The Guest Star Hat Trick


A young actor named Charley Koontz was the best thing about last night’s Community episode, managing to steal his scenes by not trying to steal them — a low-key, human performance that instantly made this new character the most likable guy in that room. Then Community ended and the flailing Perfect Couples began, and who was a guest on that show? Charley Koontz. That’s one guy, playing two different guest parts on two different shows that air one after the other on the same network. It probably wasn’t planned this way, since Perfect Couples shot this episode before they knew they’d be airing after Community, but that’s the way it worked out.

We’ve seen people cross over to shows in the same lineup playing the same character, or a star from one show play a guest on another show that night. But playing two different guest roles on the same network in one night is probably rarer. It must have happened before, maybe not one show right after the other, but at the very least in the same block on the same network. A busy character actor might have appeared on, say, two “Must-See TV shows from the NBC glory days. But are there any other examples you recall,where you saw an actor turn up one one show, and then in a different part on the show that followed it?

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The Guest Star Hat Trick

  1. I remember an episode of hte Beachcombers were Bruno Gerussi appeared in a commerical during the break. Same actor, different roles, same 30 minutes!

  2. Network TV is a Neo-Con tool to control the masses and should be banned. Canada should only allow the CBC as it is the only fair and balanced broadcaster.

    • who are you and what have you done with Emily?

  3. Wouldn't a Guest Star Hat Trick have meant that Charley Koontz would have appeared on The Office as well?

    • I was confused by that at first but the three points are two shows, two characters, aired back to back. Perhaps "Trifecta" would have been a better term.

  4. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw this last night. "HEY, is the pizza guy Fat Neil? What are the odds of that???"

  5. And he hasn't done much beside these two roles, appearing on another tv show (that I've never heard of) twice, and an independent movie. Where did this guy come from?

  6. Charley Koontz was in a previous episode of Community and the indie film Rubber as well as a a Nickelodeon show called, Gigantic. He's incredibly talented. Can't wait to see more of him!

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