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The Facebook Index

Canadians Against Proroguing Parliament more popular than all five federal political leaders


As of this writing, the group Canadians Against Proroguing Parliament is more popular than all five federal political leaders in this country.

Canadians Against Proroguing Parliament 29,340 members
Stephen Harper 29,323 supporters
Michael Ignatieff 28,673 supporters
Jack Layton 27,690 supporters
Elizabeth May 6,400 supporters
Gilles Duceppe 3,989 supporters


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  1. I guess it's time for an election then eh Wherry? Or will your boys tuck tail again come the March budget vote?

  2. In my College, a notice just said (Facebook sign for Canadian Against Proroguing Parliament Set UP by NDP Loyalists),
    I don't pay attention this facebook anymore.

    • Hi pansy.
      I can understand that if the group was set up by one political party to slam the Conservatives, then it would be less credible – but there are several of us who were the earliest members and we are not NDP – in fact, the group has lots of people from every poltical party's supporters. Lots of self professed Conservatives, some who have voted depending on the issues of the day and the platforms promised (like me), and some who rarely vote, are new to voting, and some who don't say. We mostly try to stay focused on talking about the desire for our government to represent us better and to stop playing politics. There are some people trying to smear us by saying we are all unemployed, spolied teenages playing video games and FB in our parent's basement. The 69 year old Grandmother loved that!! Anyway, you are wlecome to join us to check it out, and it you feel we are partisan, you can always leave the group. All the best

  3. 29,340 / 33,000,000 = 0.000889

    • facebook

  4. I'm not worried much about an election. If there's even an hint that the opposition is prepared to vote to bring down the government I'm confident the PM will act exactly as he did the last time it looked like the opposition was going to force an election. He'll prorogue Parliament.

  5. Math isnt a strong point for Conservatives.

    • Spelling isn't a strong point for Clare Quilty, even when there are only 7 words to spell.

  6. My math is correct. I expressed the number as a decimal, rather than a percentage. If I meant to express it as a percentage, I would have used the percentage sign (%).

  7. Oh I see, you just like posting numbers thare are completely meaningless then.

    Look, 2 362 / 23 644 = 0.0998984943 ! Interesting stuff hey?

  8. I concede the point; though it's still a way of trying to belittle the numbers (which are still going up btw, they're over 31 000 and still climbing)

  9. Also: Canadians Against a Liberal/NDP Coalition Gov't — 127,214 members

  10. Dude, you're the one who sucks at math if you don't understand that proportions can be expressed as decimals OR as percentages, and both are equally valid. For example, 1/2 can be expressed as 0.5 OR as 50%.

  11. As much as I'm impressed with the Facebook number, and agree with their sentiment, it doesn't at all equate to actually joining (and paying to join) a political party.

    Hal Niedzvieki (author of the Peep Diaries about the way social media is changing culture) tells a story about how he offered to buy all his Facebook "friends" a beer at his local pub. Dozens RSVP'ed that they would come but only one showed.

    So unless we're having the next election by Facebook, most of the casually informed, reflexive joiners probably won't even vote.

  12. If the opponents of proroguing are serious about protesting the Harper and Jean's prorogation of Parliament, they need to be protesting on the streets, not just at our city halls. Also, if people just want our MPs back in session on the 25th, that is not good enough for me to attend a protest. If people want to improve Canadian democracy, that might interest me.

    • HI SD,
      We understand that getting people back to parliament wouldn't change one tiny aspect of the current functioning of parliament, but it could achieve two things:
      1) it could start to re-engage people in the governing of this country so we will hold ourselves more accountable for how we prepare for elections, how often we communicate with our elected officials, etc, and
      2) it could let our MPs know that Canadians do want to be engaged in this process but we need to feel like our voice is heard, and that we can disagree on points of strategy, information, and opinion without feeling like we have to smear the other person.

      Join in and offer your opinion on what we could be doing to enhance governance in Canada

  13. Thanks for conceding the point. Could you explain it to Clare?

    It was absolutely a way of belittling the numbers. I just like seeing all those zeroes to the right of the decimal point. Let me know when it hits 33,000 (the 0.1% milestone!)

  14. As I've said elsewhere.. let's see how many Canadians they get out to protest rallies they're planning.

    If they can get the equivalent of their group's #ls out to rallies across the country, I'll be impressed.

