'The government has left no other recourse' - Macleans.ca

‘The government has left no other recourse’


The NDP calls for a public inquiry and releases this timeline of events.


‘The government has left no other recourse’

  1. Conservatives should agree to it and announce it asap. Say the investigation will look into all of these issues since the beginning of the mission in 2002.

    • the lib's would never vote with them on the committee

      • Well, I think they would, to not do so would be pretty blatantly stupid. Regardless, it's a moot point. The government doesn't need a committee to launch a public inquiry.

  2. The sensible thing to do is as WDM (ABOVE) says ….. Canadian are more likely to forgive a mistake than out right mendacity.

    In other words …. do not expect that to happen any time soon.

  3. WDM I totally agree. But given this government's track record of stonewalling, I am pessimistic. This is where the government could use some goodwill and trust among Canadians which they have squandered with their behaviour on every other potential controversy (eg Cadman).
    It is very difficult to square the circle between Colvin's testimony, and the general's explanation of Canada's rigorous detainee transfer processes including red cross visits, and Cannon and Kent's (and countless Canadian officials) own visits to Afghan prisons…

    • Wow. Thanks for that, Dot. For his own sake, I hope that his responsibilities, location, chain of command comes out. Imagine having to live down another incident such as this! I was thinking earlier of Kim Campbell's still palpable anger, years later when she recalled it on some TV interview, how she asked the military command a direct question and received a direct answer–which turned out to be a direct lie to her, the Prime Minister's, face.