The Greatest Green Lantern Moment


There’s a new Green Lantern direct-to-DVD film this week, and (as mentioned in my previous post) a Green Lantern feature in the works (starring Ryan Reynolds). If you’re wondering why I’m skeptical that Green Lantern can work as a big-budget action hero, I refer you to one of the seminal moments of television superherodom, the four seconds that demonstrate that G.L.’s real weakness is not the colour yellow, but:

If you want to see this in context, it’s available at Seanbaby’s Super Friends page. Green Lantern doesn’t look any more competent in context.


The Greatest Green Lantern Moment

  1. DC comics always seemed to have a thing for giving their greatest heroes really lame weaknesses. The sort of thing where, without that weakness, they can't be beat, but if the villain brings that weakness with them, they automatically win. Superman with Kryptonite, Green Lantern with the colour yellow, and of course who could forget, Batman with his weakness for delicious chocolate cake (alright I made that last one up).

    • I think that's why I have never particularly liked DC superheroes other than Batman. I mean, who doesn't have a weakness for delicious chocolate cake?

  2. Incidentally, a fan made a fake trailer for the Green Lantern movie a while ago which will probably end up being better than the actual movie. It stars Nathan Fillion.