The future of newspapering, for the next few months anyway


I read Howie Kurtz tut-tutting about the Orlando Sentinel, so I went to look for its redesigned front page. Here it is. I haven’t much praise or condemnation to offer: these guys are trying hard, in ways I wouldn’t, to hold readers’ interest. One presumes their hearts are good. I got to read the Globe every day while Thorsell was its editor; everything since is gravy.


The future of newspapering, for the next few months anyway

  1. Hey, speaking of shop talk, I had a thought the other day.

    There is a lot of news out there. Reading one of Knowlton Nash’s books recently (Trenchcoat Memoirs) I was struck by the old news wire system and how important editors were — and how similar it seemed to how I end up dealing with RSS feeds and websites and all that. It’s a skill, or maybe an art.

    Is there some secret journalistic black magic to sifting through modern news? Do you have a routine, or a system? Is it the sort of thing that would make a good blog post? If it is, it’s the sort of thing I bet I’d like to read — and probably the other readers of your blog would too, because if we’re going to the trouble of reading Maclean’s blogs, we all probably have similar obsessions, er, tastes for news.

    Or do you just get interesting things e-mailed to you from Caring Readers?

  2. Hummm…. Methinks someone brought a newspaper back from the lounge at Heathrow and left it in the newsroom.

    Looks like a bog-standard Brit paper to me.

  3. Well… the story selection is quite far from Brit tabs. And just the technical execution of the design is superb. We’re light years past slapping a large-type headline on a compositioner’s stone here.

    MikeG, mostly I just wander around bumping into stories. You mean it doesn’t show?

  4. Hah. Well, that’s good to know, too.

  5. I wish we had a few Brit-tab style papers. We could use some proper muckraking in Canada, there is not nearly enough of it. Elites get away with lots here and most of our journalists don’t seem awfully bothered by that.

  6. To me it looks like a webpage.

  7. But Paul, you’re missing the key point with the link to the British Papers. To wit, where is my free DVD thingy that comes with the paper?

  8. The elites have Canada’s short bus journalists convinced they are the elite. Just look at how proud some of them are for speaking 2 languages.

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