The amazing world of this week’s magazines this week!


Let’s see, what’s in the magazines that went on newsstands yesterday across the United States — but won’t appear on Canadian newsstands until a week Thursday, because The News Group, the monopolistic Canadian magazine distributor whose websites seem to be down this morning, can’t be bothered to deliver a product anywhere close to on-time?

The New Yorker has articles on Hillary Clinton, Tim Russert, Keith Olbermann, Hugo Chavez and Cassandra Wilson. How timely! I was thinking of all of those people in just the last couple of days! I won’t be nearly as interested in reading about them a week from Thursday! Good thing the New Yorker website allows me to read all the articles I used to pay for, back when I could get a magazine in the week it was published!

Meanwhile, as Luiza pointed out yesterday — because Luiza is in the United States and she doesn’t have to wait a week and a half to get magazines — New York has a fascinating interview with Clinton along with all the usual fine features on cultural life in the Big Apple (Brokeback Mountain opera: Highbrow Despicable).

Whew. That was fun. Like a fascinating time-travel trip forward in time to a week from Thursday, when The News Group trucks finally bring these magazines to stores near you and me. Unless it’s nap time.

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The amazing world of this week’s magazines this week!

  1. Don’t complain, I just got the June 7th Macleans this morning. It will be a very good day, now that I am filled with enlightening news from two weeks ago.

  2. When you mentioned a monopoly distributor of magazines I thought you meant Canada Post, whose intermittent delivery of my Macleans subscription to my rural isolation here in East York, Toronto was a significant part of my decision not to renew said subscription.

  3. Nice to know others can’t get Macleans delivered on time – I thought it was just Regina/Saskatchewan since we also have to fly to Calgary to get to Toronto. Good thing I find most of my news on your website so by the time the magazine arrives I’ve read most of it.

  4. You folks need Macleans on Zino. On your computer at least a day before anyone gets it on newstands. Paul, tell them how (yes, this is a test)…

  5. You’ve just listed one of the very reasons I did not renew my MacLean’s subscription. It is on newsstands when, Thursdays? I wasn’t getting mine here in the Maritimes until Tuesday or Wednesday of the next week.

  6. Me three or four. We only get monthlies as our weeklies arrive too late to be timely.

    My neighbor was a postie and explained the ditributor waits until the bin is full before shipping, even if it means a couple of weeks wait. My neighbor used to say she (and many of her co-workers) was embarrassed to deliver three issues of Sports Illustrated at a time!

    I tried to get a Sunday New York Times delviered but it would come with the Monday paper.

  7. Hmph. When we moved, Maclean’s stopped sending us magazines at all, either to our old address or the new one.

    It was two months before we could convince them to stop sending us bills, though.

  8. Everybody knows that summer mail delivery is problematic in Canada. The ice floes which normally act as natural highways for our dogsleds can melt without warning, making travel in warm weather fraught with peril. Some areas are virtually unreachable until early September when the frosts return.

  9. Anyone hear about AGT coming back? Check out their friggin’ awesome acts: nbc.com/Americas_Got_Talent/video/index.shtml#mea=262136

  10. There’s a paper version of Macleans? How inefficient.

  11. Really, really handy for upsetting bar associations and human rights tribunals, though.

  12. did you do any research into why they were late? you think we just sit on these magazines for an entire week????? the paper version is not only handy for upsetting lawyers, but perfect for recycling.

  13. Rb L. – Rough. I understand my lack of Macleans, because (as far as i knw) there is only one issue delivered to my entire county, and it is delivered to the library (i.e. my house). This may or may not be because the entire county is francophone. So i always think that it’s entirely possible the weather stopped what it is that brings mail this far north. But still- THe June 7th edition was available on newstands on the first of June. I just got it today. This means that my lovely weekly newsmagazine is giving me information into news that took place almost a month ago. Sigh. Didn’t they invent something called ‘the post office’? I can mail a letter to a friend in Yellowknife, Chicoutimi, Peace River, BC or Saskatoon and have it arrive to them in four days. So it can’t possibly be the post offices fault.

  14. Hey all, I get the digital edition no problem–it arrives to me before I see it on newsstands or used to get it via mail. It’s easy even for a ludite such as myself. I ordered off the Maclean’s website.

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