The big news: Rob Ford’s grip on power loosens

Toronto city council could weaken the mayor’s role at city hall


Chris Young/CP

The story
Rob Ford faces yet another wave of attacks from his colleagues on Toronto’s city council. Today, councillors will convene a special session—they don’t usually meet on Fridays—to open debate on a motion that would strip Ford of many of his powers and limit his budget. Ford would maintain the same budget as a city councillor, lose the chairmanship of the city’s executive committee, and be stripped of the right to vote at standing committees. Premier Kathleen Wynne is even considering her options to provide the city “new tools” to remove Ford. The premier will act only if council provides clear direction, and opposition parties at Queen’s Park are game.

The stat
28: The number of councillors, out of 44, who currently support a motion to transfer many of Ford’s powers to deputy mayor Norm Kelly

The quote
“There’s nothing that [Ford] could say now that will be acceptable to me any more … The province has to step in, because council cannot remove him.” —Toronto City Councillor Denzil Minnan-Wong


What’s above the fold

The Globe and Mail Toronto’s city councillors are poised to remove many of Rob Ford’s powers.
National Post
Many councillors sit with their backs to Ford when the mayor speaks.
Toronto Star Premier Kathleen Wynne could take action on Ford, if council asks.
Ottawa Citizen Trillium Wind Power will move ahead with a $2.25-billion lawsuit.
CBC News Ford’s showdown with council caps a week’s worth of showdowns.
CTV News A majority of Torontonians think the police chief should keep his job.
National Newswatch Council will hold a special session today to debate Ford’s powers.


What you might have missed

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The big news: Rob Ford’s grip on power loosens

  1. I really feel sorry for his wife.

  2. Why is this under the “Anti-Fracking” category on the home page?

    I guess there’s a Ford joke in there somewhere…

    • It would make sense if you were the few people that watched the reimagined Battlestar Galactica

      • I am. That was the first thing that came to mind.

        • So say we all.

      • Battlegoof Tarawnica.

  3. Who are the 14 (aside from the Fords) who intent to vote to have him keep power?

    • The Councillor proposing the motion was interviewed last night and asked that question. His reply was that he would have more, but those were the only ones in the room when he passed the document around.

    • When the actual votes were taken, the only people who voted against the motions were Ford & his brother.

  4. I don’t see that this is legal, or that it will work. Good, bad or indifferent he was elected mayor.

    • Emily, under current Municipal legislation in Ontario, what they’re proposing is entirely legal. The powers and duties mentioned were given to the Office of the Mayor by Council, and they can remove them at will.

      • Voters elect the mayor, council does not.

        • True, but you’re still wrong. it’s legal, and it will work.

          • Source please.

          • So, first off, when you say “I don’t see this is legal”, you’re kinda implying you have the knowledge or info to make this statement. Do you?

            And I could lay out the appropriate sections of the Ontario Municipal Act for you, I’m not going to. That’s your job. You made the original claim, so you have to provide your proof of claim. Then I’ll show you why you’re wrong.

            Or, you could go and watch Twtter where, right now, the City Solicitor is telling the Council that “yeah, we have the legal right to do this.”

          • In other words you have no clue.

          • How big is your trailer Emily? Is everyone in it part time Attorneys too? Or just big Rob Ford fans?

          • Ignore the troll DocGuin, she/it is wired to have the last word even when she is blatantly wrong.

          • I don’t know about her trailer, the biggest thing I see round here, is your yap.

          • Emily, Council just did it, based on advice from the City Solicitor.

            So,you’re wrong. You made a statement you can’t back up. And
            I covered municipal councils in Ontario for a decade, and have a working knowledge of the Ontario Municipal Act. Do you?

          • Council can say and do a lot of things….that doesn’t remove the mayor. Sorry.

          • I never said they could remove the mayor. Nor does the story above you commented on.

          • Then you’ve been talking nonsense to sound important.

            Nobody cares about the trivia.

          • You said:

            “I don’t see that this is legal, or that it will work. Good, bad or indifferent he was elected mayor.”

            I told you you were wrong. You are. What the eff are you talking about?

          • Now you’re nit-picking yourself!

            Council can moon the mayor if they want….but it doesn’t remove him from office….which is the whole point of this exercise.

            He was elected mayor….he remains mayor.

          • Emily, this mooning business?

            Wouldn’t it be a lot more fun, if he mooned them?

            Perks would get so excited he’d need a week off.

          • LOL not very nice to send everyone into the weekend with a mental image like that, Axel!

          • Yeah but wouldn’t it be great if he caught them all in the parking garage from the passenger window of his car?

            I don’t know about you but I’d never stop laughing.

          • Well some of our elected officials are sure getting carried away with what they can and can’t do….so I applaud the idea, but nobody wants to actually see it. LOL

          • In this instance you’re working knowledge of the Ontario Municipal Act is worth diddly-squat. It does not apply here.

