Stop the presses -

Stop the presses


CP gets to the bottom of the day’s big news.

Insiders say cabinet heavyweights, including Finance Minister Jim Flaherty and Defence Minister Peter MacKay, will stay put and no newcomers will be added … In essence, the shuffle is expected to amount to a handful of ministers swapping portfolios.


Stop the presses

  1. I knew it. That silent 13 second clip was the gang playng musical chairs.

  2. This phoney, non-story served its purpose – it knocked the Prorogey Parliament off the agenda for the day. Well done, Conservative brainfarttrust ! You suckered the media once again.

    • If by "the media" you mean CTV, yeah.

      • The story was reported wider than CTV.

  3. It's like a middling merry-go-round.

  4. Anybody else watching Evan Solomon? Some random CPC MP (Shelly Glover) just threw Tom Flanagan under the bus – said she's never heard of him before.


    • Wow is right!

    • Shelly Glover is a former City of Winnipeg "police spokesperson" who when asked why the Chiefs of Police support the gun registry but she doesn't, said something to the effect that the rank and file aren't allowed to speak out for fear of repercussions. Those darn liberal elites are everywhere!

      I think she could be a rising star of the foot in mouth set if given a chance.

      • She was lying through her teeth. It was astonishing.

        She was pretty good at it too. Looked really convincing.

        • I won't be surprised if that answer on Flanagan – as dumb as it was – will get her a Cabinet post. Being stupid isn't used against you when being considered for Cabinet material in this government – only how well you can parrot Conservative talking points given to you by the PMO.

    • Isn't she the one that gave out water bottles to school children with the Con logo on them? Flanagan may be on Harper's enemies list after he called Harper's reasons for prorogation childish yesterday,

    • Nobody watches Evan Solomon. What a pathetic waste of public funds the CBC is.

  5. Canada's answer to Michelle Bachmann apparently.

    In other news – anybody else think that at some point Thomas Mulclair will be the leader of the NDP? I mean everybody knows that to be a good socialist you need a beard…these moustache half-measures just won't cut it!

    • How quickly can Tina Fey be trained to do a Shelly Glover?

  6. Dominance of the leftist meme of the day does not satisfy the partisan's cravings.

    The diet must be exclusively the chosen meme of the day.

    Not to worry my left leaning friends, you will be fed by your cohorts in the left leaning media.

    Unfortunately, the diet of faux scandals, may be deliciously tasty for you, it's not that nourishing. Like tossing political candy in the crib.

    Getting objectivity and balance around here, seems to be as foul as a one year old being forced fed broccoli.

    • mmm, make my faux scandal medium rare, with a little media cohort on the side…but hold the foul forced fed broccoli, that does not sound yummy.

    • Do you save on the tinfoil if you buy it in bulk?

    • Biff – have you heard of Tom Flanagan? Honest answer now – no referring to the latest talking points.

        • "He embodied many of the most important qualities associated with jazz: swing, harmonic sophistication, melodic invention, bluesy feel and humour."

          Definitely not our guy

          • But the composer of such well-known free jazz standards as

            We Stern Alien Nation
            Riel on a Pike

            from the classic album A Bile Supreme.

    • Thick, delicious, rich typing.

  7. Some broccoli

    Proroguation has taken place 104 previous times

    This fact is only relevant to a small few, I admit – those that actually care about the issue, the rest being everyday Canadians who couldn't give a wiff.

    The pooping puffin, wafergate, bigcheckgate, failing to save the taliban monsters gate, and now this.

    All unfortunately tasty partisan candy.

    Signs of malnurishment will be evident in a few weeks time at the election.

    • well said : it's all those empty liberal calories – the LPT has disatisfied more canadian voters of late than Jenny Craig!

      • Oh Van Loan told you about that? I thought he kept his personal struggles to himself.

    • 1982 to present (which includes the Harper effect, i.e. less time in that instability-causing Parliament than ever before which brings all the numbers down): In 1982, the House adopted the parliamentary calendar, which provided a fixed schedule of both sittings and adjournments and allowed for more effective use Parliament's time and even less frequent prorogations.

      Number of Parliaments: 8 (33rd to 40th Parliament)
      Number of sessions: 17
      Average number of sessions per Parliament: 2.1
      Average number of sitting days per session: 183
      Average length of prorogation per session: 21 days

      1982-2005 (i.e. without Harper's numbers):
      Number of Parliaments: 6 (33rd to 38th Parliament)
      Number of sessions: 13
      Average number of sessions per Parliament: 2.2
      Average number of sitting days per session: 204

      2006 to present (i.e. Harper):
      Number of Parliaments: 2
      Number of sessions: 4
      Average number of sessions per Parliament: 2.0 (this will rise to 2.5 when House resumes)
      Average number of sitting days per session: 113.25

    • Do you know who Tom Flanagan is?

  8. You know what makes you so great? The fact that it's blatantly obvious that you don't believe a single word you write :)

    • But he has admitted his head hurts. I think it's a cry for help.

  9. I don't know if it scans too well…is it free verse…where's Jack?

    • Some broccoli, since prorogation hath
      Four times more than a hundred taken place:
      This fact is relevant to some small few, of course,
      To those who really care about this issue;
      The others being everyday Canadians
      Who couldn't give a wiff. The pooping puffin,
      And wafergate, and bigcheckgate, the fault
      Of leaving Tal'ban monsters to their fate,
      And finally this. All, alas, a tasty snack
      Of part'san sugar. In some few weeks the signs
      Of grave malnourishment appear, before
      Th' election calls.

      b/k has a natural iambic rhythm to him, but the main thing is his command of rhetorical periods.

      • heh,

        that's good!

        • lol … needs a snappy tittle…

  10. Oh yeah, that'll lead to a more effective government. Moving the same clowns around to screw up new government departments. How many environment ministers have we had in the last four years?

    But hey, there's a reason for proroguing Parliament, those Conservatives are doing stuff…!

  11. Sorry. I keep trying … but I can't get past the "heavyweights" …

    • If only that is what he actually did…

    • He's probably waiting for McCallum to actually openly accuse Canadian soldiers of committing war crimes… on CBC, on video.

    • You might want to check out the rules for using pronouns.

  12. Actually he doesn't openly accuse. It's much, much worse:

    He openly suggests it, and leaves it hanging out there. In true political sleazy fashion – mudslinging with the attempt not to get any of the mud on oneself.

    Every drop of mud being reserved for the CPC and our brave soldiers in apparantly equal portions.

    That's the problem with the hail Mary. It can be interecepted and run back for a touchdown. As between concern for Taliban monsters, and circling the wagons for soldiers who put their lives on the line, to the vast majority of Canadians, it won't even be close.

    The Liberals are going to wear this badly.

  13. On McCallum, he didn't accuse the troops on the ground of war crimes, he suggested a scenario under which the government may have committed one. Anyways, I'm not defending him. I think politiicians and people in general should be pretty careful about throwing that term around, and frankly it's unbecoming of an MP, of any party, to throw it around to try and score a political point.

    • agreed. the concept of war crimes is too important to be abused for petty politics.

      McCallum has always struck me as incredibly smart but at the same time an utter idiot. by virtue of a rather careless approach to how he often conducts his business.

    • Agreed.

  14. And Birth of the Cool (Heart)