The ghost of Tommy Douglas? (III) -

The ghost of Tommy Douglas? (III)


Rob Silver wonders if Ujjal Dosanjh, Jack Layton and a Conservative to be named later might be better put to use debating the state of health care on our own airwaves.

We should take some pride that the Canadian health-care model is playing an important, if cartoon-like role in the U.S. debate over the future of their health system.

There’s only one small problem, actually maybe two: 1. The status-quo of the Canadian health-care system is completely unsustainable; and 2. Rather than having a debate in Canada about how to fix our health-care system (since the “generational fix” of five-years ago didn’t quite get us there), we are off bragging about the unsustainable status-quo to other countries, convincing them we have the magic answer to health care.

Granted, this wouldn’t be as much fun without Rick Sanchez.


The ghost of Tommy Douglas? (III)

  1. there's an interesting blog on this subject – Progressive Bloggers – Creative Revolution entitled: Shona Holmes: "Charity" funded in her quest to take away your health care?


  2. Gee, another highly original thought from the Globe Blogging Buddies.

    The bad union imperative must be in the small print.