  15. It's gone up by 2800 or so members in the hour and a half since Wherry made this post, so I'd be willing to bet it'll hit your 33,000 milestone sometime this afternoon.

    It was at 32,275 as I started typing this, but hitting refresh on the page a few times right in a row suggests that currently it's going up by a member or two per second – it was up to 32,307 by the time I finished this sentence and hit refresh on their homepage (and now it's at 32,330…).

    Current membership, as fast as I can type it coming back from the page: 32,395

  16. All this over prorogation…sheesh!
    Why not join a political party instead, that might be more to the point no?

    • Just because you are a member of a political party doesn't mean you can stop prorogation. There's only one person in Canada who can do that … er … make that two. And one may want to ask themselves why the conservatives are doing this. People who are politically active are extremely aware of how our leaders are taking advantage of Canada's citizens.

  17. Agreed. I don't know that this fb group will be any more successful than the pro-coalition group at converting passive membership to active support, though.

  18. You make a good point, though protesting somewhere is better than not protesting at all, if the end goal is getting individuals back to work.

    Notably, I wonder how many employed individuals will show up to these "Get Back To Work, Parliament!" protests rather than…go to work.

  19. I seem to recall the Facebook group opposed to the coalition last year had over 100,000 members. Perhaps I'm mistaken? I would say if this group can't hit similar numbers, it's a pathetic failure.

  20. Has anyone else noticed how the faster the FB headcount grows, the more pundits are rushing to dismiss it?

  21. Actually, upon checking the group "Canadians Against a Liberal/NDP Coalition Gov't" still (a year later) has 127,206 members. So if we're going to start using Facebook group membership as a democratic measuring stick, the opposition is floundering badly.

  22. Elizabeth May 6,400 supporters

    God, that's sad, considering Facebook's primary audience.

    • Which is? You do know there are 350 million people on Facebook, right?

  23. It passed 33,000! Truly a grassroots phenomenon. One thousandth of the population has now been mobilized with mouse clicks.

  24. As a facebooker myself, and a member of this group, I think that you should give this group a bit more credit… I challenge you to come check it out… take part in the intelligent NON PARTISAN discussion, and see for yourself. We are a multi generational, multi partisan group of individuals upset with this selfish, and frankly dangerous move on behalf of Stephen Harper on Canadian Democracy!….

  25. not bad in less then a week being up, CR. And we're now up to 34 452. The numbers are going up a 1000 an hour.. thats pretty bloody impressive, whether you want to belittle it or not.

    Again, the proof in the pudding for me will be how they translate online support to how many protesters they get out to their planned rallies. I'm sceptical too, I admit, that it will translate to that, but I guess we'll see how much grassroots anger is out there.

  26. intelligent NON PARTISAN discussion
    upset with this selfish, and frankly dangerous move on behalf of Stephen Harper

    I'm not sure you're as familiar with the meaning of "non-partisan" as you think.

  27. The group's only been up a week. Give it a chance to see where it ends up for #'s.

  28. I oppose prorogation, but the tone of the debate is utterly ridiculous and a-historical. Prime Ministers often prorogue the house – Chretien did it 4 times, Trudeau, I believe, more than 4 (including one time during the Olympics). It bothers me that prorogation is only seen as "an attack on Canadian democracy" when it is done by a conservative. Indeed, this is a highly undemocratic attitude. If prorogation is undemocratic, then we should abolish it, period. This is a crusade many Conservative democratic reformers would happily sign up for.

  29. I am glad that you feel like you can be so patronizing, but the facts again are that the Prime Minister, who just happens to be a conservative, ran on a platform of transparency, and accountability, and this done behind closed doors, over the phone, to get away from criticisms around the Afgan Detainee Issue, as well as to push legislation through the soon to be conservatively controlled senate in the new session… that is neither transparency, or accountability to me..

  30. I dunno. Seems to me that some liberal journalists have taken this Facebook group at face value without digging any deeper. Or maybe I'm screaming conspiracy for nothing. Who knows?

    I don't have a huge network of friends on the site, but they have expressed political opinions in the past. Some of them don't like Harper, yet haven't said a peep about prorogue. I would also point out that the current number against prorogue is far larger than last year when the stakes were much higher. Why is that? On the other hand, I knew a lot of non-politicos who signed up against the coalition at that time. Just some thoughts.

