The Annotated Donald Duck Meets Glenn Beck -

The Annotated Donald Duck Meets Glenn Beck


Remember that “Right-Wing Radio Duck” remix cartoon from last year? Well, here’s a page, also from the cartoon’s creator, where you can play the cartoon while getting information on the source of every video and audio clip that was used at any given moment. For example, the scene where Donald shoots the radio is a composite of scenes from two different cartoons, combined together in the same frame, and the last shot combines the video from those cartoons with audio from a third cartoon.

I’d like to see him do a sequel, maybe with another Disney character and a focus on foreign policy (maybe Goofy — he has his share of international credentials, having been a bullfighter in Mexico). The Egypt situation has really caused Beck to crank up the scary connections and warnings of a unified liberal/Islamist/Communist conspiracy; the following clip, from his show yesterday, would be unintentional self-parody if it weren’t certain that many viewers take it seriously. We need some Disney clips to make sense of it all.

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The Annotated Donald Duck Meets Glenn Beck

  1. firsties!!!

    PS…Glenn Beck is an idiot

    • Wow. For once I agree with you.

      • Beck and Limbaugh freely admit they're entertainers, not news people.

        • Beck (and Coulter and Limbaugh too) try to claim to be entertainers after the success of The Daily Show and Colbert but they are just idiots who believe what they spew.

  2. thank you once again for playing "Spot the Looney"

  3. I have it in my head that Glenn Beck is crazy, but when I actually see it…WOW

  4. Glenn Beck + ChalkBoard + Conspiracy Theory = NUTS.

    • the chalkboard (and running out of "The Fires" stickies was priceless), I guess he's too much the man of the people to invest in a touch screen?

  5. Gwenn Beck… what a moron!

    • wow, and the way you turned his first name into a girl's name, that's some smart comeback kid.

  6. Wow that guy is crazy – weather underground connection is sooooo clear