Still waiting on that hockey book


A very important detail in John Geddes’ 2006 profile of Ian Davey, Michael Ignatieff’s new chief of staff.

As his father’s son, Davey might be expected to be a classic political operator. But he doesn’t quite fit the mould. He isn’t a lawyer or a lobbyist, but a Toronto TV producer, whose credits include programs like September 1972, a two-hour documentary on the epic Canada-Russia hockey summit series.

So Mr. Ignatieff’s side now has Canada’s winning goaltender and the producer of a documentary on the Summit Series. Surely Mr. Harper will now be compelled to fill out the recent vacancies in his office with Phil Esposito and the ghost of Foster Hewitt.


Still waiting on that hockey book

  1. Maybe Ian can offer Stephen some tips for his book on hockey we're all hoping to be able to read very soon.

  2. As a Green, I've always felt we should to be to the Liberals what the WHA was to the NHL. I wonder what Dave Dryden is up to these days…

    • I think Liz May is as popular as the Denver Spurs, does that count?

  3. Elizabeth May: The Ralph Backstrom of Canadian politics.

  4. (Yes, I'm enough of a hockey nerd to be able to name a member of the Denver Spurs)

  5. lol

  6. Aspiring to be the new ron chipperfield.

    • If you try hard enough, you could be the next Danny Lawson!

  7. How did you guys forget Andre Lacroix? For shame! :-)

    • If the HHOF took the WHA as seriously as it should, Lacroix would be a member. So would Mark Howe.

  8. Don't forget the Liberal caucus (which includes the Senate of course) also has The Big M, Frank Mahovolich as a member. While brother Pete had a better Summit Series Frank had the greater career.

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