Surprise Caption Challenge... (Surprise!) -

Surprise Caption Challenge… (Surprise!)


While enthusiasts of American football and reverential references to Bill Cowher’s moustache will want to click over to the Couch Boys blog to celebrate this day of Thanksgiving-based pigskinery, others may be more inclined to participate in a new caption challenge…

Peru APEC Summit

The time: Last weekish. The place: Lima, Peru. The event: The annual Asia-Pacific Economic Co-operation summit and costume party. The players: The prime ministers of New Zealand and Papua New Guinea, the president of Chile and that sweater vest guy from all the commercials.

Write a caption in the comments field below. Be funny. Impress friends, sway enemies, earn the everlasting fealty of domestic pets.

The victor, as declared by a jury of me and the voice in my head that keeps telling me to buy Chinese Democracy even though everyone says it sucks eggs, shall be duly rewarded with a gift certificate from

You may ask yourself: Is now sponsoring the caption challenge? No, it is not. But we are looking for a sponsor, hint hint, and – here I need you to picture a foxy Price is Right model holding a laptop with the browser set to – what better company to sponsor the caption challenge than The San Francisco Treat. (They may have a slogan of their own, in which case we’d use that.)


Surprise Caption Challenge… (Surprise!)

  1. “hands up if you remembered to wear clothes underneath! (why doesn’t bush have his hand up?)”

  2. In a sad effort to appear intelligent Harper leads his fellow PMs in trying to do “that Vulcan hand thing” like Spock on Star Trek….we’ll let you know when they succeed….at the hand thing…..and the intelligence thing…

  3. After singing a stiring rendition of “Amazing Grace” the All PM’s Gospel Choir waves to the crowd while secretly hoping that someone (either God or his cousin “the Invisible Hand”) will save a wretch like them.

  4. They are obviously planning to abscond with the last of the world’s money, never to be seen again.

  5. Bye, bye.

  6. World leaders wave to the audience as they line up to take part as models for the next season of “Shear Genius”.

  7. Oh do we get two chances?

    They are a singing group. The Flying Nones.
    They have their blanky’s on while they sing a lullaby:

    None for you
    Some for you
    None for you, some for youuuooooo
    Some for youuooo,
    None for youuuoooo,
    Now I think that we are through!

    Shared the meals
    Done the deals
    Now we go home to steal
    Done the deals
    shared the meals
    and we goooooo home to steal.

  8. Ryan was closest!
    IF only they could separate those middle two fingers – they could bless us with
    ‘go forth and multiply”

  9. They shaved the head of the Dalai Llama to make this serape?

  10. Stephen Harper receives an honorary doctorate from Beavers.

  11. Shiny Happy People !!

  12. Sorry about that. The ones at church hold the smell in.

  13. She appears to smile without pain … I must learn her secret.

  14. “After recently failing an audition with the Vienna Boys Choir, Prime Minister Stephen Harper finds work moonlighting as choirmaster for Church of the Nazarene, Punxsutawney, PA”

  15. “…God I f@#$ing hate this job”

  16. Intergalactic leaders of the Jawa community came together on tatooine to pledge a multi-billion dollar bailout for the refurbished droid industry, which employs tens of thousands of people on numerous planets.

  17. On the advice of Jason Kenney, Harper redoubles his effort to court the Ewok vote.

  18. On the advice of Jason Kenney, Harper redoubles his effort to court the Ewok vote.

  19. The Sandpeople wave easily. But they’ll be back…and in greater numbers.

  20. OK, people…people….let’s have a show of hands for all those who don’t want Jose Miguel Morales to lift his robe to prove he is not wearing any pants.

  21. Prime Minister Stephen Harper and other world leaders, dressed in rain ponchos for protection, chuckle at their little practical “joke” in which they cheerily waved to outgoing President George W. Bush as he stepped backwards into a mud pit.

  22. Faced with a wave of angry press, the Fantastic (pol.) Four pull out their most powerful weapon – the cheesy smile.

  23. “Now, young Jedi, you die.”

