‘The great institutions in the past brought us together’


Glen Pearson laments disengagement…

Currently, citizenship is a status, a legal bond between an individual and her or his government.  It doesn’t proceed much past that point. It’s there, but only on the periphery – government doesn’t really matter.  We have ended up with a country disconnected, though remarkable democratic work is being done at certain levels. We have ended up with unreasonable special interest groups and citizens sniping from the bushes through their blogs – no real connection to the political process. We are left with politicians and parties making their decisions with little citizen input because we actually don’t know how to go about it. Above all, we are left with a citizenry that has thrown up its hands and doesn’t even bother to vote anymore.

… then finds an example of citizenship to celebrate.


‘The great institutions in the past brought us together’

  1. It is big government, which Libs are mainly responsible for, that destroyed the 'little platoons' that connected people to the country and gave them a sense of citizenship. Now we have major focus on individual, hedonism is great! , and big government but there is no space in between the two.

  2. "It is big government, which Libs are mainly responsible for[…]" -jolyon

    From The Star:

    "The expanded federal cabinet presented by Prime Minister Stephen Harper could cost taxpayers an additional $3.9 million in salaries alone for the extra ministers and their staff.

    The total cost of staffing ministerial offices – roughly $24.2 million in salaries – has increased 19 per cent with last week's shuffle, and has jumped 42 per cent since the Tories presented their first cabinet in 2006.

    Opposition parties have called the addition of six new cabinet spots a strange message for the government to be sending in a time of economic belt-tightening.

    The Conservatives had 26 ministers in their initial 2006 cabinet, expanded that to 31 ministers over their first term in office, and now have 37 ministers following the latest shuffle."

    Full article:


    Don't blame everything on the Liberals, the Conservatives are much more of a big government proponent.

    • I blame Libs because they have been in power for the majority of time since the mid to late 1960s, which is when big government began to take control of every aspect of our lives and left no room for the little platoons to work their magic.

      • If you look at the actual size of government from the first Macdonald government to today, you will see that it always gets bigger with every new government. The Liberals have been in power much longer than the Conservatives, yes, but saying that the government would've stayed small if the Conservatives were in power longer is absolutely ridiculous (as the current Conservative government proves).