The ambitious backbencher


Conservatives Blake Richards and Stephen Woodworth attest to their government’s nobility.

WoodworthMP demonstrating nimble political responsiveness once again, the PM pivots on a dime responding to Cdn support for our existing national anthem

WildRoseMPBlake Canadians spoke loud and clear and our govt listened – the National Anthem’s staying the way it is


The ambitious backbencher

  1. Twitter™: promoting representative democracy since 2008. Backbenchers may be generally ignored in caucus meetings, but thanks to social networking/microblogging services their voices ring loud and clear.

  2. I'm truly embarrassed for my city.

    Anyone else notice how closely Woodworth's writing style mimics either biff's or psiclone's? I'm too lazy to go figure out which of them I mean.

    • Stephen Woodworth makes you embarrassed for Kitchener? What happened to your civic pride? You shouldn't feel embarrassed about your city just because the riding you live in happened to elect someone you don't like.

      • Not my riding, but my city (the other half) elected a man who sounds like psiclone!

        Seriously, Crit, how can that not be embarrassing?

        Okay, to put it into your partisan perspective, because maybe you don't think psiclone sounds bad, but imagine if your city elected somebody who sounded like ME!

        • Remember Wayne? I always figured that psiclone is the same guy as Wayne. I don't think he sounds bad; he just sounds like a regular guy expressing his opinion.

          By the way, Jenn, if I lived in Ontario and you were running in my riding , I would vote for you! (Regardless of your party). Seriously – we need more MP's like you.

          • Oh I've always thought that too! There was a time when we were lamenting trolls of the past, and nobody mentioned Wayne. I figured it was because we knew psiclone was the same guy. I adored Wayne. For some reason I can't warm up to the psiclone handle. Just goes to show . . . something, about covers and wrappings.

            And, thank you, Crit. So I'd lose 133,000 to TWO! :)

  3. Great. Our PM and government reversed course on a complete non-issue. Look over there at the pretty, sparkly thing…!

    When the Conservatives start reversing their positions on substantive issues (like increasing the GST again to deal with the deficit, to make substantial investments in R&D, to stop withholding documents on the Afghan detainee issue from Parliament, …. etc.) then most Canadians will care and start paying attention. The Cons should start treating voters like adults if they want to stay in power much longer.

    • The Cons should start treating voters like adults if they want to stay in power much longer

      FWIW, I'm going to guess that your definition of "adult" doesn't match the characteristics of the average Canadian voter.

      • Too bad most Canadian voters aren't "adults" because they don't vote the same way that you and Dee would prefer.

        • Perhaps they are cynical with the 'recalibration' and constant backtracking and lying coming from the government.

          Anarchy would flourish compared to a rudderless and visionless government and their hapless opposition counterparts. All our government can accomplish now is waste money while the system rots.

        • You assume too much CR…I was pointing out exactly the same distinction that you are.

          • Ah. My apologies, Phil.

          • No worries.

      • That's funny, I was under the (correct) impression that a large majority of Canadians didn't vote for the Conservatives in the last election.

        • You've got a good point there.

  4. Yes, and they reversed their stance on proroguing, too, as the House appears to be back. What a responsive guy our Prime Minister is!

  5. "…demonstrating nimble political responsiveness once again, the PM pivots on a dime responding to Cdn support for our existing national anthem"

    Has any one actually told genius Woodworth the initiative came from his party? Really some people deserve to remain backbenchers…although god knows why such sychophants are in the commons is beyond me – no matter the party they represent.

  6. Love those irregular verbs:

    I demonstrate nimble political responsiveness
    You flip-flop
    He shamelessly denounces his own position of 12 hours earlier

    • Yet still without admitting he was in error – Canadians have already spoken loud and clear

      I once worked with a guy who said I never make mistakes. Never
      I spent a fair amount of time and energy finding a mistake of his. It became a ….challenge.
      But I found one, an innocuous one, and he still fought like hell, twisting, spinning, wriggling – anything but admitting it .
      It's funny how it altered my view of him.

      • "Yet still without admitting he was in error…"


  7. Refreshing to see a chess move, at least.

    Either people like and accept it, in which case Team Harper gets their yearly photo-op with social progressivism to wave around, or people hate it (which was, of course, the odds-on favorite), and they get to look responsive and nimble.

    Either way, they control the news week. Win-win, except for that minister they hung out to dry. I was going to guess they'd be making "self-effacing" jokes about the turnaround in the next couple of weeks, but Clement has already started.

    By today, the only reason for news outlets to continue editorially referring to this as a "stumble" is to save face against the otherwise perfectly-pardonable sin of not catching on from day one. Although, to be fair, the PMO has been looking a little punch-drunk the last few times out of the gate, so I suppose nobody was expecting a home-run right off the bat.

    (Okay, I covered chess, boxing, gambling, baseball, and horse-racing, so I'm not even sure which metaphor I'm killing at this point. But given the OP, I can't help but feel I missed an opportunity to touch on synchronized swimming in some way.)

    • Ah, so THAT's where Tewksbury comes in!

  8. '…and they get to look responsive and nimble."

    Perhaps i missed the joke…but i'd say the average guy/gal in the street thinks this was simply dumb, maybe even idiotic coming from a "traditon"party. To my mind there's a futher lose of credibility overall, not at all a "thank god they're so responsive"! reaction,except among the truly credulous.

    • agreed KCM. the party truly baffles. there are times where i think they play tactics/messaging really well and make the opposition look silly. then are times when they lay out the lamest, most transparent spin possible on an issue and think people are going to eat it up.

      • Yeah, the fact that they may think [ at least Woodworth and friend anyway] they can spin this as, we responded quickly, is indicative of the real contempt they have for the intelligence of the average citizen. If we absolutely must have spin, please let it at least be subtle or witty, not merely moronic and inane.

        • Perhaps the likes of froggy et al are just so happy that Harper had his 'jump the shark' moment not during the election, like the quebec arts foof and the 'bureacracy will save you from me' thinking out loud…

  9. Uh. Guys.. you prorogued so you could talk to Canadians, I thought, remember? Consultative and all that?

    So why the hell are you only hearing them now?

    • A lot of us weren't available — you know, we were working, planning Family Day activities, and just wishing we could celebrate senior citizens, but not knowing how or when.

      Look: the Cons criss crossed Canada, some hanging out in Vancouver for weeks, thinking we'd take a minute to talk, but we just weren't home.

      That or we didn't make ourselves clear enough. But never doubt that it's all our fault.

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