The 20 most expensive NHL arenas -

The 20 most expensive NHL arenas

How does Edmonton’s $450M arena stack up? Check out Amanda Shendruk’s graphic to find out


The City of Edmonton announced that the plan for a new Edmonton Oilers stadium is a done deal.

How does its $480 million price tag (with the cost of surrounding infrastructure the project is expected to reach $601 million) compare with recent construction costs of other NHL arenas?

Note to readers: This is a corrected version. The previous version of the graphic was titled “Twenty Years of NHL Arenas” and incorrectly listed the Xcel Energy Center and the Scottrade Center in the top 20. The Bridgestone Arena and Rogers Arena have been added to the graphic.


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The 20 most expensive NHL arenas

  1. Maybe also indicating which markets/teams these arenas are for would help us non-ardent hockey fans (who could probably spot and name teams, but no their arena). I also find your graphic to be a bit jumbled, but as long as it freakin’ looks cool, hey? Since you never bothered to indicate, the new Oilers Arena will either come it at fifth place for cost or second place (depending on cost overruns) on your graphic.

    So Edmontonians, get geared up to help pay for one of the most expensive hockey arenas ever built!

    • Holy moses, the City of Edmonton is on the hook for $219 million of the costs alone!? Their chunk, on its own, would make it the 19th most expensive arena built coming in greater than the XCel Energy Centre…. and this is also going ahead with an unaccounted-for $107 million in funding not found yet (which they hope to get form the province or feds?).

      I’m so glad I’m not a citizen of Edmonton right now or I’d have to go down and pimp-slap my council.

      • I’m sure Harper can find a bit of change for his buddies.

    • It is ridiculous. Our council got played. Just because Katz came down from even more ridiculous terms doesn’t make these ones reasonable.

      It would be suicide for the province to provide any money after the scandal with Katz’s illegal donations to the PCs.

    • It’s a great graph, though the Edmonton dotted line could have had its own segment in the pie. Let’s see if this baby comes in on budget.

  2. Why don’t you adjust those figures for inflation? And local labour rates? 2% inflation over 20 years is 50%. Add 50% to the cost of those arenas in the nineties, and that would put Edmonton’s arena is in line with the others.

    • The numbers have been adjusted for inflation (it is pointed out just under the graph’s title) . They are all presented in today’s dollars.

    • psssssssssst, she did adjust for inflation. Says so right under “Twenty years of NHL Arenas”.

      So let me sell your wheat, brother, because I’m apparently infinitely better at reading the fine print than you.

  3. The coloured bars to indicate different years are distracting. Wouldn’t it just have been easier to adjust costs for inflation, so that the years are comparable?

    Also, looking at this graphic makes Mark Chipman and the Winnipeg Jets look like geniuses. The MTS Centre cost approximately $133 million (back in 2004) and taxpayers were on the hook for only a portion of the cost.

  4. For me the telling point was I have no idea where any of these arenas are except Madison Sq Gardens. One of the arguments thrown at taxpayers is that these arenas and the teams they host will help market the city and create an identity. This graphic serves for this casual fan as proof they do neither. Five years ago, Atlantic Magazine posted publicly funded arenas as one of the ideas whose time has passed. The NHL, the Oilers and Edmonton didn’t get the email I guess.

  5. what a misleading and confusing graph… too fancy for a simple bar graph?