PM still neck and neck with tofu -

PM still neck and neck with tofu


I’ve long suspected this to be true, but now it has been confirmed: Stephen Harper is less popular than an onion ring.

Although, to be fair, the Prime Minister has not had time to unleash his negative advertising campaign:

[Sinister music. Deep voice. Grainy footage of a deep fryer.]

Onion rings.

They’re round.

Know what else was round?

Hitler’s head.

The Facebook Onion Ring: Exactly like Hitler.

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PM still neck and neck with tofu

    • Was that started by Stephen Taylor? He's involved less than an hour after the group's inception.

    • It's odd how Conservatives copy everything Liberals do (but in this instance they didn't denounce it and promise to do better themselves first).

      Canadian politics as Simpson's characters could be hard to cast…

      • Actually the Libs stole the idea also. The original group was "can this onion ring get more fans than Justin Beiber"… some "clever" Liberal just stole the idea.

        How odd that Liberals steal everything from everybody.

        • Stealing is the nature of politics, after all.

    • A week later, and the anti-Ignatieff group is on a tear now! The inanimate carbon rod is only a little more than 25,000 fans behind Ignatieff.

      The onion ring meanwhile has passed the Prime Minister in popularity by over 130,000 fans.

  1. Good one, it is actually funnier than SH…

    • Wow lame attempt by the CRG.

      • Actually the lame attempt was the Harper group. The idea was stolen from the group "Can this onion ring get more fans than Justin Beiber"…. typical Liberals, ripping off someone else's idea and giving no credit.

        • Trust me, "Can X get more fans than Y" is a meme MUCH older than that Bieber group. Your comment feels to me somewhat like accusing Milton of "stealing" the idea of writing poems from Shakespeare, while ignoring Homer. (like how I just connected Homer, Milton and Shakespeare to onion rings and Justin Bieber? Sweet.)

          • Lol…

          • I find onion rings more savory than sweet.

  2. I like Onions rings more than Stephen Harper. Onion rings are delicious!

    • Have you tasted Stephen? Try him with HP sauce.

      • Stephen has too much saturated fat and is hard to digest.

      • I'm not that much of a partisan for party loyalty to go that far.

  3. Onion Rings: Why not take five, place them on a table, and arrange them in a series with three on top and two on the bottom. Wow, they kinda look li…….*Ooof!*

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  4. You know what else is round? Harper's head. Ergo…

    Bonus fun:

    Fill in the blanks: H_ _ _er.


    IT'S A TRAP!

    • Synchronicity, weird. For no particular reason I was thinking about Admiral Ackbar and "It's a trap!" as I was loading the dishwasher earlier!

  6. This only works if the Onion Rings have demonic red sheep eyes….

  7. Onion ring crumbs are way better than Conservative Crumbs.

  8. Steven Harper's trans fatty arguments are weighing me down.

  9. Onion rings… not a vegetable!

  10. Onion rings… just passin through! (you)

  11. I'm impressed Iggy's doing as well as he is vs. the inanimate carbon rod.

    That thing was on the cover of Time for saving the space shuttle for Pete's sake!!!

    In Rod we trust.

  12. You know, I used to like Maclean's before it tried to compete with other forums, such as Sooeys and Franksters…..

    • Give the Rod some credit. The Rod is doing WAY better relative to the onion ring then, say, the pro-prorogation group did versus the anti-prorogation group! The Rod's only behind 45 to 1, with the prorogation groups it was more like 200 to 1.

  13. "The Facebook Onion Ring: Exactly like Hitler."

    That would be funny if it were conservatives who made fake racism claims and absurd Godwinous claims, but it's inevitably Liberals and NDPers, so it fails. Remember Joe Volpe's claims about Conservatives being KKK members? Remember Elinor Caplan's claims of the same thing? Remember Hedy Fry's claims that crosses were being burned as we speak in Prince George?

    See the pattern here? All Liberals. We conservatives don't do the Godwin thing. Therefore, fail.

  14. The Onion rings true. Harper speaks false.

  15. The Onion ring needs to be fried. Harper needs to be fired.

  16. The Onion has many layers. Harper only has a sweater vest.

  17. Onion Ring: "Would you like some fries with that?"
    Harper: "Would you like some lies with that?"

  18. Onion rings are greasy. But Harper is slimy.

  19. The onion ring wanted to batter up but Harper took his ball and went home.

  20. Onion Ring to rule them all.

  21. Those are some examples of the great onion one-liners on the group's wall. It's fun political satire, great comic relief in the midst of the ProroGate scandal, and a really good way of reaching out to younger votes.