          • Unfortunately for you Chief, the Ontario Municipal Act doesn’t apply to Toronto.

          • Ontario Law Society, Provincial and Municipal Statutes of 1967……Lots of references for you if you care to check.

        • Council operates as a unit under the jurisdiction of Provincial guidelines. You need to read a little law before trying to practice it.

          • Although they’ve been busy for a number of years trying to hide it, the NDP has introduced party politics to municipal government.

            So what these NDP councillors are up to, playing party politics is a direct assault on my democratic rights.

            In Toronto we use a ward system and the intention is that elected officials will carry out the wishes of the relatively small group of voters in their own ward. When councillors collect together in a group taking orders from some NDP Head Office instead of from me and my neighbours then our rights are under direct attack.

            If these people are taking marching orders from some group where any discussions are being held outside of the council chamber then what they are doing may in fact be illegal.

          • Are you saying that the Tories and Liberals don’t play party politics in Toronto as well? Please. Pass the Kool-aid.

          • The only power group I’m aware of is the NDP.

            Also, it seems to me that this farce could not have been carried out without pst pst pst pst high level discussions and advice taken outside of council chamber and outside of the public eye.

            And that Mr. NDP Gerrymander (laugh) is illegal.

          • LOLOL oh puleeze.

          • That we know. However they can’t remove an elected mayor.

            Council can put enormous pressure on him, and make it very difficult for him to function….but that’s not removing him.

            Wishing is not the same as doing.

          • They didn’t vote to remove him, they voted to take away a lot of his powers.

          • She didn’t get it when 3 other people tried to explain it, so while I admire your optimism, I think you’re wasting your time.

          • Yes, I keep forgetting that Emily is right even when she’s wrong :-)

          • They didn’t vote to remove him because they can’t.

        • Council hasn’t voted to remove him, they’ve voted to take away some of his powers – powers which were increased during the previous Mayor’s term. He hasn’t lost the title, but now he has no more power than any other councillor.

          • Which makes him the same as any other mayor in the province.

    • Good, bad or indifferent? Your Doctor has a degree can he operate under the influence? After all he was passed by the Medical board and found competent. Your logic is sadly lacking. Unless you are a lawyer whether you deem it legal or not doesn’t matter.

      • You guys are as crazy as the pro-Ford fanatics.

        • Maybe, but you’re still wrong.

          • Ford is still mayor.

          • Indeed. But you said the removal of powers wasn’t legal, and wouldn’t work. It is, it did. So you’re wrong.

          • I said nothing like that….they can’t remove him from office.

            And they didn’t.

          • You know, what you said is still visible up there. You know that, right?

          • Yes, and it says the same now as it did when I posted it.

            C’mon if you’re going to use an avatar with brains….it would help if you used your own.

            Councils can pass motions is what you’re arguing for….and everyone knows that. What they can’t do is remove the mayor.

          • Who said they could? You started the thread with “I don’t see that this is legal, or that it will work.” I assumed you were talking about the content of the article on which you posted. My mistake.

          • And nobody but a moron would need it spelled out to them….and after all this time and publicity….that council couldn’t remove the mayor….and need to insist that ordinary motions were legal.


          • Now you’ve just completely gone off the rails. What are you talking about? Are you calling yourself a moron? I mean, you are, obviously, but usually trolls don’t turn on themselves.

          • Enough Chad….toddle off now. Or go do your homework.


          • Who said anything about voting him out of office? Nobody did in this thread — except you when you realized your thread starter was wrong and you needed to find other ground instead of admitting that. Mostly Civil cleared it all up for you, but you couldn’t accept that and he/she got bored. I am not yet bored, but I will be soon. God, it must be killing you right now to demonstrate your lack of basic reading comprehension so thoroughly. I know I would be embarrassed!

        • Emily, he works hard, he plays hard, he coaches winning football teams and he celebrates St. Patricks Day in traditional fashion.

          On top of that Emily he stays concentrated on what he promised to do and you can call him any time with a City problem.

          We love the guy. He’s married to his High School sweetheart, he gets things done. There’s been nothing like him since Mitch Hepburn

          • Pity about the rest then.

          • You’re incoherent.

          • Ahhh Q, you’re back again. LOL

          • Ha! You made me laugh with “nothing like him since Mitch Hepburn…” You’re probably right about that, but I’m not exactly sure that’s an endorsement since he bears some responsibility for having his party banished from power in Ontario for forty-some years after. The Conservative “movement” would not look kindly on Rob Ford if his antics produced the same result.

          • Well I’m not happy with you blaming the wipe out on Mitch,I’ve spent my whole life blaming it on Mackenzie KIng. Mitch had him pegged and they hated him for it..

            Anyway thanks, it was a chuckle and Rob and Mitch in addition to being big time practical politicians and cost cutters would have had the same view on temperance.

