The day so far: Rob Ford lashes out, apologizes, remains defiant -

The day so far: Rob Ford lashes out, apologizes, remains defiant

Also: The Supreme Court wraps up Senate reform hearings


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The number of former staffers Ford claimed he’d take to court: ex-chief of staff Mark Towhey, ex-special assistant Isaac Ransom, and ex-spokesman George Christopolous.


Rob Ford threatens legal action and then says some lewd things. Warning: the lewd things involve strong language


“I’m happily married. I’ve got more than enough to eat at home.” —Toronto Mayor Rob Ford


Rob Ford: The spectacle continues, without relent. This morning, Ford threatened legal action against ex-staffers and denied allegations he’d ever approached a female ex-staffer about engaging in oral sex. Then, at a lunch-hour press conference, the mayor apologized for the lewd remarks, saying the stress of past days pushed him over the edge. He told reporters that health professionals are helping him through substance-abuse issues. He wouldn’t elaborate on the nature of those issues. If Ford speaks, it’s newsworthy. And every media outlet knows it. Where the story goes from here depends on a few things: ex-staffers’ continued revelations; Ford’s legal action; whatever comes out of Ford’s mouth next. The spectacle is great news for any other public official who, for the time being, want to accomplish something outside of the public eye.

Supreme Court: The court wrapped up three days of hearings related to Senate reform. Paul Wells, writing yesterday, explained today’s proceedings: “Two lawyers in private practice hired by the Supremes to argue any viewpoint they deem pertinent, as a means of ensuring a complete debate, will present their arguments. Then the ermine-clad solons will retire to their corners to write an opinion.” And that’s what happened. Now, we wait a few months, or perhaps longer, to hear what Canada’s top court has to say about changing the Senate’s status quo.


The day so far: Rob Ford lashes out, apologizes, remains defiant

  1. Here is an article that looks at the Ford family business and its connection to the
    current Mayor of Toronto:

    While Rob Ford likes to present himself as one of the masses, the size of the family
    business would suggest otherwise. On the upside, at least he can always claim back his job as CFO at Deco once he leaves city hall behind.

    • You can be rich and not have any class….goodness knows we have lots of examples in Hollywood.

  2. Sun News has offered Rob and Doug their own TV show.
    I guess Sun News knows a ratings grabber when they see one.

    • Well they haven’t had any ratings grabbers until now, except Trudeau knocking out Brazeau, but perhaps they’re onto something.

    • Sun TV desperately needs a boost in their ratings. The Ford Klown Show will give them a chance to…ahem…crack the top 5000 most watched. All 231 remaining citizens of Ford Nation will tune in faithfully. Ford Mo. Co. will not be among the sponsors.

      • I hope they put the kids to bed early on Monday nights.

  3. The best(?) part of that video is he says ‘more than enough to eat at home’ and then DROPS THE MIC. He CLOSES with that line. Like he had been thinking up that line for the two hours prior to the scrum. The guy thought that this was the CLEVER thing to say. It’s so marvellously offside and inappropriate, and he’s so oblivious to that fact, that I don’t know whether to gasp or applaud. It’s a spectacular thing to watch.

    • We are now at the crossroads where reality TV and politics meet and it’s getting pretty ‘effin scary.

      • …if by scary you mean SCARY AWESOME.

        (I know I shouldn’t say that, but… I just can’t look away!)

    • He probably has that line handy to ward off all the women who want to sleep with him. Must be a huge problem for him.

  4. Y don’t the media / Paparazzi leave him alone… seriously don’t you people have better things to report like the Philippine disaster or Animal abuse and abandonment. Seriously reporters are giving us the bad name because your publicizing about crap. Ok so Ford screwed up doing drugs but 80 % of this country has tried it as well. Nothing new. Leave the guy and his family alone. He couldn’t even take his kids out for Halloween without the media following them around… Seriously get a life reporters.

    • And yet… Rob and his brother jump at the chance to GET ON TV at Sun News. He says he doesn’t want the spotlight, but he has a funny way of hiding from it.

      • Is this why the CRTC turned down Sun’s request to be included in basic cable packages?

    • FFS: public figures attract media attention — part of his job. If he wants to smoke crack, party with criminals, drink and drive, and tell media that he eats pussy, I guess he should figure he’s gonna attract some attention. Oh, Canada!

      • If that was done by a leftist politicians it would have been swept under the rug.

    • “Ok so Ford screwed up doing drugs but 80 % of this country has tried it as well.”

      I’d be willing to bet that 80% hasn’t tried crack, vodka, Oxycontin, and driving all at the same time.

      • You Torontonians are special, you are the worst exaggerators I have ever (seen) heard

        • I never heard the word “allegedly” being used as much as this,

        • 1) I’m not the one who made the ludicrous claim that “80% of this country has tried [doing drugs]”. I was responding to a previous comment.

          2) It was Ford’s own staff who reported his using multiple substances while driving.

          3) I’m not from Toronto

          4) I’ve told you a million times not to exaggerate.

    • Ah – he called this presser to announce his intention to sue what sounds like all his former staff. If Rob Ford wants privacy he could stop parading around in public acting like an idiot.

    • The problem wasn’t doing drugs, it was getting faceless while he was at work, associating with gang-involved criminals and then lying and being belligerent when criticized. Anyone else, everyone else, would get fired for this. Even bikers would be sanctioned by their criminal organizations for being so f’ed up on the job.

      It’s hilarious that anyone would still try to blame the media when the stories they wrote were first denied and then admitted by Rob Ford again and again and again. Maybe I can help with a football analogy: The score is Media 78 to Rob Ford 0 in the fourth quarter with Rob Ford blaming the referees and you blaming the announcer.

    • Exactly, I would take him anytime over the ottawa mayor, who spends money like drunken sailor,

    • So long as he’s drawing a paycheque he’s going to have to answer the questions.

    • First post that makes sense. The reporters are surrounding Rob Ford like pack of Hyenas a wounded lion trying to wound him more and tear up him alive

    • It’s news whether you like it or not. He is also a PUBLIC FIGURE and should expect the media to follow him around…especially when he conducts himself the way he does.

  5. I am getting tired of the “national Enquirer” type of media,

    • I’m pretty tired myself…of the National Enquirer type of mayor…