take exit 37 off highway to hell – we’re right next to the denny’s


The Wall Street Journal is reporting that AC/DC’s next CD, to be released this fall, will be sold exclusively at Wal-Mart stores.

AC/DC is clearly hoping to match the success of The Eagles – a band whose latest record moved almost 3 million copies at Wal-Mart – and Journey, which also somehow secured an exclusive deal with the retailer, possibly last year when company executives, high on paint fumes from Chinese toys, briefly believed it to be 1986.

AC/DC’s decision to resort to an alliance with Wal-Mart is just the latest example of hard times in the record industry. The sense of panic and confusion is so extreme that Kid Rock somehow made and released a new album without anyone at the record company noticing and stopping him. Meanwhile, hip-hop stars now rap obsessively about their consumption of reasonably priced domestic wine coolers.

Most analysts agree these exclusive deals with retailers are the wave of the future. But they note that as the power of Wal-Mart grows, even established music acts will be forced to do bow to ever more extreme demands. How extreme? Here is a preliminary track listing for AC/DC’s new album with Wal-Mart:

You Shook Me Until 9 p.m., at Which Time the Store Closed for the Day

Let There be Rock Tumblers at the Everyday Low Price of $29.99

It’s a Long Way to the Target (So You Might As Well Shop Here)

Hells Bells Would Not Have Woken You If You’d Filled Your Sleeping Pill Prescription at the Economical Wal-Mart Pharmacy

Dirty Deeds Done Slightly Cheaper Than at JC Penney

Who Made Who in a Chinese Sweatshop

You Know That Little Yellow Smiley Face Guy From the Wal-Mart Commercials? He’s Now Our Bass Player

Back in Black Pantyhose with Girdle

For Those About to Rock (We Encourage You to Check Out the Wide Selection of Bic Lighters)

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take exit 37 off highway to hell – we’re right next to the denny’s

  1. Personally, I find that shopping at Wal-Mart tends to be a bit of a ‘Soul Stripper’…

  2. Don Coleman, Canada’s Premiere AC/DC Vocalist, has recorded a song to celebrate the life and spirit of Bon Scott former frontman for AC/DC. The song ‘Women, Whiskey & Rock’n’Roll’ has been airing daily in Australia on the Rebel FM Network (40 stations is Queensland / NSW ) plus two stations near Fremantle, Western Australia – where there was a concert to unveil a statue of Bon Scott – PERTH 107.3 FM and 89.7 FM ( Pippa Kidman’s show) on weekly shows. Each day there are more Australian, Canadian, European and American FM Stations coming onboard to air the song.

    The song launched on WRUW FM 91.1 in Cleveland, Ohio ( home of the R&R Hall of Fame) complete with an on air interview with Don Coleman, on a show dedicated to the memory of Bon Scott. Also on the show where Susan Masino, published author of ‘Let There Be Rock’ a book on Bon and AC/DC, and President of the Bon Scott Fan Club, Doug Thorncroft, who both love the song. The song aired on the Newcap FM Network on K-Rock 105.5 in Charlottetown, PEI, along with an interview with Don, as well as FM Stations in St. John 98.9 FM (morning and afternoon ‘drive time’ programs), NB and Moncton 106.1 FM, NB, Canada. It aired on C103 FM Moncton on their “Indie Files Show”, in Toronto Canada on thatradio, plus numerous Internet FM Radio Stations. It has just received requests to air in Scotland, Ireland, England and Germany plus stations in Louisiana and Minnesota USA. Just last week it was requested by a station in Canada’s far north in Iqaluit. The song will also be part of a compilation CD to help raise funds for the Australian Cancer Council. The song along with the ‘homage’ video is also now on AC/DC’s website – http://www.acdc.com/fromtheboys (been on the site for over a month now) . Don will be doing more media interviews with various Music Magazines & Stations in the coming weeks.

    Notable reviews came from Vince Lovegrove ( former bandmate of Bon’s in the ‘Valentines’), Aussie Legend – Kevin Borich, ‘Angels’ drummer Buzz Bidstrup who performed at the concert to unveil the statue, in their re-formed band the ‘Party Boys’. They all think the song is a ‘ripper’. I received a request for the song from longtime friend of Bon and longtime bassist for Ozzy Osbourne, Bob Daisley who thinks Don did a great job on the song.

    Don has been receiving many offers from : England, Scotland, Germany, Italy, Scandinavia, Japan, New Zealand, Australia, Canada and the USA, to front many bands and to tour.

    You can listen to the song by visiting the dedicated site at http://www.myspace.com/doncoleman . You can also see the video that goes with the song by going to YouTube and searching “Don Coleman”. There’s also performance footage of Don’s AC/DC Tribute material.

  3. I heard there’s a bonus track on the album:

    Highway to Heluva Good Dip (located on aisle 4 next to the Wagon Wheels and EZ Cheese)

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