Thank God This Isn't Based On a True Story -

Thank God This Isn’t Based On a True Story


This season of How I Met Your Mother hasn’t been very satisfying, but at least they can still produce entertaining spin-off videos. This is the trailer for The Wedding Bride, the movie-within-a-show based on Ted’s engagement to Stella. I presume that in the episode itself, the trailer will only be shown in bits and pieces, like the Robin Sparkles videos.

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I think there’s an argument to be made that HIMYM made a mistake in actually acknowledging and responding to the things fans were saying about their characters. I’m thinking particularly in terms of Ted. The idea that “Ted is a douche” has been around for a while. And it was founded in some of the things the writers made him do after they dropped the “Ted is an adorable romantic hero” thing. But this season, “douche” has pretty much become Ted’s full-time character description. Probably this is supposed to be part of some kind of arc for the character; he has to be as annoying and pretentious as possible before he can have another epiphany and grow up (again). But really it seems like they’ve taken a facet of the character, which they once used to give him a bit of an edge, and turned it into his primary character trait. That’s no fun.

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