  31. I commend your bravery coming on here to plug the group. I don't much agree with the prorogation either, but I'm not about to join a Facebook group where members are commenting about burning effigies, posting photos featuring a button reading "I'd rather be waterboarding Stephen Harper", and who are wondering if there have ever been incidences of prorogation past 1640.

  32. it's an attack on Canadian democracy because of the circumstances surrounding the prorogation. May I suggest you listen to the most recent Coyne/Wells podcast for a little perspective…

  33. Ok… we're up another 1000 in the las 1/2 hr.

  34. Thanks Aaron Wherry for putting this matter into the proper perspective, unlike others in the press, such as Dan Cook of the Globe and Mail, who demonstrated he isn't even capable of grade school math, and slipped a few falsehoods while slipping a few digits.

    Meanwhile, where is the grass roots movement called Canadians For Proroguing Parliament?

    Surely some die hard CONservative like Ezra Levant is up to such a challenge?

  35. If you had used the expression "multipartisan", you might have had some hope of getting the hippo off your back.

  36. What percentage of those mouse clicks do you think will translate into rally participation? 5%? 2%? It's Facebook, after all. A lot of these new members just clicking on invites that their friends send them, and giving it all of a few seconds of consideration before moving on to the next distraction.

  37. So 35,000 people made the political commitment of clicking a mouse, TWICE.

    The Facebook group “Flipping the Pillow Over to Get to the Cold Side” has over 3 million members.

    Do you see what this means? Me neither.

    • That's the second time that facebook group has been plugged on this site in as many hours. I think we could start a pillow-flipping revolution.

  38. Thanks Lynn,
    I appreciate your realistic approach to the issue, and would just let everyone know, that yes there are… like with any discontented group unreasonable, and irrational responses, but the majority of the comments are intlligent, and meaningful to be introduced into the debate

  39. Yeah that's why they all signed that document; that's why the NDP was willing to give up its tax roll back nonesense; that's why the bloc was willing to raise no national unity iisues and support any CM; that's why the libs were willing to risk theirbrand by agreeing to any bloc support. Your take on the event is skewed and a complete phantasy.

  40. We should all be cheering that any political issue can motivate young people to express an opinion [ lots are young i'm told] Stop with the cynicism can't ya.

  41. Almost at 36,000 now, Scott. I concede your point that the numbers are growing at an impressive rate. It could hit 100,000 in a few days.

  42. Why can't he have a truthful opinion that's different from yours, especially since he appears to have far more credibility and respect here?

  43. Am I the only one who finds this to be a bit odd, especially given that it far outnumbers a similar group created a year ago when the stakes were much higher? I mean, to put it bluntly, are these real people?

  44. Might I suggest learning from the recent errors of political parties when it comes to Media Done In Poor Taste, then – lest the group discover a few bad apples spoil the bunch.

  45. To save money, let's just do away with elections. The Governor General will draw lots to determine which party will govern annually.

  46. Well Dennis, why don't you pull a Steve Janke, put on your investigative hat, go over to that group and go through all 36 429 members and see how many fakes you can find?

    I can tell you some of those members are not supporters; some of the PMO's cheerleading squad has come on to join as members so they can post messages to the group telling them how useless they are to protest this.

  47. Another group to put this in perspective:

    "I Dont care How Comfortable Crocs Are, You Look Like A Dumbass"

    1.5 million members

    On the plus side though, if each of these group members gave $20 the 2006 Liberal leadership candidates would be able to pay off their campaign loans….but seeing as how that hasn't happened in 4 years I call "astroturf".

  48. and here I thought that we had a national press corps that was specifically paid to do this sort of thing – or maybe only when it's Conservatives that are being questioned. Otherwise, take everything at face value seems to be what they're teaching in journalism school these days.

  49. Bartolomeo:

    Even talking your absurd comment at face value (no pun intended). Did it not occur to you (DUH?) that the Facebook group "Flipping the Pillow" appeals to all citizens of the world equally of which there are some 6 billion, whereas the Facebook group "Flipping Harper the Finger" appeals to only a potential audience of 35 million?

    Million? Billion? Do you get the distinction? Putting these two Facebook reference points of your on the same scale, would mean that the Facebook group "Flipping Harper the Finger" would comprise 6 million people, and 6 million is larger than 3 million?

    Oh, but I forgot, you claim that they all hit the mouse, TWICE.

