That's a shame -

That’s a shame


Looks like Gary Schellenberger might not be able to make it to the Olympics after all.

“We’re bringing a budget forward and we’re doing business. All my staff are working,” he said, responding to citizens who have been asking publicly what exactly MPs are doing during the shutdown of Parliament. “One thing people don’t realize is that in this business it’s a 24/7-type job. When you’re off you’re not really off.”

… Mr. Schellenberger, in an earlier interview, said he might attend the Winter Olympics during the parliamentary holiday but by last week he had backed away from the idea. “Right now I’ve got so much stuff on I don’t think I’m going to be going to the Olympics,” he said.


That’s a shame

  1. He thought he'd be able to go but now it looks like he may not be able to. That IS a shame. Why does every little thing need to be politicized?

    • You might ask him that when you have a chance.

  2. Seriously, Wherry, even for your postings, this is trivial.

  3. Trivial?
    Perhaps. But that is just what this Harper regime has offered up. Aaron is just the faithful messenger.

    Thanks Aaron… watching the ongoing self-debasement and contrition of the cons over their prorogation farce has been a much needed dose of schadenfreude.

    • I guess the "press as stenographers" is a double-edged blade if there ever was one.

  4. I can't recall ever delighting from the suffering of others — in this case, I'll make an exception.

  5. So the Cons thought they could pull a fast one on the electorate by progroguing, thereby screwing the opposition and the Canadian population of answers to some very unpleasant questions, AND go to the Olympics as some sort of reward for their cunning. They have so poisoned the well by repeating ad nauseum that they are hard at work and that they are not taking any time off, it would now appear very sketchy for them to look like they are having a good time at taxpayers expense instead of being like everyone else, at their job.
    I love chess!

    • Especially when everyone else is playing checkers.

      • Actually, everybody else moved on to Trivial Pursuit, and the Cons could not keep up.

        • Actually the posters like you have never graduated past Trivial Pursuit.

          • I much prefer Yahtzee. I always win.

        • Either way, they're not in the game.

  6. So how many articles is Wherry going to write about Liberal/Dipper MPs who cancel their spring break plans? The public demands to know when our MPs change their schedule, no matter how miniscule! I'm going to start a Facebook page!

    • Go nuts. The Post gave that a shot with spectacular results. Everyone knows that getting thousands of people to join a Facebook group is trivial.

    • to think that just yesterday sourstud had the audacity to lament about trolls on this board

    • I think notifying the press of every single schedule change and activity update is the Conservatives' way of being accountable.

      If so, I don't think "accountability" means what they think it does.

  7. I too, am missing the Olympics, Gary and I are kindred spirits.

  8. Man, does Aaron ever have the pulse on what Canadians are talking about this morning. I mean, I know everyone at my workplace is talking about Gary Schellenberger's latest comments on the Olympics. The whole Adam Giambrone story is just so, bland.

    • Ah yes the con trolls come out to play……
      The more egg on the face,
      the more caterwauling that the embarrassing egg is beneath contempt to notice.

      • You would think after the worst POP in 150 years followed up with ZERO seats in November 2009 a poster like yourself would have some sense.

        Funny how Canadians keep sending the CPC to govern while the Liberals are left to complain from the cheapseats.

        • Funny how the Liberals will once again have to clean up a Conservative mess.

          • Nice rhetoric absent of facts.

            Trudeau got the debt ball rolling. Mulroney introduced GST, NAFTA to help Canada move forward.

            Turner tried to scare us against free trade, Chretien just lied about cancelling the plans and GST.

            With the recovery of the NDP and growth of the Green Party the Liberals have become paid whiners!

            Check with Nik Nanos October 15, 2008 Post Campaign results
            Canadians sat around on Sunday thanksgiving table in 2008 and decided the CPC were the best to lead through the recession.

            December the Premiers along with G8 and our Federal Government agreed to a stimulus and deficit budget. The Liberals decided in Sept 2009 to a one time protest vote. That's it.

