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‘Stupid on crime’


Neil Boyd makes like one of those meddlesome academics and once more insists on thinking things through.

Public Safety Minister Peter Van Loan has complained that a fall election will kill critical anti-crime legislation currently before the House of Commons and the Senate, bills that would eliminate the faint hope clause and impose mandatory minimums for drug crime.

Never mind that it was the Conservatives themselves who killed similar anti-crime legislation before calling the last election. What’s more stunning is that Mr. Van Loan has the nerve to describe these bills as critical to crime reduction and crime prevention…

These election bills should die on the order paper. The Tories aren’t tough on crime; they’re stupid on crime. What’s disappointing is that Mr. Ignatieff and the Liberals have been so unwilling to challenge the morally and scientifically bankrupt agenda that the Tories have been advancing. There’s still time, however, and it’s quite likely that Canadians would listen


‘Stupid on crime’

  1. it's quite likely that Canadians would listen

    Now THERE"S a leap of faith.

    • Precisely why Ignatieff is cravenly toeing the Tory line on this.

      • You're right. We can expect idealogical claptrap from the Conservatives….Liberals should know better.

  2. I've been advocating for years that we need to get stupid on crime, off the hook regarding poverty and phat with our democratic reform.

  3. The poll numbers are looking good for the CPC. They will need "sexy" legislation that the opposition will have to vote down, thus setting the scene for an election… an election the CPC can blame on the crime enabling opposition.
    Great chess move.
    Really crappy and disingenuous way to manipulate voters.
    Karl Rove is smiling proudly

  4. Yawn….another strident screed from a left/lib academic who has the arrogance to call his ideological claptrap "science".

    Reminds me of the marxists on the economy, that was all science too. The Russians and the east Europeans are still paying the price for being the guinea pigs in that little "science" experiment gone awry.

    Are the Liberals genuinally in agreement with the Conservatives on their crime control platform or are they too worried about being on the wrong side of the public on the issue? Like all public policy issues these days, it's pretty hard to tell where the Liberals stand. And it don't help they have appointed a weathervane for a leader.

    • Of course, you've read the document, and will shortly be giving us a point-by-point refutation.

    • Yes, yes, everyone knows that facts have a well known left-wing bias.

      Why do research and produce reports on the results when you can just decide what you FEEL will work? That's surely just as valid. I don't see why we don't just shut down all the nation's universities all together. Instinct is clearly superior to investigation.