    Meanwhile do you have any meaningful comments that you read on "Flipping the Pillow" Facebook page that you would like to share with us, or that could help improve democracy in Canada. or are you only interested in a good night's sleep?


  50. Okay, you want to play that game?

    Fair Copyright for Canada: 86,352 members
    Legalize it, In Canada: 70,922 members
    Canadians Against a Liberal/NDP Coalition Gov't: 127,196 members

    I could go on.

  51. A democratically elected CPC govt that is afraid to face the opposition by proroguing and running away and hiding? And you guys called Dion spineless? What do you call Harper then — worse than spineless?

  52. There are more people signed up on FB, to keep an eye on the USA snowboarder that is hurt.

    • Probably true. Now, for all of you who discount the group because it has so few numbers, I would like to offer a few points for consideration.

      First, if you are on FB, signing up is a simple click. 100% accurate. However, the FB CAPP has many members who have never been on FB and had to create an account just to join. Still not an overly pressing task – but some have come ono even though they do not want to be part of FB.

      Second, it would be interesting to go the websites for the cold side and the injured snowboarder and see how many times each person has posted, check out how many personal rants or opinions have been offered, and then go to the discussion page and see how many discussion topics exist and how engaged peolpe are.

  53. Big words from someone who is on the taxpayers' payroll.

  54. Ah the troll is back. Where did i say CR can't hold a different opinion? Cr certainly does have credibility here with me – your opinion of my respect or credibility are irrelevant…troll somewhere else moron.

  55. kcm is a friend. We often disagree, and I don't mind if he calls me out for cynicism. ( I see it as skepticism, rather than cynicism.)

  56. It's only five weeks, for crying out loud. They'll be back, and leftists and libs will have their chance to yell and scream at Harper in Parliament again, like they always do. Geez.

  57. I checked over there and found two or three people i know in under a minute…surprisingly…and i've never used facebook before.

  58. You have proof of that accusation, or is it just a lazy smear?

  59. You said we should all be cheering these people and that anyone who doesn't is being cynical and should stop it. lol. Next.

  60. If you've never used Facebook, then how did you check these people out? Don't you need an account?

  61. I clearly said we should be cheering anything that helps to motivate young people to participate at all politically…the cynic jibe was at CR…he can take a shot i'm sure. Not that it matters, you'll twist it anyway you can. One reasonable response is all you get…don't waste your time or mine.

  62. thanks CR…and yes i see your point…cynic was too strong in your case.

  63. That MacLeans, Toronto Star, etc. are even running stories on the popularity of a Facebook page speaks volumes about the state of journalism today. The Star made it their front page leader. No doubt all this media hype will drive the Facebook page members into the hundreds of thousands. And it will still be meaningless.

    • Jim Travers is such a loser!

  64. Aren't the public groups readable without an account?
    I'm pretty sure they are…..(not that I would know)

  65. Iv'e no idea…anyone who actually knows me on these boards is likely aware of my ignorance of new technology. I believe i'm registered now because i support the protest. In simple terms for you…it was the first time i've used facebook.

  66. democracy is being tested and Canadian political news consumers get to this article… a facebook page "is more popular than all five federal political leaders in this country". This is so dumb it is hard to believe that Andrew Coyne is still part of this rag online… Do you think Canadians are likely to vote for the Canadians against shutting down parliament facebook page in the next general election? The high school level analysis is what is pushing Canadians out of the political process.

  67. He who quits and runs away, lives to quit another day!

  68. It occurs to me that the only group less politically relevant in Canada as I write this than this Facebook group is the Parliament of Canada.

    Sure, this group may get almost nothing whatsoever accomplished between now and March, making them pretty impotent politically . But they're not as impotent as a prorogued Parliament!

  69. Sarah Palin

    1,154,832 supporters

    28 for every single "Canadian Against Proroguing Parliament"

  70. 5,208,796 / 33,000,000 = 0.15784 (though, yes, yes, 5,208,796 / 13,834,294 = 0.3765)

    Yet, still 145/308 = 0.4707

    What the current government seems to not really care enough about though is that even an artificially inflated 0.4707 is still <0.5!!!

