Stoffer v. Duffy


Glen Pearson leaps to Peter Stoffer’s defence.

Let me say something about Peter Stoffer. In the annual Maclean’s poll on MPs, Stoffer repeatedly comes out on top as the most collegial of them all. He uses his influence to attempt to get MPs of all stripes to work together for various causes and events. Working in harmony with the Speaker of the House, each year he holds the “All Party Party” – a wildly popular evening in which MPs and their staffs all co-mingle and for a brief time put aside their party ideologies. It’s Stoeffer that oversees the annual soccer game between MPs and the media. When I asked him to come to my riding in London and hold a rally for the troops, he readily agreed even though he was from another party. That’s the kind of MP he is. He’s a popular public servant and can often be found in the lobby sitting with members from other parties.

But he’s more than symbolic. I was especially irked when Duffy called Stoffer a faker, who pretends to support Canadian troops but votes against funding allocations for them. Let’s be clear. There is no member of the House of Commons who is behind our men and women in uniform more than Peter Stoffer. Any MP, including Conservatives ones will tell you that. He was the one who led the charge in Parliament to protect soldiers medals that were otherwise being sold on EBay. The reason why he voted against the Conservative allocations on the military was because they offered embarrassing little support for the soldiers returned from active duty and who are having trouble moving on with their lives.


Stoffer v. Duffy

  1. he voted against funding because it wasn't enough? he's a faker plain and simple Duffy's right again.

    • Yeah right. Like that sold out hypocrite has the right to point the finger at anyone.

    • I generally abstain from making personal attacks, but in this case I feel its warranted.

      You, sir, are a f**king douche bag.

    • Thumbs down says it all.

      • Yes, it says a lot about the leftist mob that reads Wherry's blog.

  2. Duffy comes across as an arrogant and overbearing tyrant on a rampage. I don't think it is possible to do a worse job of representing your party than Duffy has done. And conversely Stoffer handled Duffy like a master, being exceedingly polite and staying on message. Stoffer won. Duffy, in his bulging tux and blackberry looked like the quintessential Conservative fat cat.

    Note how the veteran reporter Duffy needs to be reined in constantly by CBC's Evan Solomon for trying to take over the interview. The Con Hack has control issues…what a surprise.

    • You are so right: he DOES come across as the quintessential conservative fat cat, entitled and defending it.

      He took it all so personally — at no time does he defend or explain what his expenses allowed him to do for Canada.

      Sorry duff, you lost this round, and showcased your party as arrogant, entitled arseholians. They will be sorry you are speaking for them — and they have the elected Peter Van Loan to do that already anyway.

      • When Van Loan loses his hair, what will he look like?

    • Apparently Duffy's comparison of his and Stauffer's expenses failed to take into account the fact that Stauffer has a constituency office to maintain. I'd almost managed to forget how that poseur could manipulate the truth so blatantly. Now I'll have to start all over again *sigh*.

  3. Stoffer is a class act. Duffy would be well advised to keep his face and attitude away fron the cameras.

    Free advice, if the Harper Conservatives were not too stupid to take it.

  4. It really should be embarrassing for Mike Duffy, after such a long career and at this stage of his life, to want to reveal just how juvenile and morally corrupt he is and probably always has been

    What on Earth motivates someone to do that?

    • Bullies don't need a reason – (see Fall Economic Statement)

    • Arrogant stupidity?

    • I've heard some suggest cocktails might have been behind this particular outburst.

  5. Pretty decent words by Mr. Pearson.

    And pretty decent work by Peter Stoffer exposing the exploding costs of the Senate.

    If Stephen Harper plans to turn Mike Duffy into Canada's Rush Limbaugh – spouting irresposible and hypocritical rhetoric – they are welcome to, but I for one plan to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for his salary, travel and lifestyle.

    Scrap the Senate.

  6. Stoffer is wrong about the Senate. The problem isn't the institution, it's who is being appointed. However, he presents his side with civility and one can reasonably debate his position without fear of him attacking your person or patriotism.

    Duffy railed against the Senate for years as a CTV hack, calling them a bunch of unelected partisan cronies. He presents his side with a rye and ginger and a buttered roll. He's also a pathetic, dishonest, hypocritical, shameless jerk of near comic-book proportions.

  7. I'm amazed that Duffy doesn't realise what a joke he is. Imagine showing up for an interview about excessive spending on his own salary wearing a dinner jacket. Also, what's with the fatsuit?

    • Excessive and unfounded self-regard is not difficult to find among the denizens of Parliament Hill. I believe it may be a job prerequisite.

      • Quite right. But, seriously, a dinner jacket? I'm a fan of the Senate, but I'd say Stoffer was right that Duffy would never behave like this if he had to answer to the voters. At the same time, his behaviour is hardly characteristic of most Senators, no? At least their self-regard is private. But maybe I'm being too harsh: there's a kind of terrible beauty about Mike Duffy's shamelessness. He makes David Dingwall look like St. Francis of Assisi.

        • Only a top hat, monocle, and cigar (preferably lit with a Borden) could have made those optics worse.

          PS. Jack, even though I sometimes find myself having to look up your references (so *that's* a guisarme. Of course!), I always find myself laughing out loud. Keep comical and carry on, good sir.

          • And you, monsieur!

        • As Duffy stated, the penguin suit was for a later appearance at an RCMP mess dinner (which requires a formal attire). Strangely enough, his attire seemed the only classy thing about him in that interview. I should certainly hope he doesn't act that way when considering bills for passage, nor that he's representing all Senators.

          I expect people who spout as much "he's a faker, and this is all fakery with an agenda" bunk to be wearing tinfoil hats.

        • He was on his way into an RCMP dinner. Where he would tell them how wonderful
          they were, how wonderful Steven Harper is, make a few taser jokes , fumble around
          for his ear lobe, eventually find it and tug it for his Mom.