            You might be interested to know that in the 2010 election Rob and Doug garnered 396,161 votes. The 41 42 bums who voted against them only received 373,022 in total

            Democracy in action at City Hall today.

  5. That picture reminds me of hostage videos that occasionally pop
    up here and there. The only thing missing is the poor dear holding
    a newspaper to verify the date.
    I imagine her at home in the upstairs bedroom with her face to the
    wall while Rob is in the basement with The Doors cranked up to 11
    … “squirming like a toad” …
    If he shows up at City Hall wearing a long black duster coat please
    activate the metal detectors. The pressure …

  6. Politicians with connection to drug mafia can survive any challenge.

  7. The big question is who are the 16 Councilors who want him to hold on to power? We need to hose them down and find out whats going on. That is ridiculous to be on board with him after all this. You have to need therapy.

  8. Yesterday Councillor Adam Vaughan made the following comment:

    “We’re going to take his office away from him,” said Vaughan, explaining that Ford would still be able to vote and function as a councillor.”

    In the last election Ford received almost 50% of the ballots cast for the office of Mayor. He received just under 400,000 votes, possibly the highest electoral support ever received by a Toronto Mayor. One of those votes was mine and another of them came from my wife.

    On November 8 and November 9, 1923 a political event , now referred to as the Munich Beer Hall Putsch of 1923, took place in Germany. It was Hitler’s attempt to take over the Regional Government in Munich. The 90th Anniversary of that sad event was last week

    Since Mr. Vaughan and 27 others have declared their intention to disenfranchise me, I have no reluctance whatever in reminding Mr. Vaughan of the precedent being followed and asking him to explain his incompetence. Is he such a dumb bell that he couldn’t get himself and his NDP co conspirators ready to go on the Anniversary date?

    • Finally! A Ford voter! Two in fact.

      Please please please please answer me this- what would Rob Ford have to do, in your eyes, to lose your support?

      I am being completely serious here. Thanks.

      • Well since you don’t seem to have a very clear grasp of how hard and long the fight for democracy has been let me put it simply:

        If Rob Ford had gone out last night and axe murdered 50 people he would still have my unequivocal 100% support as Mayor, this morning.

        Right now, apparently, there are 28 councillors voting to neuter the Mayor’s office and I’m willing to bet that those 28 councillors in total didn’t receive as many votes as Rob Ford.

        So “please please please please” tell me what part of disenfranchising 400,000 voters you don’t understand.

        • If Adolf Hitler was the mayor of Toronto, would you let him have him be in control until his term is completed just because he won an election?

          • Give yourself a shake, AL !

        • That motion passed 41-2. Might have to check your math.

          • That post was almost 3 hours ago. What do you want me to do change it every time they vote?

            Only the NDP would waste time on that.

          • Nah, I just figured you might wait and see if the facts matched your theory. Silly me.

        • Also, the murder thing? That just makes you bugf#*k crazy. Just so you know.

          • Apparently you’ve spent too much time being brain washed by some big 300 pound NDP kindergarten teacher and fail to appreciate the value of the democratic principles being flushed down the toilet by the most dis-functional municipal council in Canada.

            That makes you a bugf#*k dumb bell!

          • You’ll note he wouldn’t be bothered [ even speaking metaphorically ] if Ford went out and murdered 50 people, other then members of his family or of course himself.

        • Trying not to be rude here.

          So Mayor Ford could commit murder and you would still support him? I think what I’m hearing you say is that democracy is a very high ideal and if a person wins a fair and clean election, he/she must be empowered to keep that office until voted out by the electorate.

          And that nothing, no action whatsoever, could ever result in that elected official losing office until he/she is voted out.

          Nothing, and that includes murder.

          Am I hearing you correctly?

          • Dave, I’m not a wet nurse. Please go to Ontario e-Laws and read the statutes and find out for yourself what happens if a very kind, decent, civic minded man murders somebody while holding the public office of Mayor.

            If you do that, you’ll have, by a factor of 3000 to 1, more knowledge than any single, extravagantly paid council member who voted this morning to disenfranchise 400,000 voters.

            The whole thing is preposterous, it’s an organized NDP stunt and it’s not in my democratic self interest or yours either.

            But a simple answer for you is that if anyone fails to attend meetings for a short statutory period of time his seat becomes vacant.

          • Sorry Ax, I wasn’t asking for an explanation of the law, or the technicalities as to why Mayor Ford is still Mayor. I was asking what could Rob Ford possibly do that would make him lose your support.

            You provided an answer: there is absolutely nothing he could do to make you not vote for him.

          • Name is David W. Axelrod-Kinsella, so in order for you not to get me mixed up with yourself I suggest you just call me Rod.

          • Consider it done, David.

          • And stop trying to suckle his man-teats, Dave.

          • Oh well here comes the NDP. You should change it to CLP; The Canada Loser Party.

          • I agree since I am not in any way an NDP supporter.

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