  24. “If these coverups took off in Canada I could eat whatever I want.”

  25. Everyone:
    The leader is good.
    The leader is great.
    We surrender our will as of this date.

    Na na na na na na na na Batman!

  26. Having tried everything else to calm financial markets, APEC leaders attempted a performance of the Broadway musical Hairspray The Dow Jones lost 6.5% on the day.

  27. Please Scott, pleeeeeeeeease for the love of God no more caption challenges.

    What happened to the good old days when you would write witty blogs with your trademark “this is my opinion” enthusiasm? Now all I see when i visit your site daily is “caption challenge” this and “what do you readers think” that. I care what YOU think about politics, celebs, daily happenings.

  28. Scott, please disregard Aimee’s comments.

    If New Yorker can do it, you can too. You and New Yorker are equally sophistimicated.

  29. Having just achieved Theta Level 7, Prime Minister Harper waves at his new minister of culture, John Travolta and secretary of people too old for braces, Tom Cruise.

  30. What’s that you say, Aimee? You want FEWER caption challenges? I’d love to comply but then I’d be listening to what you, a reader, thinks. (Wait a minute – or is that an entry, Aimee? Has the president of Chile mistaken Stephen Harper for me and expressed her strong opinion about the caption challenge?)

    Seriously though, I get where you’re coming from (somewhere in my house, right? I see movies. You can’t trick me), but the thing is a) I kind of like them, b) the entries are, generally speaking, getting funnier and c) repeat reason (a) for emphasis.

    That said, they’ll probably disappear if we don’t find a sponsor because the economy is apparently in its worst crisis since the days of the barter system and here I am sending out actual gifts that cost actual money like I’m some sort of Rockefeller or Cyrus.

    Anyhoo, I need to end the challenge early today so I can start my five consecutive shifts at 7-Eleven: Plenty of fine entries – seriously, some really good ones – but I’m going to go with CP, who picks up on the Star Wars vibe started by others and bullseyes that wamp rat.

    CP, send me an email to and I’ll dispatch the prize.

  31. Probably the right call. I bow to the better contestant – THIS TIME!

  32. Harper: “Dammit, I said ‘Canada, Inc,’ not ‘Canada, Inca’!”

  33. Please don’t get rid of the caption challenges. This is not some sick reverse psychology like Aimee is trying for, I really dig them. Unfortunately, I have been slack about not following them.

    Keep them until I can win one, and then keep that Kinder Surprise prize near and dear, if you know what I mean.

  34. Fine, do what you will, do more caption challenges. Seems like I’m the only one that is tiring of them. You have drawn me in as a faithful daily reader with your ARTICLES, but now am dissapointed that I am mocked by you and your other readers for wanting more of the same…

  35. Believe me, Aimee – i don’t have enough readers for me to risk mocking too many of them (only Wells can do that). I was just joshing around.

    But come on! I wrote, like, 3,000 words of blog stuff this week – and it’s not even my first or second job…

  36. Between ringing up Big Gulps and passing out paper towels at the Denny’s Signature Resto-Lounge bathroom, Scott finds the time to delight us with his ruminations, and the thanks he gets is criticism of content. Fo’ Rizzle? Shame on your family, Aimee. RSS in this case means Really Shamy Shame.

    On another note, I will try to visit this page more regularly. It tapered off for a while but is back again, like toenail fungus, but a really entertaining and stimulating form of toenail fungus.

  37. The next Conservative ad:

    Sweater-vest guy gets to be within 1 metre of 3 world leaders! Sweater-vest guy is moving up in the world.

    or conversely (and keeping in line with the star wars theme)

    On the verge of economic collapse: These are not the PMs you’re looking for.

  38. Ammendum (that came to me in the middle of the night – don’t crucify me for double posting)

    Holding a summit like APEC: $1 million

    Flying the Prime Minister and his entourage to Peru: $40,000

    Waving and wearing touristy Peruvian nightshirts while the world’s economy collapses: Priceless

    There are some things money can’t buy, but I can’t think of any right now.