‘The cultural collapse of television in Britain’


Former Late Show co-host Sarah Dunant considers her former colleague and what they might do next.

“It doesn’t surprise me at all to find Michael now involved in politics. He is a substantial man, a man of sublime intelligence and taste,” says Dunant, 59. “But I’m sure that Michael has found that the journey from being one thing to another takes time. It’s a bit like turning around an oil tanker. In my case, it has taken 10 years to change the perception from `Sarah is a television host who sometimes writes novels’ to `Sarah is a novelist who in the past did some television.’

… “The Late Show was an extraordinary show, which you would not now see on British television, such has been the cultural collapse of television in Britain,” she says. “Now the only show that would want Michael or I back is Celebrity Big Brother and I’m not sure that he nor I would wish to be in that house.”


‘The cultural collapse of television in Britain’

  1. Oh – I don;t know Sarah .. think about it – as after all what happens when Iggy loses an election and doesn't gain that many seats – the next sound you hear will be liberal knife sharpening and the bell for a real actual leaderhsip race and if he doesn't win that and Haavaaad thinks twice about letting him come back to teach maybe he will give the celebrity brother show a second look – it has been known to happen before.

  2. Can you imagine Stephen Harper on Celebrity Big Brother? Gawd. He'd piss everyone off, including the audience.

  3. It has to be said but would a man who truly was "of sublime intelligence and taste …" get involved in politics in the first place? Everyone I think of as intelligent would not touch the job of MP with a ten-foot pole.

  4. Oh well they can just watch more American TV. It's what we Canadians do, and it hasn't hurt us yet, has it?