Symptomatic? -



Sparrow’s fall might be just an episode, unless it turns out to be a symptom of a deeper flaw in the Conservative campaign. Harper seems to want to run a classic front-runner’s race: reassuring, quietly confident, besweatered. Stay the Course. The Land is Strong. Yet his own weird linking of climate change policy and national unity, and Sparrow’s ugly mistake, and even the silly Puffin thing—all suggest a party more naturally inclined toward the scrappy, noisy, risky, at times reckless, style of come-from-behind outsiders. Maybe that’s still how they see themselves. But they can’t have it both ways. Right now, their style undermines their intended message.



  1. Unless their internal polls are at odds with the national polls. Is that possible?

  2. In one of my fantasies the Liberal Party patriotically disbands mid-election, and thereby forces the Conservatives whose current existence hinges on being to actually develop a policy agenda.

  3. hinges on being “Not Liberal”

  4. Its just icing on the cake I suppose that the Tories are employing pro-Quebec seperatist Ezra Levant in their Ottawa HQ.

  5. Like I says, “June, I think it’s time to take the keys back from the kids”…

    Social conservatives believe that the world itself is against them unless it is made in their own image of “paradise”.

    Any hint that someone is going to ruin their chance at this, given their false belief that they are so close they can taste it, drives them apeshit. “Witch. WITCH!” (trans: “Liberal. LIBERAL!”)

    Why anyone would want to vote for a party that needs to keep its party members under lock-and-key is simply astounding.

    The CPC is a joke of a political party. Founded on a lie. Promulgating lies. And full of liars.


    BTW…Why fiscal conservatives confuse themselves with social conservatives, I’ll never understand.

  6. “Yet his own weird linking of climate change policy and national unity” – what’s weird about claiming that Dion’s plan to spend green tax revenue in provincial domains will have implications for fed-prov relations?