The Facebook Index (II) -

The Facebook Index (II)


For those of you still keeping score at home…

Canadians Against Proroguing Parliament 151,061
Stephen Harper 29,449
Michael Ignatieff 28,817
Jack Layton 27,697
Elizabeth May 6,449
Gilles Duceppe 3,995


The Facebook Index (II)

  1. Your Liberal left-wing media elite bias is showing, Aaron.

    You've deliberately chosen to exclude this new facebook page from your list:: <a href = ""&gt; I SUPPORT the Prorogation of Parliament and the Prime Minister of Canada

    Okay, so it does not have as many members as the others. Yet.

    But mark my anonymous words, when people catch on to the enormity of Harper's Massive Economic Actionplan Grand Recalibration Exercise (MEAGRE), people will line up outside malls, hotels, internet kiosks, and bars to join up.

    So there!

    Also, support the troops.

    • Wow…you can't be one of the spin doctors in the Prime Minister's Office….Harper has a MEAGRE plan….bad optics…bad…bad….bad!!

      Macleans probably didn't mention your pro-prorogation site because frankly it's numbers are a total embarrassment. 713 people joined since it started a week ago. The anti-prorogation side is getting about 700 an hour. The tide is coming in and it's not yours.

  2. Wake up call to apathetic voters?

  3. 151k clicked their mouse for democracy!!

    That's nearly 20% of the university student population,
    those profs really know how to get their students to earn gold stars.

    If 10% of those mouse clickers turn out to rallies at the universities,
    I'll be impressed.

    • No doubt you were also deriding Stephen Taylor's anti-coalition Facebook group of 127 000K as a bunch of elitists too, eh wilson? Somehow I doubt you were.

    • Theres a thread on the FB page that has alot of the people's ages. The average seems to be of the boomer generation.

    • I love the fact that the CPoC shills seem to never bother with creating accounts. This way their comments can't be easily tracked.

  4. I checked out the facebook page…in the discussions area I see no real valid points on how prorogation will help Canada, just on how it will help Harper with arguments by people who's point is to support Harper in general on everything he does. Harper was elected to lead a minority government, this means compromise and working with the other parties. I fail to see how he is doing this by proroguing.

  5. And websites, and videos, and rally organizational meetings, and letters to MPs and newspapers. And if you take a quick look at the Facebook group or the letters to the editors, there a lot of students but mostly not. And not just partisans either as many Conservatives and many non-partisans are at least very concerned about the Harper Holiday if not outraged.

    I 100% agree that if it is just a Facebook campaign it is nothing. But it already is a lot more so this meme is already very dated.

  6. What about Canadians against the coalition?

  7. By the way, in my city it'll be held in front of the Prov. Legislature and I'll be there. And the demographic ranges from young to boomers, not just university students as you are trying to imply.

  8. Perhaps Ms Wilson would like to once and for all explain exactly what it is about going to university that is so worthy of derision? Instead of all this innuendo, wouldn't it be nice if she would put her real feelings on the line and in the public record?

    What's so wrong with education Ms Wilson?

    • maybe we can ask Professor Flanagan and the Univ of Calgary group…

  9. Make that 152,207 for the "Canadians Against Proroguing Parliament" Still growing….

  10. That was so 15 minutes ago, the chatter class has raised to 152,525 now… about 350 every 15 minutes…

    • Even allowing for some "levelling off" in the growth, it'll be 200,000 within a week.

  11. Reading these posts one could think that Canadians are more opposed to the prorogation of Parliament than they were opposed to the coalition.

  12. Still haven't caught up to the "When I'm Super Bored, I Go On Facebook and Join Tons of Pointless Groups" group yet.They have 169,318 members.

    But I can see why all the left wing nuts are getting excited. It will be a big day when you pass them.

    Go Wherry Go!

    • Hey Dakota – how about you create an IntenseDebate account? I'd love to have a repository of your posts to read when I need to be reminded why the conservative movement in Canada will eventually implode.