  71. To be fair, you'd have to take into account the "penetration rate" of Internet (84%) and the fact that there are only 23M registered voters in Canada. Of course, there are no guarantees that every person signing up is a registered voter, but I somehow doubt that there are many 13-year-olds signing up to oppose prorogration. So if you take 84% of 23M, you get 19.3M people, out of which there are 29,340 Facebook members, which brings your decimal number to 0.00152, or if you'd like the number to make intuitive sense, 0.15%.

    It's interesting to note that financial contributors to the Conservative Party represent 0.17% of the 23M eligible voters in Canada.

    So I guess tiny percentages can make a big difference, provided they do things that have an impact. Joining a Facebook group rates pretty low on that scale, but it could lead to bigger things. Time will tell.

    In the meantime, making fun of the fact that they only represent a small fraction of the electorate misses the point, in my opinion.

  72. percentage or world population for "Flipping the Pillow Over to Get to the Cold Side":
    Now let's round it off to one less decimal point:

    Percentage of Canadian population for "Canadians Against Proroguing Parliament":


  73. Entrez du texte ici-même!

  74. il est temp d' arreter ses enfantillages et c' a presse

  75. Canadians Against Proroguing Parliament:
    Liberal party members:

    Percentage: 20%

  76. those are the facts…. call it partisan if you wish… the reality is… he, not his government made the decision.

  77. You're missing the point. Your primary raison d'être concerns ginning up outrage against one particular party and/or party leader. That you think the fiction of "We're just blaming him personally, not the Conservatives" makes what you non-partisan is just adorable.

  78. Just call an election Steve and the Kingdom of Canada is yours. Who cares anymore? Reformers told Canadians what they would do and Steve asked for a chance and they gave him full control, now lets make it official ….. what is Democracy anyway?

  79. Please don`t rewrite history; in Dec, 2008, the opp. coalition did not want to force an election. They wanted to force the GG to cause a national crisis by allowing a three way coalition to take over the government from a democratically elected CPC only two months earlier.

  80. OK, now that one doesn't even make sense, on any number of levels.

  81. You must not be keeping up with Dan Cook's article then. He has updated it… several times…

  82. Then why do it? It serves one objective only…relieve pressure from Harper and allow his gang of lackards a break

  83. In his first televised appearance since invoking prorogation of Parliament, Prime Minister Stephen Harper sits down with CBC's chief correspondent Peter Mansbridge in Ottawa airing January 5th on The National at 9 p.m. ET. I find this very undemocratic. The 3 opposition parties should have the same opportunity on the same night under the same circumstances.

    What does the CBC stand for? The CBC should be filling the VOID for Democracy?

    Instead CBC stands for the Conservative Broadcasting Corporation?

    Dennis Rohel
    North Vancouver

  84. If the issues from which you say he's running are so pressing, then five weeks won't give him a break. On the other hand, if it's all just partisan bickering, then maybe the break is needed.

  85. Over 52,000 now.

  86. When you think about, two years ago nobody on the street would not even have had the slightest clue what prorogation means. Now, apparently, vast legions of people are against it, most of them completely unaware of how parliament works.

  87. Not only that, I suggest that every time an opposition MP utters a word to the media, that it is immediately followed up with a quote from John Baird.

    • Dennis may be a bit over the top, but what he's suggesting is hardly crazy or unprecedented. When Martin went on TV in 2006 he was followed immediately by the leaders of the opposition parties (I think one of them was named Steve). Surely if a PM's speech explaining to the people of Canada why he's NOT shutting down Parliament is felt sufficiently important to warrant allowing opposition rebuttal on live T.V., it's not crazy to expect opposition rebuttal be sought when the PM goes on T.V. to explain to the people of Canada why he IS shutting down their Parliament.

  88. Yeah, that's worth thinking about. I wonder, I just wonder why loads of people now associate "prorogation" with contempt for democracy. It's on the tip of my tongue.

  89. Parliament is prorogued as a matter of course WHEN A LEGISLATIVE AGENDA IS COMPLETED. Harper has now prorogued twice in a year to avoid defeat and/or scrutiny by parliament. It's shameful, and fundamentally different. Harper is supposed to be working for all citizens of Canada, not just conbot party hacks.

  90. Assuming that the Liberals have sent out missives to all party members to register their disapproval with prorogation, you might expect that a sizable number of them might have done so.

    After all, party members are passionately interested in politics, for the most part, compared to the rest of the population.

    But, even if every single one of those facebook supporters were a Liberal party member (which is clearly not the case), they could only have mustered at most 20%.

