Stretching the truth about stretch limos -

Stretching the truth about stretch limos


Odd to see arts and culture making even a slight dent in the federal election campaign, even if only in Quebec. Gotta love this bit of sweater-vest populism from Harper, attacking all those fat-cat arts folk: “I think when ordinary working people come home, turn on the TV and see a gala of a bunch of people, you know, at a rich gala all subsidized by taxpayers claiming their subsidies aren’t high enough when they know those subsidies have actually gone up – I’m not sure that’s something that resonates with ordinary people…Ordinary people understand we have to live within a budget.” (Canadian Press, September 23, 2008)

The Liberals were quick to pounce on it with this reality check:

“Is that the same budget that his then Heritage Minister Bev Oda lived within when she sent back the mini van that had been rented for her and ordered limos for her and her staff at the Junos gala in 2006? She even used the $1,000-a-day limos two days before the Junos even began. What is worse is that she tried to stick the taxpayers with the entire bill, even for the limos she took to partisan Conservative Party events.  Ironically, the hotel she was staying at is connected by underground tunnel to the Metro Centre where the Junos took place.”


Stretching the truth about stretch limos

  1. Mr. Harper clearly said “subsbiddies” not “subsidies” in his comments yesterday. I took that to mean support for “old hens” like Bev Oda.

  2. Let’s not sully the debate with facts, like, yes arts funding has gone up. Some programs were cut following a regular scheduled review because they weren’t meeting goals, other programs were increased. Facts seem to be too factual to the arts community, not ethereal enough for them

  3. Arts funding didn’t go up. “Cultural funding” — which includes things like the 2010 Olympics — did. And once again, Conservatives really aren’t the people to be lecturing anyone on properly citing facts.

  4. I am looking for evidence of the “eight percent increase” the Prime Minister mentioned. Can anyone point me to it?

  5. The 8% went to pay for Bev Oda’s limos…

  6. I think the observations on Bev Oda’s misuse of her government position is the very best critique of Harper’s program cuts that I can imagine. Formerly, I had no sympathy for those affected by the cuts, but now I see that I was wrong – Bev Oda’s stretch limo has convinced me that the programs should not just be restored but expanded!

  7. Cam said:

    I am looking for evidence of the “eight percent increase” the Prime Minister mentioned. Can anyone point me to it?

    Try this article.

  8. I think the last line of the Liberal response is the first to qualify for the “Burn!” exclamation so far this campaign. Good job! :)