            What mess, Iffy has stated in Dec 2008 this his not his budget or concern. Having been in Canada for only a short time and spending his vacations in France his attachment to Canada is very weak.
            He already stated he would return back to the US if he was not successful in his Etobicoke riding.

            [youtube l03IIKG_eaM youtube]

          • Dang, you are right there with a whole schwack of Koolaid! Almost as if you have a bunch of talking points and "personal thoughts" on the matter beforehand. Keep those rose-colored glasses on, reality is blinding to the willfully oblivious.
            Oh, and btw, the Cons were elected with lowest voter turnout in history. Man, your head must've blew a gasket, you are complimenting Trudeau, the NDP and the Greens. You guys are desperate.

          • Wow, did you just insult the progessive voters who decided the NDP and Green are better than the Liberals?
            It has been nearly a decade since the Liberals were in a majority with Ontario and Quebec giving them 189 seats. Today from the cheap seats with 77 seats you suggest voters are looking to the Liberals.

            Too funny. Were were away in 2008 or 2009?

          • Wow, so 2008 and 2009 are your barometres of success. Explains a lot.
            It is not that they are looking at the Liberals, there are looking at anybody but Harper.
            Your delusional spin would be funny if it wasn't so sad. People aren't looking at 2008 or 2009 (ah, the good ol' days of perceived genius), they are looking at Harper 2010 and it doesn't look good.

          • Again you seem to get a kick out of insulting the decision of voters. In 2000 the Liberals captured nearly 41% of the P.O.P. vote. Ontario and Quebec provided 136 seats(189 seats). It was the perfect storm. Central Canada has rejected the Liberals after seven years at the helm.
            Since than progressive voters have left the Liberals for other parties, you seem to have difficulty with the fact it has been nearly a decade since voters looked at the Liberals to lead.
            Who is in denial?

          • Captain Obvious says you are in denial, but you would probably deny that.
            Somehow I don't see progressives going to the Cons, something about the koolaid flavoured water gives them bouts of intestinal disorder.
            Face it, the Harper regime has peaked and there is nowhere to go but down, Con "facts" or no.
            Btw, the majority of Canadians rejected the Cons, so don't go flattering yourself. Nearly a decade? How does 5 years in power become a decade? (Flaherty, is that you?) Dude, you are embarrassing yourself.

          • Canadians are positive and they vote for their leaders, we call making a choice.

            Canadians since 2000 have decided the Liberals were NO longer their first choice. In the last two elections they polled the worst in 150 years and failed to win a single riding in November 2009.
            Funny how bloggers like you keep stating their beliefs but the facts prove otherwise.

            2/4 seats went to the CPC in 2009 50%, and ZERO (0/4) went to the Liberals. Funny how your Liberal Party is "rejected" by the majority of Canadians. (lol)

            Perhaps that headband is too tight?

          • Do you give yourself a thumbs up everytime you post? That is embarrassing.
            Irony = "Funny how bloggers like you keep stating their beliefs but the facts prove otherwise. " Btw, I don't have a blog, so it appears that these shoes are made for your feet.
            Did you just use "lol"? Did you also use that fake villain laugh when you posted that, or did you know deep down there was nothing funnny in your post?

          • Your photo is very amusing. The oversized racket and headband are bringing back the Billie Jean Jimmie Connors tennis memories. Thanks again.

        • I know, we keep giving the CPC chance after chance to govern, and the best they can do is shoot their own bills in the foot. Amazing.

          • LynTO,

            agreed, the voters will decide when it is time for Harper to be replaced and not partisan bloggers.

          • Partisan bloggers are voters too.

          • All 0.0001% of us. We don't decide who will win. The voters are not following the media chase their tails trying to manufacture another fake political story.

            Bubble Boy, Tiger Woods sexual adventures, is this what our MSM has been reduced too? Tabloid TMZ ?