  13. You keep on beating that dead horse, Aaron.

    I've noticed the Cons bounced back to 36% in the polls, according to Angus Reid, exactly where they were before prorogue.

  14. I personally enjoy Wherry's new obsession with Facebook since it is so easy to ridicule.

    Just look, "I was doing homework, then I ended up on Facebook" has 1,017,683 members! WOW! Maybe someday all those kids will click on the you've been invited link to join the "Canadians Against Proroguing Parliament" group!

    Or maybe 99% of those people who joined Wherry's favorite group don't even vote. Just look at the comments on the group wall. I think half of those people are 12 years old.

    • Thugs.

    • The prorogue facebook group has a picture that says "get back to work". I think that almost any citizen of our country has a less than positive view of politicians and would join such a group when seeing that pic, regardless of the prorogue situation, and I suspect most of the people in the group have no idea what prorogue means.

    • Hold on there Dakota – you might hurt yourself agreeing with everyone that repeats your talking points.

  15. This group you mention, it's entirely made up of Canadians right?

  16. Is the "Canadians Against Proroguing Parliament" group made up of all Canadians? Are they all of voting age? Do you really believe this group holds any valid statistical relevance?

    You go ahead and trumpet how meaningful it is though, just be sure to strap your tin foil hat on tight.

    • I believe the point in general is that this group has more members than all the leader groups put together. If it was just comprised of people trying to further a political agenda, that would not be the case.

      Nobody believes that this officially means anything, but it is a sign of many things….mainly that this decision has made many Canadians unhappy.

  17. Well I guess it's this dang tinfoil hat, maybe it's on too tight, but for the life of me I can't see too many Americans/Brits/Aussies getting all riled up about Canadian politics and joining. Silly me, thinking that the only people who would interested in this would be Canadians.

    *readjusts tinfoil hat*

  18. Yes, since it's so hard for people from other countries to click on a link their Canadian friends sent them.

    Them there computers is so confusing!

  19. Yes, that's OBVIOUSLY what accounts for every member over and above Stephen Taylor's initial goalpost of 127,000.

    Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go join a group denouncing the current scandal in Northern Ireland.

    • Denounce it? Hell, I'm all for sex scandals! They're, um, sexy!

  20. I believe our anon poster friend is engaging in parody.

    • Did you have to spoil it for the rest of us by pointing that out?

  21. Which is roughly the size of Regina. At what point does this cease being the object of sneering derision by the Blogging Tory set?

    • It doesn't. Many of them still think (desperately) that Facebook is used exclusively by those under 25.

      Many also think an unaccountable PM speaking to their values and interests is in the best interest of the country and the ends justify the means.

      Mix the two, half-bake them, and you get Tory Brownies.

    • When the "Canadians FOR Prorogation" FB group passes the population of Hythe, Alberta. Only 100 or so to go!

      • Wow, 720 members on the Canadians for Prorogation FB group (7 new ones in the last 2 hours)…..There are more than 720 Tory exempt staffers who are on the public payroll working in Tory ministers offices and the Prime Minister's Office on Parliament Hill. You've have thought the PMO has ordered these party stalwarts to join the Canadians of Prorogation group…..their very jobs depend upon winning this issue. OR maybe even Tory staffers have their doubts about the wisdom of the PM's stupid and reckless decision to show his fear of accountability and his contempt for Parliament.

    • When the "Canadians FOR Prorogation" FB group passes the population of Hythe, Alberta. Only 100 or so to go!

  22. With all of this "outrage", I've still yet to hear one actual possible response to the situation. Iggy's not going to call an election, because he's chicken. And he's not going to make parliamentary reform a Liberal platform plank, because he knows that would generate absolutely zero traction.

    So people will join Facebook groups, and a handful of them might go out and protest. And at the end of the day, they'll still hate Stephen Harper just the same as they did before.

    This "scandal" will not swing a single vote. Wait until the media has something real to write about, and this will go down the rabbit hole in a heart beat.