The Danish experience -

The Danish experience


Further to this, it seems the Danish government is currently being sued by a former detainee who was seized by Danish forces and turned over to the Americans.

The Danish defence ministry went on trial here Tuesday in a case brought by a man who claims he was tortured while a prisoner in Afghanistan. Ghousouallah Tarin has alleged he suffered torture at the hands of US troops in Afghanistan after he was turned over to the Americans by Danish soldiers…

According to Tarin’s lawyer, Tyge Trier, the central question in the trial is what the Danish government knew about the US treatment of Afghan prisoners, which his client alleges was in violation of the Geneva Conventions on prisoners of war.


The Danish experience

  1. The seriousness of this issue aside, a lawyer called Trier? Classic. I hear she's up against top US gov't lawyer William Q. Pleadignorance.

  2. Does anyone know the specifics of Mr. Tarin's allegations? From the linked article, he was held for two days by the Americans, and then released. He is suing the Danes for 6,700 Euros.

  3. What a looking-glass world. Canada and Denmark – two countries that put as much effort into the maintenance of human rights as any country in the world – potentially on trial for war-crimes.

  4. Well … Canada now allows itself to be sued for things it has not done … witness the 10.5 million given by Canada to a citizen rendered by the US to Jordan and through Jordan to Sryia. No scars or other actual evidence was ever shown to Canada and we paid only upon an aggressive complaint brought be lawyers who profited by the process.
    I can already see the lawyers lining up! God we are stupid!

  5. "The incident took place in March 2003"