The CBC Cuts -

The CBC Cuts


Here are links to a couple of articles on the CBC cuts announced today, one in the Toronto Star, the other in the Hollywood Reporter. Perhaps the biggest news out of this round of announcements – not to minimize any of the others – is the announcement that the CBC will cancel a planned production expansion in Halifax. The announcements are not yet clear on whether this means the end of CBC TV production altogether in Halifax (that’s the impression I took from the phrase “Plans for CBC Halifax do not include TV studio production facilities,” but I’ll update when it becomes clearer), but if this does mean the end of Halifax as a CBC TV production centre – or even if it just means a reduced production capacity – it’s a shame. CBC’s Halifax production had its own distinctive style and tradition, and produced some memorable shows that would not have been the same if they had been moved to one of the two big English-language TV production hubs.

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The CBC Cuts

  1. Gauging by the decline in quality of the half hour Thursday morning radio dramas, it would appear that CBC has anticipated funding cuts. From superb (Afcanada!) to some putrid, crappy Pr firm comedy!

    M Polach

  2. Cut again and cut deeper.  We don’t need CBC TV although radio serves a purpose in reaching all Canadians even in the  boondocks, although satellite radio does the same thing.

    • Just wondering: who will pay for everyone’s satellite radios and the monthly subscription fees needed to replace ubiquitous AM/FM radios and free broadcasts? Can Sirius XM satellite radio actually be received in northern Canada?

      •  When I was a kid in the pioneering days of radio  ordinary AM radios cost as much as satellite radios do now – and the CBC charged a license fee.  The CBC ha a purpose then to open up the airwaves.

          While I am not sure, I believe Sirus is heard wide spread.  In fact in the north at night I have picked up AM  stations all over US and Canada at night due to long wave skip propagation.

         It is not as if we are short of AM/FM ot TV/Cable channels stations in Canada either – why does the taxpayer have to pay for it?  And the National Film Board??

        • Your point about the high cost of AM radios when they were first introduced is exactly my concern. They were new, expensive and families initially bought just one for their living room (like flat screen TVs a few years ago, except that radios were not an improvement of existing technology.) Moving the CBC Radio to satellite seems a very inefficient and punatively expensive way to fund it.

          Your comment questioning the NFB really gets to the crux of the whole CBC funding debate. I think it comes down to whether Canadians believe our culture, history and society is some crucial way different and distinct from Americans and worth investing in as a nation. If not, then there’s no reason to keep the CBC or to stop Shaw/Rogers/CTV/CityTV from being sold to foreign media groups like News Corp, or Disney/ABC.

          •  Yes, there is no reason. Culture is a natural outgrowth of a people, not something raised in a hothouse.  Do we want a culture developed by crown corporations or by a free market system? People vote with the dial. I suspect the supporters of the CBC and the NFB are a rare breed who prefer a snotty form of intellectual superiority.  What is Canadian? Not necessarily the incessant verbal diarrhea of the CBC  or the weird shorts made by the NFB.  Or do you want a culture developed for those who think they are the intellectual elite? . 

          • If you honestly feel that the CBC is aimed at snotty intellectuals with a superiority complex, the CBC must be very different in your region. Or perhaps I’m an intellectual elite. Not sure whether to be insulted or flattered.

          • The ‘natural outgrowth of Culture’ as YOU imagine it would soon turn Canada into an adjunct of the USA. Those of us who care about Canada see the worth in protecting and preserving our identity from the US’s overwhelming presence. That’s why I am so grateful that the CBC supports Canadian culture from coast to coast. Thank God! Every time I tune in the CBC, I have access to the largest concentration of programing about our great nation. Only an idiot would think the mindless pap that the ‘free-market’ big broadcasters provide in the USA, is worthwhile. To you I say: by all means, channel-surf over and watch another mindless US reality program….it’s about all your atrophied brain can handle!
            I’m fiercely proud to be Canadian and very proud that we are, AND REMAIN, distinctly different from the USA. So I say Hooray for the CBC! The news we get from the CBC is intelligent and not biased; it’s NOT tainted/directed by some wealthy owner, or major stakeholder, with an agenda about which news is worth reporting. Fox News is one example. That network is a total load of idiological propaganda! But you just dont get it do you? People like you have little or no loyalty to Canada, no clue about our history nor what works in our unique geographical circumstances to help us define who we are as a nation. Case in point: if not for the Canadian Content laws, we certainly would not now be enjoying a plethora of Canadian music…indeed, for our population we produce a disproportionate amount of musical talent…talent that’s recognised the world over! I guarantee THAT surely would NOT have happened without the Canadian Content laws; we’d only be listening to whatever the US or the UK music industry etc. were generating.
            You are so bloody short-sighted!

          • This is in  reply to RFS below  (for which no reply button is provided – perhaps evidence of MacLeans censorship or preventing a DISCUS response)..

               You call American programming pap – I would disagree, it is largely crap like the CBC.  If the expensive crap that the CBC produces is evidence of Canadian culture then we are indeed in  a sorry state.  Just because a person fails to  listen to the CBC doesn’t mean that he or she necessarily listens  to American crap.  Crap is crap no matter from whence it originates. I watch very little TV in fact, just the news and some intelligent commentary on CTV, and as  well some excellent programming on the Knowledge Network – a service that IS supported by voluntary donations..    Canada needs neither the CBC nor the NFB to demonstrate its unique culture. Anyone who pays attention to either of them must be very unsure of the real Canadian scene.  MacLeans magazine itself is a current commentary on our culture and life which does not need the effete or weird – and people pay for it at the marketplace.  Let the CBC and the NFB live if you wish, but not on the backs of the taxpayer.  If it has merit, people will rush to donate YOUR money, not MINE. Several of the productions of the Discovery Channel are far more valuable than the CBC crap.  

            Canadian music? The last Canadian music was written and performed by the Gordie Lightfoot who sat on runway 9. Of course, if one doesn’t like screaming and screeching to drums and guitar, then I guess one wouldn’t give credence to much Canadian music.

            Finally, your  ad hominem  comments about my knowledge of history or Canada’s heritage are crap like the rest of your diatribe. I don’t have to defend a lifetime of public service in the military and provincial public service,  nor the fact that my understanding of Canadian history is informed  both by formal education and by antecedents who have been on the cutting edge of pioneering North American society in general and Canadian society in particular since the 17th century.

  3. The CBC has been the glue that holds Canada together.  Halifax productions have their own unique style and it will be sad to see it come to an end.  And yes, we do need the CBC to differentiate us from American television. 

  4. What  they need  to cut is some of the salaries at the top, but no they cut programming that Canadians listen to.

  5. For David Church below (no rep[ly button) . I rest my case on 70 years of it.   As for satellites, what is the cost of all the repeaters, both radio and TV?.

  6. I get tired of the endless debate over funding the CBC vs private broadcasters. We pay for all of it, we just have more control over taxes. At least the CBC is beholden to taxpayers and, consequently, their news is much more responsive to our needs, not run by corporations with agendas that often conflict with ours. The money always comes out of our pockets. I agree completely that Halifax provided, a unique and interesting take and it’s loss would be significant. As for those who want to get rid of the CBC, first you can find some arrangement that doesn’t siphon money out of my pocket to pay for your second rate (or worse) commercial broadcasting. Every product I need to buy supports them through advertising and sponsorship, I have no control over this.