Stocks down (not what you think)


Stephen Harper is about to speak to a smallish Tory crowd at the Coast Victoria Harbourside Hotel and Marina. The view here on this sunny day couldn’t be better. Just below the hotel where he’s speaking is the office of Orca Spirit Adventures whale watching company. (A few years back, I spent a memorable day on one of their boats, which I can see docked from where I’m writing.)

The location is important, given that today’s Victoria Times-Colonist features a front page story under the headline “Killer whales threatened by salmon shortage.” Salmon stocks are down, the whales aren’t getting enough to eat, and they are “losing blubber and developing strange behavioural patterns.”

Stock markets will bounce back, eventually. We know that, no matter how worried we get. But fish stocks? They have a way of collapsing permanently. In this case, the black and white whales would go with them. It would be helpful to know what the Fisheries and Oceans department has to say about today’s news in the local paper, which is based on reports from independent scientists.

But the Times-Colonist tells us that a DFO official said the federal government’s experts are not granting interviews during the election campaign. This strikes me as absurd. By the way, the Prime Minister will be talking about banks today.


Stocks down (not what you think)

  1. If I was West Coast official, I would be weary about getting DFO officials involved. They did such a lovely job on the East Coast, I have no idea why anyone would want DFO coming out to ‘help’.

  2. What is absurd is Harper and his Victoria area side kick Gary Lunn.
    When over 85 economists in Canada write an open letter saying that Canada’s economic foundations are not sound one must wonder what Canada Harper is referring to when he says they are as for sidekick Lunn one of his election signs is block sight lines for traffic, Lunns campaign office has been notified, the local municipal traffic officer agrees and the sign has not been moved. With a little more care in the placement of the sign it could be relocated out of the sight line and still have its desired visibility for the rest of the traffic. If Lunn cares so little about his consituents that he can not be bothered to have the sign moved and he is as tight with Harper as he claims neither of them are worthy of a vote,

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