The cost of doing business -

The cost of doing business

The White House sends BP a bill for $69.09 million


Just in from the White House: “The Obama Administration today sent a preliminary bill for $69.09 million to BP and other responsible parties for response and recovery operations relating to the BP/Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill. The Administration will continue to bill BP regularly for all associated costs to ensure the Oil Spill Liability Trust Fund is reimbursed on an ongoing basis.”

BP’s 2009 profits: $14 billion in a bad year.

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The cost of doing business

  1. Obama, don't be so harsh!!
    Mr. Hayward probably carries that amount in his wallet!
    Should have been an EXTRA zero added to this amount, even if it is a preliminary bill.

  2. as i understand it this is just recovering costs. hopefully the penalty will fit the crime.

  3. Obama asserted that future generations would say that "this was the moment when the rise of the oceans began to slow and our planet began to heal …"

    When you promise the moon, it tends to bite you in the a**.

    Most people would settle for a competent president, instead of a world saviour. This man is incompetent and in over his head. He has not taken charge ot this on-going fiasco.

    Heal the planet, good Lord.

    • So would you like him to be more like Aquaman, Superman, or Poseidon? FEMA's actual JOB was to prepare for a disaster like Katrina and the Bush administration failed miserably in the aftermath. Is Obama responsible that oil well blowouts have never been under the purview of the Army Corps of Engineers before? You may say it should be now, and that legislation should be passed to ramp up for that. But your lame partisanship also ignores Cheney's hand in (or rather hands-off) de-regulation.

    • Jarrid, you would make an excellent cork.

  4. The Gulf of Mexico is being polluted on an on-going basis by this un-checked leak which is now the U.S.'s biggest environmental catastrophe with NO END IN SIGHT and the jokers at the White House think we're going to be impressed because they're sending interim bills to BP?

    What planet are these guys on? Obama the impotent, Obama the incompetent.

    • blah blah blah i could just cut and paste my reply to your last inane post.

    • Hey Jarrid — how do you do it ? You spout poo and people reply to you. You 'da Poo Man' for sure. Problem is, the smell is overwhelming. Good thing we have taxpayer funded health care here in Canada.

      Wait a minute!

      If you are a TRUE BELIEVER — emigrate. The U.S. awaits.

  5. Derek and Reader,

    Those 9 people that died when their boats were intercepted by the IDF when they tried to break the Gaza embargo – that's Obama's fault as well. His weakness embolden's the U.S.'s enemies and encourages aggressive behaviour against U.S. allies. That said, it's not clear to me that Obama considers Israel a U.S. ally.

    There will be more deaths in the middle east – because of Obama's bizarre foreign policy which reminds me of Jimmy Carter's, only worse.

    • Man, the troll must have been smoking pot because he's got the munchies

  6. Indeed history is repeating itself.

    The Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan under Jimmy Carter's watch. They sensed his weakness and made their move.

    The west's enemies have taken the measure of the weak man that presides over the most powerful country on earth. And they no longer fear any repercussions from the U.S. when they act on their belligerent impulses.

    Hang on to your hats folks, the world has become a mor dangerous place since Obama's has taken power. Things will get much worse.

    This little middle east dust-up is just the proverbial tip of the iceberg.

  7. What a silly comment. One could as easily say:

    The USA invaded Afghanistan under Vladimir Putin's watch. They sensed his weakness and made their move.

  8. Polluter pays is always the best way to go – much more effective than any bunch of twisted regulations and corrupt enforcers.