(Temporarily) Wellsless Inkless


Or something like that. This is actually ITQ posting for Inkless, who will be on the plane for the first week of the HARPER LEADERSHIP 08 tour.  In fact, they’re apparently about to take off, which is why he couldn’t post this himself:

Tell me this doesn't beg for a caption contest.

Tell me this isn't begging for a caption contest.


(Temporarily) Wellsless Inkless

  1. Hope he has an adequate stock of Gravol. For any number of reasons.

  2. Hmmm, that Paul Wells sure is a handsome fellow in that olive green outfit.

  3. The first one that mentions hidden agenda gets it .

  4. my agenda, let me show you it? ;P

  5. That’s Harper reaching for the hidden agenda in the breast pocket of his shirt there. He’s about to share a few of the Tories secret recipes.

  6. carolyn stewart olsen: Not these morons again! Who should I slap around first, hmmm? Where is that GiornoWatching pest?

  7. “My heart is on the left, but that is about it.”

  8. What is ITQ?

  9. I always regret answering questions that could easily be determined by googling. Nevertheless *sigh*:

    What is ITQ?

    ITQ is the National Vocational Qualification for IT Users which demonstrates staff competence in the use of IT in the workplace. It is offered at levels 1, 2 and 3. In Scotland, the qualification is called the Scottish Vocational Qualification in Using IT.

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