Syria punditry in 20 tweets

David Frum and Daveed Gartenstein-Ross tell their followers why war might be the wrong solution

Time to bomb Syria?

Goran Tomasevic/Reuters

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Syria punditry in 20 tweets

  1. To bad the needs of the people take second seat to the politicians need for war.

    Our society is sick even to contemplate the Nazi like tactic of one little country at a time. CIA sedition and terrorist support, then we need to bomb them. Assad must have majority support to last this long.

    But unlike Libya, Syria isn’t going to be an easy conquest of USA/NATO Regime. Russians, India and China are watching this very closely.

    But hey, no war no profit for USA. Always have to have a target nation in mind to prop up a military regime. I say US Regime as USA spends more on CIA/military than the other top 25 nations combined, as if at war with the world.


    * NSA and CIA are not in above, it is a “national” secret.

  2. I bet the war will start in next week…

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