanistan, and has been wasting it’s time for a decade. The Taliban still has the power to instill terror in the lives of both ordinary Afghanis and politically connected Afghanis. They haven’t been eliminated or even brought to heel; they’ve just been pushed out of Kabul (obviously this hasn’t even been 100% accomplished). Mission not accomplished, Mr. Bush (and stalwart followers and successors of Bush). Mission not accomplished.

    • There’s a very real possibility we went into that country, killed and displaced 30,000 people, then gave them a whole bunch of weapons once they were really disenchanted.