The All-Inclusive Do-It-Yourself HOUSE Script


I really shouldn’t link to articles on Cracked.com — for one thing, it makes this blog seem like a Digg page, and for another thing, it just encourages them to post 900 new “lists” every day — but Michael Swaim’s piece on how to write a House episode is pretty accurate.

Meanwhile, the downer thing House predicted would happen in the B plot happens, so we can forget about it and focus on the patient. He feels guilty about this, which he shows by almost looking directly at the camera.

(I like House, but that makes this article more fun; pointing out the rigid formulas of bad shows is fish-in-a-barrel stuff. It’s more entertaining to examine the rigid formula of a good show.)

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The All-Inclusive Do-It-Yourself HOUSE Script

  1. Also, good shows, like House, might intentionally be formulaic – the whole premise of House is the formula (although each season there are several interesting long-term storylines). Bad shows, however, might just fall into the trap of being formulaic. Or the formulas become boring.

    Of course, to really go on a tangent, you can have seemingly good shows without obvious formulas turn into horrendous shows that still lack obvious episodic formulas: like Heroes…

  2. Hilarious. I’ve seen quite a few “dissect the formula of House” posts, but this one has great presentation on its side, too.

  3. “What-ho, Tuppy?” Ah, Jeeves & Wooster. Now that show was head and shoulders above House! If only P.G. Wodehouse could come back to life and write for House.

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