Stop Giggling


Who here has been watching The Daily Show in dread anticipation of Jon Stewart’s giggling? Just me? Fine. But I realized last night that I’m actually waiting for him to do the Jon Giggle. If the audience laughs at something, if the audience doesn’t laugh at something, if the correspondent says something funny, if Colbert says something funny during the toss, Jon giggles. I know they sometimes try to work his incessant giggling into the script (like the bit where John Oliver was reading off the silly fake names of fallen British soldiers), but usually it’s just a feeling that it’s coming… it’s coming… the laugh from hell… oh, God, there it is…

Opinions differ on whether it’s OK for comedians to laugh during their shows. I find it irritating for the most part, others find it endearing. Maybe Jon’s giggle is making the audience like him even more, since it proves he’s one of them. Me, I just think he’s one laugh away from being that loud guy in the audience on Night Court.

Update: After posting the above, I stumbled upon this comparison of Stewart and Tom Hulce.


Stop Giggling

  1. It works as you say during the tosses, and when the writers decide to destroy him with new dirty sounding names. It also works when his jokes die horribly. When he’s actually being funny it’s not nearly as much fun.
    I think though, that’s become an integral part of the Daily Show. He has to do whatever he can to prevent the show from actually becoming a serious show. he flirts so closely to being the most respected news show that he has to lower himself away from legitimacy and maturity however possible.

  2. I can’t say that The Giggle bothers me that much. Now, if we were talking about that disgraceful period on Saturday Night Live that had Jimmy Fallon and Horatio Sanz…

  3. I am so sick of hearing people whine and complain about Jon’s giggle. Mostly, I find it endearing; otherwise, I tune it out. It’s such a nonissue.

    Bush’s laugh, on the other hand . . . now that’s phony and insidious.

  4. Well, one thing I’ll add is that the giggle is probably more appealing than what he used to do when a joke died, which was the Rodney Dangerfield collar-pull.

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