    • And if only 25% of party members are on Facebook?

  91. You use a bigoted term like "frenchie101" for an online name? Goes to show you the sort of folks the conservative party attracts.

    • It's my last name , in RL.Try again knob.

  92. Spittle-flecked or not? Be careful what you wish for.

  93. I wouldn't put too much stock in the size of the Facebook page, most of these people join every group that pops up and even more likely have no interest or actual knowledge regarding parliament or the political system, it is just the trendy thing to do at the moment. Makes them feel important without actually doing anything. Of course Layton and Iggy will huff and puff about the facebook page as well because that will also make them feel important without actually doing anything. If the opposition were anything but a bunch of opportunistic buffoons people might take them seriously. But they aren't, their only purpose seems to be to obstruct and make parliament a joke with puffery about body bags, H1N1 etc. etc. They have no intention of actually trying to solve any issue and I don't blame Harper for shutting down parliament to illustrate this. And you can be absolutely sure that behind all of the phoney incredulation every one of those opposition MP's were smiling at the thought of a nice long vacation.

  94. I don't know if it can possibly hit a number at which certain people will stop mocking it, but is it perhaps worthy of an update to the post to point out that the Facebook Group has doubled in size since the original posting yesterday?

    Last I checked it was at 60,836 members and still going up by a couple a second. If the next 24 hours are like the last, the group will have more members than the pages of Harper, Ignatieff and Layton combined by this time tomorrow.

  95. A couple a second? Really? you had better check you math on that.

  96. Yeah, you can poke a million holes in this, it's not a rigorous study. Just throwing some numbers out there for perspective.

  97. Good question. Perhaps it's partisanship.

  98. Well, yes, when the PM has his own address to the media (ie not an interview), the opposition gets a shot as well.

    But when it's an interview, I think it's a little unrealistic. In fact, interviews are not always favourable for the person being interviewed. Also, it's not always easy to line up all party leaders at the same time. I'm sure Iggy can get onto CBC for an interview at any time.

  99. Well, admittedly, I didn't actually do any math on that one. I went to the page, it was at 60,746. I clicked refresh and it was at 60,751. I clicked refresh again, and it went to 60,753. I hit refresh one more time, and it went to 60,758. It was usually more than 3 or 4 every time I hit refresh, but you've got to factor in some time for the page to reload.

    As for actual math, it's now at 63,805 (Sorry, 63,820… it went up by 15 as I typed those 8 words). My last post was about 2 hours ago. So 2 hours ago it was at 60,836. Now, it's at 63,860. So, averaged out over the last 120 minutes, the group has added roughly 3000 people. So you're totally right based on the last little while. In the last two hours, it's gone up by about a person every two seconds.

    It's still on pace to eclipse the combined pages of Harper, Ignatieff and Layton by early tomorrow morning, and if the pace keeps up it'll be in 6 figures before Friday.

    For the record, just before i hit send the group was at 64,253.

  100. Fair enough. I just think your reply to Dennis' over-reaction was itself an overreaction is all.

  101. LOL

    I know what you mean there, and lol.

  102. the number of Facebook members is inaccurate we have over 64,000 members and growing. More than the two top parties received in votes. How is that for getting attention maybe elections should be held on facebook at least it would guarantee the numbers.

  103. gail, it's friggin Facebook, you're a joke

  104. Maybe it's true that any group can get lots of facebook members and that population itself is not significant. But if that's true…

    Doesn't this comparison speak volumes??
    Current population Canadians Against Proroguing Parliament = 65,164
    Current population Canadians For Proroguing Parliament = 89

  105. Yes, but it's the trend line that matters.

    The FOR group has gone from 19 to 89, since Wherry's post and those 70 people represent basically almost a quintupling of the group. The AGAINST group has gone up by only a little more than double in the same time (35,824 people). So the people in favour of prorogation are growing their group more than twice as fast as those against. I predict the group in favour of prorogation could indeed hit over 2,500 members before the group against even hits 100,000.

  106. "When I'm Super Bored, I Go On Facebook and Join Tons of Pointless Groups" – Facebook Members: 159,280

    You're getting closer to catching up to this group Libtards. What a telling stat all those Facebook members are!

  107. If you are as sick of the undemocratic ways of the Conservatives as I am you can email them and tell them so. Just copy and paste these email addresses into your mail server and tell them what you think.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,