        • Cheap seats? That in your binder of notes to spew?

          Nothing cheap about seats in Parliament paid for by taxpayers – that are empty. Nothing cheap about it at all.

          • The CPC have only held a minority gov't requiring votes from another party for support of their agenda. Can't accept the fact the Liberals have been the best cheerleaders, check their voting record.

            Don't blame us, Liberals keep supporting the CPC agenda.

          • Oddly — and this why I'm surprised Conservatives like you aren't calling for Mr. Harper's head — the "CPC agenda" looks a lot like what a Liberal agenda would — only the CPC increased discretionary spending at a faster rate than the past two Liberal PMs did.

          • It is because they think that if they spin as fast as they can, that whole "politics is a revolving door" thing won't apply to them. WHat they don't seem to realize is that the ride ends for everybody at some point, even though most have to be kicked off rather than gracefully descend.

          • Are you still playing putzee with yourself?

            Did you miss the Auditor General Reports on the mismanagement of the Liberals, were you in France?

          • Twice today.

            Uh, CanadianSense, that horse is dead.

            I bet you miss those reports like crazy. I can't wait for the future Auditor General Reports on the mismanagement of the Cons (or do you believe that there will be no problems with their $3-BILLION slush fund?) You guys sure built a nice and pretty castle, but you built it on sand, now get ready for the fallout.

          • I did not buy into the despotic dictator meme, so our PM needs to be flexible and accomodate the socialist engineering projects.

            I was against EAP and the auto bailout at first. I would have preferred we went to the Polls in January 2009.

            Kevin Page noted that the biggest increases in spending are in what specific areas, transfers to the provinces in Health, Education and Social Services?

    • Look, Wherry's blog is calleld "Beyond the Commons," an indication that it's about federal politics. This is a national web site. And believe it or not, not everyone in Canada is immersed in the details of your mayoral election, TOHead.

      Can you even name five other mayors in Canadian cities? Me neither. Wrong place to complain about a lack of discussion on civic politics.

      And I love Wherry's reporting on the inanities that Conservatives actually say out loud. Hilarious stuff. Just enjoy it.

      • "And believe it or not, not everyone in Canada is immersed in the details of your mayoral election, TOHead. "

        Rest assured that even a large contingent of Torontonians don't give two hoots about our mayoral election that's months away.

      • "Look, Wherry's blog is calleld "Beyond the Commons," an indication that it's about federal politics. This is a national web site. And believe it or not, not everyone in Canada is immersed in the details of your mayoral election, TOHead."

        It's the ADHD. It's what defines modern Conservatism.

  9. I'm curious as to what happened to all those tickets that the Con MPs supposedly scooped up. Did they give them back to VANOC? What will happen to all those planned photo-ops?

    • Me too. I spent years trying to get tickets to specific events, if I find out there's been hoarding going on, they've lost my swing vote for good.

  10. So, anyone want to guess as to whether or not Gary's change of plans was a decision he came to himself, or if it was dictated from elsewhere?

    • Anyone want to guess as to whether or not Gary's allowed to make decisions for himself?

  11. The truly sad thing is that like most of the backbenchers, Gary really does not have anything to do while Parliament is on progbation. Further because of his Olympian mispeak before he has to humiliate himself. 24-7 really? What input exactly does he believe he will have on the budget? (He did speak with someone who runs the local Pontiac dealership to find out how the car industry is going)

    I feel sorry for Gary. Having a hectic job with too much to do can be tough, but trying to look busy when there really is nothing to do is awful.

  12. "”One thing people don't realize is that in this business it's a 24/7-type job…"

    …especially if you're really bad at it, like the Conservatives are.

  13. the funny thing is that all the harper haters are the ones thinking this is great news, you are bunch of loosers!!!

    • Yeah but at least we know how to use spellcheck. Loser.

    • As opposed to the Harper lovers who think this is good news? What a screw looser.

    • Write the proper spelling on the palm of your hand. It's so cool.