The Best Thing About 15 Minute YouTube Videos... -

The Best Thing About 15 Minute YouTube Videos…


The most important thing about YouTube’s recent decision to raise the upper time limit on videos (to 15 minutes instead of 10 or so, yet another case of YouTube belatedly catching up with DailyMotion) is that it now allows people to post the entire William Tell Overture in one clip. It’s sort of like the length of the compact disc was planned around the amount of time needed to hear Beethoven’s Ninth symphony without a break.

This is from a 1952 telecast on NBC, though the soundtrack is taken from the live commercial recordings of the same concerts (the audio of the television broadcast was too scratchy to use).

I believe the 15 minute limit will also allow the complete “Celebration of the Lizard King” to be uploaded, but nobody seems to have tried it yet.

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The Best Thing About 15 Minute YouTube Videos…

  1. Beautiful.

    What did we ever do without high speed broadband?

    • Wait.

  2. The Lizard King.
    I once read an interview with Ray Manzarek and they asked him if he thought Jim Morrison was still alive. "Man" he replied, "if anyone could do it, it was Morrison, man. But if he is alive, he hasn't called the accountant lately."
    Long live the Lizard King, eh Ray?

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