  8. Has Porca done anything useful since becoming a senator?

    • Yes he has. He no longer hosts a tv show five days a week, and that is something we should all be grateful for.

      • It's also another form of entertainment, albeit expensive.

      • Never thought I'd say thanks to Harper for anything, but thanks Stevo.

  9. Any person can make a mockery of oneself. Doing so intentionally makes one a fool.

    Way to make your country proud Duffy.

  10. Glen Pearson is one Liberal I have HUGE respect for!

  11. Glen Pearson is worse than Duffy and Stouffer combined.

    He fails to admit that the Liberal dominated Senate and their peers in the House are the ones that blocked Senate reform. Everyone who follows the news knows that Harper only appointed Senators to avoid the Senate being swamped with Liberals following their coalition coup. The fact that the Libs will blame the government for something the Liberals did is their usual partisan dishonesty that has landed them at their lowest point in the polls.

    • The Constitution of this country blocks unilateral Senate reform by the government of the day.

    • If you knew anything about Glen Pearson or his wife, you'd know differently from the bulls**t you just posted.

    • Evidently you know nothing about Mr. Pearson. Even if he were the Monster Raving Loonie Party candidate, I'd vote for him.

      • Is that so? So you believe that his wife was sad because she saw Mike Duffy interviewed on television? She was too distraught to even change the channel? And her mood lingered until Glen came home? What a load of bull.

        And Glen, who has been a member of the party of wafer-gate, the party of flu-gate, the party of EI-gate, the party that wanted an election for no reason and has since plummeted in the polls, the party that has done their fair share to turn parliament into a whining circus of false accusations and partisan hackery, the party that can whine for more spending and complain about the deficit in the same sentence, Glen claims that he "never expected this", as if a TV interview with Duffy has some sort of grand meaning? What, can we expect "Duffy-gate" now? Iffy will BRING DOWN the government because Mike Duffy was rude to the NDP!

        Glen's web post is such garbage. And the fact that you fail to see that says a lot about you.

        • Wow!! You are so way out there, and just filled with spite.
          Please withdraw your fangs….

          • You call that a rebuttal? When you can't debate, throw out an ad-hominem? OK, whatever.

          • What is there to argue?
            Partisanship has blinded you to seeing the world in a "us VS them" framework, and that is sad.
            I have no idea who this Holly is whom you speak of, but this could be a direct result of my spinelessness.

            Yeah – I totally think Duffy is a hypocritical douche.
            All that bashing of the senate as a journalist, then he sits his fat arse down and cashes in when it suits him.
            Senate is OK now, because now it's being filled with good guys, right?

            I am not fan of the senate, and have not been for a considerable amount of time.

            If memory serves me correct, this was one of the issues that I respected Manning for, and likely one of the reasons I voted Reform at the time. If it can't be reformed, it needs to be abolished. It is a waste of money.
            I understand what the CPC are doing (strategy wise), but it is still not acceptable to me, just as it was not acceptable to me when the Liberals were stacking!

            Seriously – Duffy may as well just say "Four Legs good – Two legs BETTER"!!!

            And sorry bub – Duffy is not a victim here. He's just an idiot.
            Sure – there are people that are jumping on this for partisan reasons.
            Does this mean everyone falls into that category?
            Clearly that is how you see it.

            Your comments were pretty nasty, and I stand by my serpent like comparison.
            "Take a step back and evaluate the situation, if you're capable."

    • Shame on you, s-c-f for your nasty little smear. This kind of immature, small-minded nastiness is why no one respects the Conservatives; they include too many contemptible people like you and Duffy.

      • Hilarious, Duffy has been smeared 50 times on this page and you're concerned about my honest and accurate comment.

        • The repulsive behaviour fo Conservatives like you is one reason why most Canadians will never vote for your party full of immature, vicious little pricks.

    • "Glen Pearson is worse than Duffy and Stouffer combined….*hiss*…*snarl*…*bark bark bark*"

      You're a raging hysteric.

    • If there's one thing you can always count on from the Harper crowd, it's their uncontrollable compulsion to attack anyone who represents decency and class.

    • Glen Pearson is actually an honorable guy! Deep down that is what matters, not partisan politics.

  12. Let's get something straight.

    You think Mike Duffy sucks. I think Mike Duffy sucks. The only problem here is that Mike Duffy doesn't think he sucks. In fact, he thinks he's the greatest thing since the invention of patronage appointments.

    Let's tell Mike Duffy the truth. Email him at

    The truth will set him free.

  13. Way to go Duffman – one thing I have always like about people like Mikey even the Rushman sometimes – he brings out the best in people.

  14. Where is Integrity!

  15. Hey, you with the foul mouth, haven't you looked at a poll lately? Haven't you noticed who won the last election? And the one before that? And the next one?

    • Stop screaming.

    • s-c-f, another Conservative with a foul mind.

  16. the tux was classy. what better way to defend yourself against allegations of excess.

  17. Mike Duffy is despicable.

  18. That's good of Glenn, and reflects well on Peter Stoffer. It's nice to see MPs get along across party lines – and to see someone who's willing to counter hack "not supporting the troops" rhetoric with actual facts.

  19. Where is Conservative Senator Porky Pig now?

  20. Duffy is the perfect symbol of CPC hypocrisy.

  21. As I have been campaigning in the CCMV riding (I am one of those NDP 'fakers'), I have come across at least a dozen peole who say "will you be like Peter Stoffer? He helped me with my pension."

    These are behind-the-scene efforts for people not even in his riding!

    And I'll put my 30 yrs. of 'fake' human rights and environmental work up against his fake journalism and Senate career any time.

    • Can't wait to see you lose.