The case of the reappearing blood -

The case of the reappearing blood


The CBC’s Janyce McGregor compares and contrasts images of the bloody faced protester as he was led away from Parliament Hill (no blood) and as he appeared a few hours later on Power & Politics (blood).


The case of the reappearing blood

  1. I think the story would have been much better if the thug had been tasered in the lobby live on CBC!

    • Why? Would you feel the same way if the "thug" were your mom?
      It's not that I think you're wrong, it's just that, after spending some time imagining changes to the story that I would find more personally satisfying, even lacking as they do any grounding in reason or sense or fairness or proportionality, I found that I support having your mom tasered. Or you.

      • I think if the story involved my mother disrupting parliament, resisting the parliamentary security officers, running her mouth off in front of live CBC cameras and then being tasered… well I think that would be a very very good story. Unfortunately my mother isn't that interesting.

        Anyways, they should used a combination of pepper spray and tasers on the thugs and thrown them in jail. Where are the tough-on-crime-Tories on this issue?

        • From Merriam-Webster: thug: a brutal ruffian or assassin. They just don't seem like thugs to me, sorry. You can brand me, if you would like, as one of "those people" who insist that a word's use be related in some way to its meaning.

          • Undemocratic thugs and pinkos!

  2. Dipper 1: "OK, if this is gonna work, it has to be real blood. Close your eyes"

    Dipper 2: "But if we lie about something like this, won't that just take away from our valid argum.."

    Dipper 1: *WHACK!!!*

  3. Almost every drugstore and grocery store has a "Halloween costume" section where you can buy a tube of fake blood for $2.99.

    • And support the capitalist menace? Pffft.

      • Real, fresh, locally-sourced blood is far superior to the overly-processed goop you find in tubes on most store shelves.

    • If only they'd have waited till next week. Ninety-nine cents, tops…

  4. So, is the story here that they tried this fraud or is it that they got caught?

    • Both. Not only that, they tried to smear the Parliamentary security guards, who likely went through a lot of trouble to turf the protesters from the building without hurting them. It's tough enough to be a security guard without yahoos like those protesters.

  5. wow take a page from deceptive tactics play book. good working at keeping your integrity intact protesters!!!!

  6. It's interesting but I'm not so ready to jump to conclusions as many here.

    • Perhaps not but as the link suggests, the onus is clearly on the protestor….

      • Clearly? Because a blogger on the CBC says so?

    • Obviously, evidence is unnecessary and irrelevant for you to believe one side of the other. If the existing evidence shows that the protester is a liar, then it's inconclusive?

      By the same logic, if I say that a random police officer dropped me off a bridge, that is also inconclusive.

      • obviously? evidence? same logic?


  7. Hey, at least he didn't have one of those stage daggers buried in his skull.

    "Yes Evan, I'm just about to undergo emergency surgery to have this dagger removed from my skull, but I wanted to talk to you first because this issue is sooo important."

  8. Silly protesters. Don't they know that little people aren't allowed to stage-manage their appearances for the image-obsessed news media? Only people who matter are allowed to get away with that.

    • Stop patronizing the little people.

  9. Maybe Solomon punched him.

  10. Borrowing a theme from our politicians, this can be explained rather easily.

    He misbled.

  11. Nich wins the thread.

    • Agreed.

  12. I travel EARTH to experience, contribute to, and become part of revolutionary and sustainable communities. I blog here to sensitize communal consciousness as I want live in a world where we feel inspired, energized, and motivated from our interconnected stories.

    I long to see that light in your eyes where the UNIVERSE dwells because when we realize our ONENESS, together we can shatter destructive molds of apathy and take action for our collective future.

    But we must believe, not with naïve optimism, but with realistic confidence that when we cooperate and work together we can coexist peacefully, end poverty, revolutionize the economic system, provide universal healthcare, implement clean energy, sustain planetary life, and give birth to a global community!

    Our story is one of many colours and this is a painting of my path…


    • That sounds like a passage out of True Patriot Love. That book was a major disappointment.

  13. You don't think the protester should explain or respond as the next logical step?

  14. I don't think he's beholden to you me or anyone else to "clearly" meet any "onus". If nothing more is ever made available I will consider it exactly what it is: inconclusive.

  15. I'm confused. The CBC post says that video was upload to their server at 14:28 ET. That's 2:28pm. McGregor says the footage would have been shot earlier and then walked into the CBC bureau.

    But 2:28pm is only thirteen minutes after Question Period starts (at the earliest). From the coverage I've seen the protests started during a question from Jack Layton about pensions. That woudl have been about fifteen minutes into QP.

    If McGregor's timestamp and my understanding of timeline are correct, there's no way that video could have been taken after the protests.

    (Furthermore, why does the woman with the scarf on her head–who we all saw getting dragged out of parliament–not seem to be being escorted away in this picture?)

    • 16:28 – check the post again, there was a typo

      • Thansk for pointing me to that update. Interesting post by Akin, though which seems to confirm the blood part.

        • Sort of. Akin said he saw blood by the mouth. Also, it seems rather clear that there was no blood on the face when he left parliament. I suspect that the blood Akin saw was also fake, probably something from a Halloween store.

  16. Yesterday may have been Custer's First and Last Stand Up.

    • ba dum…

      She's here all week, folks.

  17. David Akins witnessed him bleeding from the mouth early on.

    Then he is cleaned up in the walking video, then bloody again in the Solomon interview. Perhaps he started bleeding again, or perhaps he did it for effect. Might any of the TV people advise him to leave it on?

    Somebody who was interested more than partisan blatting might think about wh he is. See the discussion here:

    • At what time as the walking video taken?

      • bigcitylib says the cbc reporter mixed up her video times. He must have updated it since you posted — so he DID get bloodied, and didn't add it on again for TV.

        • No, the film of Custer walking with a clean face may still have come after he was seen bleeding from the mouth by Akins and before he was interviewed by Solomon. But we do not know that for sure because we do not know how early the walking film was shot. And then possibly he started bleeding again after the walking film, or possibly he marked his face up for the TV, but we do not know.

          • Actually, based oin new video, it appears he had the blood on his face all the time, but the walking video was too fuzzy to show it.

            What was CBC thinking?

    • Clearly, it is time for Warren Commission North.

  18. It looks like Jeh Custer was telling the truth. The walking video was too fuzzy to show the blood on his face but it was still there. CBC owes him an apology.