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‘The guy said some things’


More of General Rick Hillier’s comments. From the Toronto Star’s disptach:

“We always had concerns with those handovers,” retired general Rick Hillier said, but “no smoking gun ever caught my attention.”

And from the CBC:

“The guy said some things and, really, nothing ever caught my attention based on what he perceived he said or perceived he sent,” Hillier said Thursday.


‘The guy said some things’

  1. Hillier also dismissed a report by Global Television, earlier this week, that said senior government officials believed that Hillier saw the Colvin report in 2006.

    "I do not recall reading that report. I didn't even recall the guy's name until I heard it on the media. I really don't have anything to offer on it," Hillier replied, when asked about the Global report.

    Wait a minute Hillier didn't know Colvin – he was the number two diplomat in Afghanistan. So basically DND is the rogue department during 2006 and 2007 that did not allow this information to be disseminated.

    • Clearly, there is more key information to this story than what is currently being released and reported. I think that's reason enough for an inquiry, but it would seem I'm in the minority in that belief.

      • We seem to have an expensive inquiry every other week nowadays. Let's stop wasting our tax dollars. How much did the super-expensie Mulroney inquiry find out that was more than we knew before? and how much did it result in any new policies that will affect the regular voter/ Yeah, that's right. Nothing.

        I think there is ample room to find out what's going on without an inquiry going to Afghanistan in the middle of a war. Just imagine how expensive it would be to protect the judge as he or she wanders from jail to jail looking for Taliban.

  2. Just means his attention was elsewhere. Must have been a mirror nearby.

    • My thoughts exactly.

      In any case, no one will make me believe that Hillier did not know that Afghans tortured prisoners.

  3. Oh Boy this is going to get interesting : If Stevie gets tired of taking the heat by say xmas I wonder if he just might decide sure thing on the Inquiry and then decide the scope will be from the very beginning of the mission … ROFL .. can anyone imagine Chretien going before the Inquiry kinda like Mulroney did – ooh boy think of it folks this could be gangs of fun … except of course for the day to day workers re: soldiers over there and more than a few diplomats and deputy ministers falling on their swords – stay tuned – if Stevie did call an inquiry he could appoint someone to run it that would be beyond reproach on this file say – oh I don't know – Broadbent would do a good job!

    • Yes, this could get interesting, but forgive me if I don't roll on the floor laughing about it

  4. Or maybe General Hillier was spending all his time and energy trying to keep Canadian troops alive,
    troops battling in the most dangerous area of Afghanistan,
    with poor equiptment.
    And maybe someone who refused to talk to him face to face was just not on General Hillier's radar.

  5. “We always had concerns with those handovers,” retired general Rick Hillier said, but “no smoking gun ever caught my attention.”

    – That’s because guns are used to kill people, not to torture them.

  6. I believe this is called "damage control".