The Day After -

The Day After

Let the Republican presidential primaries begin! Step right up, Sarah Palin.


So the election is over; now let the Republican presidential primaries begin!

Step right up,  Sarah Palin

“In New Hampshire, which holds the first primary, Ms. Palin can count on the support of its newest senator, Kelly Ayotte. When the presidential campaign moves to South Carolina, the state’s new governor, Nikki Haley, will owe her one.”

NYT: Palin Proves that Mama Grizzly Has Bite

And how long before the just-elected young, telegenic, Hispanic, conservative, Tea Party-approved-but-not-weird Marco Rubio starts running for the president? Hey, how long was Obama in the Senate before he ran?


The Tea Party probably cost Republicans Senate seats in Delaware and Nevada, but they helped the party elsewhere by allowing voters to punish incumbents and still vote Republican. But John Boehner the soon-t0-be Speaker of the House, vowed last night to Tea Party activists that “I will never let you down.” Rand Paul, the new senator-elect from Kentucky, said he will begin today building up the “Tea Party caucus” in the House. There will be some interesting times ahead for Republicans when it comes to setting the federal budget and debating raising the debt ceiling.


Meanwhile, Obama will hold a press conference at 1pm.

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The Day After

  1. The wave has come. Now lets see if the Republicans can put their money where their mouths are. I doubt Sarah Palin is going to run for President. She is great on the stump, promoting candidates etc but the Republicans need a serious person with cred to run against Obama in 012.

    • Agree completely. I like Palin but she is not ready for prime time yet. Her political talents are immense but she is a bit raw.

      Palin in 2016 (or 2020 if the Republicans retake the white house in 2012), with a few years to learn how to channel that raw political talent into elect-ability, would be formidable indeed. I hope she does not damage her future chances with a premature run now.

      • She's not very bright. I can't see time changing that much.

        • How would you know, because you are not very bright yourself?

          • I'm assessing her on the basis of what she says. She says a lot of stupid things.

          • I don't think she has been to all 57 states yet, like Mr. Obama.

          • Is Palin hiding a doctorate I don't know about?

      • I think America is a ready for a reality show star to be president. Maybe she can get Snooki on the ticket.

    • Now lets see if the Republicans can put their money where their mouths are.

      I very much doubt you'll see that. I think you can expect to see Republicans taking this win as an affirmation of their policies, rather than what it really is: A general discontent with the Federal government.

      Expect to see those All-American social conservative policies; and spending, spending, spending. Fiscal conservatives always seem to get lost in the shuffle.

    • Wow! I'm in agreement with hollinm. Are you the real hollinm or the the one who sometimes pretends to hollinm?

    • Palin appeals to the lunatic fringe – she could get a phd in international relations, solve the middle east crisis, invent a cold-fusion engine and middle of the road US voters would STILL find her crazy. She'd sacrifice her appeal if she tried to be a serious candidate.

      That said, Sarah Palin for 2012 Republication nomination!

      • If as you say, Pallin appeals to the lunatic fringe, then Emily should like her, what.

        • Attacking other posters because they disagree with you isn't very intelligent either…much like Sarah.

          • You've been swiftboated!

          • Take it as a compliment, Emily, you're in their heads — and it must be hard to get anything into their heads.

  2. Well, the swiftboating of Sarah Palin by the Republican leadership commences today….so that serious candidates can come forward.

    • I wonder if McCain-Palin had won in 08 if there would be a Tea Party now. Maybe I've been reading too many "What If…" Marvel comics.

  3. You maybe right. However, there is much support for her among the rank and file. They should tread carefully.

  4. II find it fascinating on how Palin drives frustrated left wing nuts crazy and more importantly results in them making terrible mistakes – this momma grizzly has made more strides despite the pundits, the media and the entertainment industry doing it's level best to either insult, demean and write her off – yet there she is probably the most powerful person in american poltics right now making Hillary look like an ol washerwoman – who would have thought – had I posted this a year ago no one would have believed me – then again truth is always like that! make no mistake folks the Tea Party has just fired off the opening salvo and Obama supporters are still writing off Sarah to their own downfall :)

    • Hillary is waiting off shore to come back and cut Obama off at the knees if he falters much further. Right now he is stunned but not ready to fall.

    • I find it fascinating that you think a woman who has had a best-selling book, a reality show, made a half-hearted maybe Presidential run announcement on Entertainment Tonight, whose daughter and daughter's baby-daddy are stars, etc etc is a victim of "the entertainment industry doing it's level best to either insult, demean and write her off."

      How many of Palin's candidates won last night? Nikki Haley comes to mind, but even then I think it's a disservice to Haley to credit Palin with her success.

    • I look at her record and it does not do her any credit
      – poor research and preparation on the affairs of state wrt the post she was seeking election to,
      – ran away from her work in Alaska,
      – blaming others for her own failings,
      – spouting platitudes and nonsense instead of articulating policies and how she will fund/manage these policies,
      – propagating half truths and propaganda about the policy ideas of others.
      Left or right, anybody with any sense or integrity cannot support an individual with a proven track record of failure and obfuscation.
      Or has good sense and a expecting a degree of ability/competence in ones prospective leaders now also become an elitist quality?

      • Aside from resigning the governorship in Alaska because she couldn't afford the lawsuits, you've just described nearly every politician – including the incumbent US president.

      • "-spouting platitudes and nonsense"………….you mean like your little uniformed load of MSNBC talking points?

        • my msnbc?
          assume much?
          you sad, sad individual
          nothing to say so you just let the words pour out and the fact that they are not coherent doesn't seem to bother you.
          or is that an elitist concept too?

      • Sounds just like many politicians around, they all got elected on something else, why can't she?

  5. Regarding Sarah Palin you have to give credit where credit is due, don't you. There is a saying, "the proof of the pudding is in the eating". Sarah has certainly gotten results and fame, hasn't she.

  6. Democrate and Republicans all profit from this fake war on terror. We need to stop killing pëople for oil, gas and other resources.
    The terro attacks are false flag attack to discredit the middle eastern countries , people and religions. We have killed over 2 million people in the never ending war on terror. Please look in to the truth behind the wars. See