Take your shirt off


Margaret Wente makes a simple plea.

So which nation’s leaders are missing from this pin-up calendar of political hunks? You guessed it! Canada’s last athletic prime minister was Pierre Trudeau, who canoed, climbed mountains, dived the oceans and sired a child in his dotage. By contrast, neither Stephen Harper nor Michael Ignatieff would dare be caught in public without their shirts on. They prefer to stay indoors and think. Mr. Ignatieff may be attractive, in a certain New York Review of Books kind of way. But you get the feeling that neither of them goes outside unless he has to…

To be honest, I wouldn’t really want a ruthless KGB man as prime minister of Canada, or a sex-crazed old goat or a narcissist with a Napoleon complex. All I’m saying is, we could sometimes use a break from endless stories about federal-provincial relations and employment insurance. A little sex appeal in Ottawa might perk us up. And what could be so wrong with that?


Take your shirt off

  1. I thought Canada's last atheletic Prime Minister was ol' Chick Turner, former Canadian champ in the 100 yard dash.

  2. Hundreds of intelligent capable women graduate journalism school each year. The Globe should be ashamed it gives her work.

    • There is a difference between journalist and columnist, no?

    • God forbid anyone be light-hearted.

  3. Um, Vic Toews apparently got up to some mischief with a staffer, resulting in a bouncing bundle of joy.

    Does that count as sex appeal, Peggy?

    Seriously, is it really a good idea to call for more "personality politics" in Canada? It hasn't exactly raised the level of discourse south of the border now, has it?

  4. Liberals have Kennedy, Trudeau, and that hot Argentine from Que.

    Tories have row upon back bench upon back bench of hardcore ugly.

    • Speaking of "hardcore ugly", what has your buddy Kinsella been up to lately?

      • I didn't know Kinsella was an MP.

        Is he the only non-MP Liberal you are familiar with? You talk about him incessantly.

        • It was a topical digression. And I'm not sure why you think I talk about him incessantly. He's pretty much off my radar screen. I usually only bring him up when I'm replying to BCL.

        • It was a topical digression. I'm not sure why you think I talk about him incessantly. He's pretty much off my radar screen. I usually only bring him up when I'm replying to BCL.

    • The Tories have a pretty "heavy" back bench, if you know what I mean. They haven't called Jenny yet.

  5. How about a sense of humour, Peggy? Don't you think that might be a little more welcome than your unseemly need for sex appeal?

  6. When on the world stage, one must do a little turn on the catwalk, yeah on the catwalk. On the catwalk, yeah. Shake your little touche on the catwalk.


    • I think it's "tush".

      • You are right, thanks.

        Thankfully I do not remember the lyrics to the Right Said Fred song. Unfortunately, I remember Right Said Fred.

  7. Don't think it worked so well for Stockwell Day (not shirtless, but wet and "wild") on the ol' jet ski. That said, Harper could shed a couple of hockey rink hot dogs.

  8. You lost me at "Wente"

    • lol

  9. I still want to see "Hawaiian Shirt day" in the House of Commons.
    Just keep them on, boys, keep them on.

    • For some of them, it'll be more like moumou day.

  10. Canadians just don't know how to do sexy/scandals

    Man Convicted of Groping Minnie Mouse
    ORLANDO, Fla. — A 60-year-old man has been convicted of groping a woman in a Minnie Mouse costume at Walt Disney World.

    John William Moyer of Cressona, Pa., told the judge he is innocent. His son said before sentencing that his father would never inappropriately touch a woman.

    He was convicted Tuesday of misdemeanor battery and sentenced to write the victim an apology, serve 180 days probation and complete 50 hours of community service. Moyer must also pay $1,000 in court costs and possibly undergo a mental evaluation.

    The victim says she had to do everything possible to keep Moyer's hands off her breasts

    • "would never inappropriately touch a woman"

      I guess that doesn't apply to mice.

  11. I think, if anything, physical fitness is a negative trait in politicians. It…

    1. Increases distracting attention from the opposite sex
    2. Requires people to go to the gym all day to maintain a physique, instead of doing real work
    3. Makes public officials less and less reflective of their fat, out of shape constituents.
    4. Reduces their stake in having an effective healthcare system (if you are probably going to have a heart attack in a few years, you want quality care)
    5. Make it harder to caricature politicians as fat-cats
    6. Make politicians live longer, therefore reducing the rate at which new, fresh faces can enter public office

    So I disagree with Wente – the time is now to elect nothing but fat Prime Ministers.